Moving to a Better Apartment and Still Paying the Same Amount of Rent

Moving has never been easy for me. I get used to a place, and I will stick around even if it is not a nice place to live. We lived in an old apartment building that had seen better days. We had no idea that the amount we were paying for our lease was enough to rent a much nicer apartment somewhere else. We discovered this when we started looking for the best apartments in Forestville to rent. We actually found a gated access apartment complex at the Parkland Village Apartments that did not cost any more than what we were already paying for rent.

The apartment we got is bigger, newer, cleaner and has everything we want. There is a playground for our child, and now she has her own room. Back where we were at, she was using the dining room as her room. She is so excited to now have her own bedroom with a door instead of a curtain. (more…)