I’m Happy Where I Am in Life Right Now

The place that I live in now, is the cat’s meow. I tell all my friends to go to www.padonharvard.com online to see the place if they mention that they are apartment hunting. It doesn’t look like any apartment complexes I have ever seen before, and I love to show the property off when any of my friends and family come to visit me. I am energized by the way my surroundings look. And everything here is high quality and so beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m not really living in an apartment.

One day I will have a home, but for now I’m happy with where I’m living. I would really rather wait until I’m married and have children before I get a house. I do have a girlfriend, and we have been dating for about three years. We have talked together about getting married one, but because we’re going to school, we are in no big hurry. Since moving into this apartment complex, she see my place many times. She loves it here, so she has found a unit in this same complex! It is nice to be able to see her anytime that I want to, and this is especially true because we both have busy College schedule.

I’m pretty sure that the great person that I am dating is the person that I will end up marrying. She’s been a great support to me. She’s a very kind person to me and everyone else that she knows. She wants to have two children one day. She has a great family, and she loves my family. She also loves pets, which is a big plus as well. I think I will stay a few more years here while i finish up school and get my degree.