Moving out of My Parents’ House

When my brother told me he wanted to show me a website, I honestly had no idea what to expect because he can be the world’s biggest practical joker at times. This just happened to not be one of those times. Instead of something shocking, it was actually a really nice apartment complex. I asked him what it was about, and he thought that it would be perfect for me. He knew that I had been thinking about moving out of our parents’ home for a while, but I had not taken any steps to do it.

I honestly don’t know why I kept putting it off, but I knew that there was no going back after looking at that website. There were just so many nice things about it, and I had my first taste of independence. Our parents are great, so don’t get me wrong. They don’t have crazy rules, and they won’t even allow me to pay them rent. I am 24 years old though, and I just felt it was time that I moved out into the world. The irony that this apartment complex is just 20 minutes from our parents’ house did not escape me!

My brother told me that he had been to his friend’s apartment there a few times, and it is a really nice complex. He said that they management there is really nice and never gives anyone a hard time, but that is because the people there follow the rules and don’t cause trouble. That sounded good to me, so I went with him to see his friend. I really liked his apartment, and there were two others that were available that matched his. I liked that one is a corner apartment, granting me even more privacy, and that is the one that I am now living in.