Moving out of My Parents’ House

When my brother told me he wanted to show me a website, I honestly had no idea what to expect because he can be the world’s biggest practical joker at times. This just happened to not be one of those times. Instead of something shocking, it was actually a really nice apartment complex. I asked him what it was about, and he thought that it would be perfect for me. He knew that I had been thinking about moving out of our parents’ home for a while, but I had not taken any steps to do it.

I honestly don’t know why I kept putting it off, but I knew that there was no going back after looking at that website. There were just so many nice things about it, and I had my first taste of independence. (more…)

I Am Now Going Back to the Dentist

I woke up the other day in a lot of pain. The last time I had a toothache, I think I was probably in high school. I used to visit a dentist regularly, but this was something that had just fallen by the wayside for me in the last few years. I take really good care of my teeth, but I guess not good enough. Otherwise, I would have already had a regular dentist in Denver since I had been living here for nearly two years. I wasn’t really concerned with any of that at the time though.

I just wanted to find a dentist that could see me that morning. There is no pain in the world like a toothache, at least to me. I am sure women will say labor pains are worse, but I am talking from a man’s perspective. (more…)

Don’t Let Fear of Dentists End Up Causing You to Need a Root Canal Like I Did

I felt a twinge in a molar months ago. Of course I discounted it to be nothing. That is what you do when you don’t feel comfortable around dentist offices. And, of course, pain in a tooth means nothing. Yeah, right. In the back of my mind I knew that the tooth would need looked at, but I was hoping to put it off as long as possible. That is not a good idea as it leads to extractions. When it really started to hurt, I got online and found a website for a local dentist in Denver, Colorado. I needed someone that had a same-day appointment for people in pain. I was surprised when they told me to come in right away.

When I got there I was uncomfortable sitting in the chair. No, the chair itself was not uncomfortable; it was just being in a dentist’s office that got my anxiety going. I get really nervous thinking about the potential for pain even though I was already in pain. (more…)