Moving out of the Metro Area Saves Us Money on Our Monthly Rent

We were making our new budget, and the rent increase was not sustainable. We needed to move a little further outside of the urban area to get a lower lease rate. I had no idea how much less you could pay and how much more you could get out of an apartment by just getting out of those apartment buildings in the city. We were looking at apartments in far North Dallas, and we found a place that had bigger rooms and even a private balcony in a place where we could afford the monthly lease.

I could not believe how much less we could pay and get more. This place had a pool and everything. We were able to get a two bedroom place for less than we were paying at our old apartment. We toured the place, and everything was up to our specifications. We liked the location, the landscaping is mature, the apartment has good AC and ceiling fans and there were big closets. The kitchen is nice with new appliances, and there are washer and dryer hookups too. (more…)

Training to Be a Better Swimmer

To me, there is no such thing as being the best. If you are the best, then what is the drive that keeps you going? Sure, there are people who win Olympic golds, the Lombardi trophy, or first place in a number of other contests, but they don’t stay there. Someone always comes along and takes their place. I want to be right up there though, and I knew that I had a much better shot at that with the Denver strength and conditioning coach that has been helping me.

I can practice for hours every day, eat the right foods, and do everything right, and I am still going to not do everything right. (more…)

This Apartment Had More Amenities for the Rent Than What We Could Afford in a House

My wife wanted to move out of our apartment and lease a new one for another year. We only had a few days to go on our lease, and we had not signed yet. I thought we would ask for a six-month lease, because we were looking at houses to buy. It was going to be tight, but we could swing a small house and property. My wife asked me to look at some nice apartments in Stone Oak to see if I would consider another year of apartment living instead of insisting on buying a house we would not be happy in for the long term.

She knew what I wanted in wherever we were going to move to, and she was ready. I told her that I wanted a yard big enough for a swimming pool, so she told me The Regency had a nice big pool already. (more…)