Don’t Let Fear of Dentists End Up Causing You to Need a Root Canal Like I Did

I felt a twinge in a molar months ago. Of course I discounted it to be nothing. That is what you do when you don’t feel comfortable around dentist offices. And, of course, pain in a tooth means nothing. Yeah, right. In the back of my mind I knew that the tooth would need looked at, but I was hoping to put it off as long as possible. That is not a good idea as it leads to extractions. When it really started to hurt, I got online and found a website for a local dentist in Denver, Colorado. I needed someone that had a same-day appointment for people in pain. I was surprised when they told me to come in right away.

When I got there I was uncomfortable sitting in the chair. No, the chair itself was not uncomfortable; it was just being in a dentist’s office that got my anxiety going. I get really nervous thinking about the potential for pain even though I was already in pain. (more…)

I Really Like This Apartment Complex

I have been looking at apartments all week, and I really wish that I could afford the place that I went to see this morning. It is called the Lyric and the place is really nice, as you can easily see if you check out their website. I loved the place, especially what they call the community amenities. They have a terrific swimming pool, they describe it as resort style pool. That just means that it is really nice. There were lots of girls when I checked the place out today and obviously that is how you really judge a swimming pool. They also have a fitness center. (more…)

We Found an Apartment in Las Vegas That Does Not Have Dog Size Restrictions

When we wanted to move to a new place in the Las Vegas area we looked and looked for an apartment that would take dogs of all sizes. Pretty much every new place was on the bandwagon of accepting pets and providing dog parks, but they had limits on the weight for dogs they would accept. My wife found the Bloom Apartments that do not have any size restrictions on dogs. This would be perfect for us as we have two highly trained Mastiffs that are well over 100 pounds each.

They are clean, trained and not noisy. Now, on the other hand, my mom has a small dog that is kind of temperamental, doesn’t listen half the time and is always barking. New neighbors where we were moving from do not even know we have dogs until they see us out with them. That’s why I never understood size restrictions for dogs in apartments. However, I guess it falls back on the owners and how they train their pets. (more…)