I’m Happy Where I Am in Life Right Now

The place that I live in now, is the cat’s meow. I tell all my friends to go to www.padonharvard.com online to see the place if they mention that they are apartment hunting. It doesn’t look like any apartment complexes I have ever seen before, and I love to show the property off when any of my friends and family come to visit me. I am energized by the way my surroundings look. And everything here is high quality and so beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m not really living in an apartment.

One day I will have a home, but for now I’m happy with where I’m living. I would really rather wait until I’m married and have children before I get a house. I do have a girlfriend, and we have been dating for about three years. We have talked together about getting married one, but because we’re going to school, we are in no big hurry. (more…)

Patience Found Me the Perfect Apartment

I wanted to look at the community website for the Rodgers Forge apartment because I knew that was where I would get the most comprehensive information for the area that I wanted to move to. I also wanted to see the floor plans for the various units so I could make the right decision. I used to make hasty decisions, thinking that those were the ones that saw the most results, but I have since learned that taking time to make sure each decision is the right one is actually what works best for me.

That is why I wanted to look at the website in detail, as well as the various floor plans, so I could make sure that I was making the best choice for my family. I have two young daughters who live with their mother, but I get to see them on the weekends. (more…)

Moving out of the Metro Area Saves Us Money on Our Monthly Rent

We were making our new budget, and the rent increase was not sustainable. We needed to move a little further outside of the urban area to get a lower lease rate. I had no idea how much less you could pay and how much more you could get out of an apartment by just getting out of those apartment buildings in the city. We were looking at apartments in far North Dallas, and we found a place that had bigger rooms and even a private balcony in a place where we could afford the monthly lease.

I could not believe how much less we could pay and get more. This place had a pool and everything. We were able to get a two bedroom place for less than we were paying at our old apartment. We toured the place, and everything was up to our specifications. We liked the location, the landscaping is mature, the apartment has good AC and ceiling fans and there were big closets. The kitchen is nice with new appliances, and there are washer and dryer hookups too. (more…)

Training to Be a Better Swimmer

To me, there is no such thing as being the best. If you are the best, then what is the drive that keeps you going? Sure, there are people who win Olympic golds, the Lombardi trophy, or first place in a number of other contests, but they don’t stay there. Someone always comes along and takes their place. I want to be right up there though, and I knew that I had a much better shot at that with the Denver strength and conditioning coach that has been helping me.

I can practice for hours every day, eat the right foods, and do everything right, and I am still going to not do everything right. (more…)

Moving to a Better Apartment and Still Paying the Same Amount of Rent

Moving has never been easy for me. I get used to a place, and I will stick around even if it is not a nice place to live. We lived in an old apartment building that had seen better days. We had no idea that the amount we were paying for our lease was enough to rent a much nicer apartment somewhere else. We discovered this when we started looking for the best apartments in Forestville to rent. We actually found a gated access apartment complex at the Parkland Village Apartments that did not cost any more than what we were already paying for rent.

The apartment we got is bigger, newer, cleaner and has everything we want. There is a playground for our child, and now she has her own room. Back where we were at, she was using the dining room as her room. She is so excited to now have her own bedroom with a door instead of a curtain. (more…)

It Feels Like I’ve Lived Here Forever

I live by myself, but I still wanted to look at 2 bedroom apartments in Shawnee KS. There are just too many reasons why a two bedroom apartment is a good investment for a single person. Some can use it for a guest room, while others may turn it into a home office. For me, it was to serve a different purpose. I love to do craft projects so much that I wanted a room just for all of my craft things. When I saw the two bedroom units at Shawnee Station, I knew that it would be perfect for what I wanted. (more…)

Why We Like Living in North Charleston South Carolina

We wanted to live in the warmer south with access to a couple of nice beaches, but not be all that close to the ocean’s edge. We picked a spot a bit up Cooper River in North Charleston South Carolina. We spent some time looking at apartments for rent in North Charleston to find the perfect place. We are within a short drive from the ocean, and we have a river view from our apartment. This is a decently sized waterway as it is right here where it empties into the ocean. You can see a bay area on the map before the ocean is right in front of you. In North Charleston we have a river on each side of us making the area from us down to Charleston feel like a peninsula.

It is really nice here. I like the waterways and the southern way of living. (more…)