Don’t Let Fear of Dentists End Up Causing You to Need a Root Canal Like I Did

I felt a twinge in a molar months ago. Of course I discounted it to be nothing. That is what you do when you don’t feel comfortable around dentist offices. And, of course, pain in a tooth means nothing. Yeah, right. In the back of my mind I knew that the tooth would need looked at, but I was hoping to put it off as long as possible. That is not a good idea as it leads to extractions. When it really started to hurt, I got online and found a website for a local dentist in Denver, Colorado. I needed someone that had a same-day appointment for people in pain. I was surprised when they told me to come in right away.

When I got there I was uncomfortable sitting in the chair. No, the chair itself was not uncomfortable; it was just being in a dentist’s office that got my anxiety going. I get really nervous thinking about the potential for pain even though I was already in pain. That makes sense to anyone who is anxious having dental procedures done even if it makes no sense to anyone else. It is why we let a bad tooth get really bad until it needs to come out too. Dumb? Yes, but it all has to do with fear of dentists. Well, the dentist told me that the tooth was in bad shape and needed a root canal. I knew I should have came in when it first started to hurt. I actually should have went for regular exams to prevent needing a root canal in the first place.

It is goofy, but my fears lead me to the point of having to endure the very procedures I am afraid of. If I would have just went in for exams, the worst I would have needed was a surface filling. That would be one where they are done in a couple of minutes, and they really don’t have to numb you up but do anyway. The surface fillings don’t get close to the nerve, so there really is no discomfort. A root canal is a whole different procedure. You need to have several shots for those. I felt like a real dummy letting it get to this point.