Enticed by a New Ad

The click here ads have been getting better at capturing my attention. Normally I would just browse past them and go on about my way, but recently they’ve started using certain short videos and songs that make me want to listen and see what they’re advertising. The most recent one that I clicked on was for an apartment complex in Las Vegas. This apartment complex was a little different form the average one, in that it had more of a luxury focus in its design. Everything was made to look upscale and as good as a mansion or some other high end home.

I had been thinking about getting an apartment, but I wasn’t really shopping around for one yet, mostly due to procrastination. Once I saw the apartment ad, I clicked it and that began to change. I started thinking more and more about the apartment I had seen and wanted to move into it. I shopped around for a little bit to see if I could find some other apartment that would be similar but with a better price, but the one from the ad had the best price that I was able to find in my area.

I finally decided that this was the place for me to live, so I called the apartment manager and made arrangements to sign a lease. I picked a nice apartment on the third floor as my new home. I prefer to live at least three floors up because I think that people on the bottom floor will hear the most noise from foot traffic and sounds from the street. Then the people on the second floor will hear a little bit of that, along with noises from the people living right below them. Sure it takes longer for me to get to my room, but I don’t mind.