I Really Like This Apartment Complex

I have been looking at apartments all week, and I really wish that I could afford the place that I went to see this morning. It is called the Lyric and the place is really nice, as you can easily see if you check out their website. I loved the place, especially what they call the community amenities. They have a terrific swimming pool, they describe it as resort style pool. That just means that it is really nice. There were lots of girls when I checked the place out today and obviously that is how you really judge a swimming pool. They also have a fitness center. They describe it as state of the art on their web page, but I am only interested in it having the features that I want.it to have. Of course I work out almost every morning before I leave for work. On the odd days of the week I run, which is a lot easier on a treadmill here. You can lose weight running in this heat, but you can also have a stroke as well.

I really would love the place, but I figure the only way that it is going to make sense is if I can find someone to share the place with me. That is not really my hope though, since we are not going to be able to do away with having a roommate. They have too often been a real problem for me. The last time I got a guy to share a place with me, the guy disappeared and when he left he owed me a couple hundred dollars. Then I had to pay all of the rent and all of the power bill. That is not something that I have the desire to do in the future.