I Am Now Going Back to the Dentist

I woke up the other day in a lot of pain. The last time I had a toothache, I think I was probably in high school. I used to visit a dentist regularly, but this was something that had just fallen by the wayside for me in the last few years. I take really good care of my teeth, but I guess not good enough. Otherwise, I would have already had a regular dentist in Denver since I had been living here for nearly two years. I wasn’t really concerned with any of that at the time though.

I just wanted to find a dentist that could see me that morning. There is no pain in the world like a toothache, at least to me. I am sure women will say labor pains are worse, but I am talking from a man’s perspective. I went online to look up emergency dental centers, and I saw that the closest dentist to me was Smile Essentials. I contacted them and was relieved to hear that I could come right in. I was really thankful because I had never been to them before, and they cleared a spot for me.

I was seen almost immediately upon my arrival, and the dentist was able to fill the cavity. She told me that my teeth were in really good shape, and she gently suggested that I make an appointment to have a cleaning and examination so I did not end up having more dental problems in the future. I was not pressured to do this, nor was I embarrassed for not seeing a dentist in so long. Those two reasons are why I made an appointment before leaving to have my teeth cleaned and examined next week. I should have done this a long time ago, but better late than never!