Patience Found Me the Perfect Apartment

I wanted to look at the community website for the Rodgers Forge apartment because I knew that was where I would get the most comprehensive information for the area that I wanted to move to. I also wanted to see the floor plans for the various units so I could make the right decision. I used to make hasty decisions, thinking that those were the ones that saw the most results, but I have since learned that taking time to make sure each decision is the right one is actually what works best for me.

That is why I wanted to look at the website in detail, as well as the various floor plans, so I could make sure that I was making the best choice for my family. I have two young daughters who live with their mother, but I get to see them on the weekends. They share a room at their mom’s home, which is by their choice, so I knew that I would only need a two bedroom apartment, since they would want to share a room here too when they come to visit me. If they ever decide late on that they want to have separate bedrooms, then I will just look at a three bedroom apartment.

The two bedroom that I saw is really nice on so many different levels. The master bedroom has its own bathroom, plus there is so much storage space as well. The girls have a room next to mine, and they also have their own bathroom. It is also the bathroom that guests will use if company comes over. The living room is huge, and the thing that made me happy is that the dining room is not part of it. There is a different area set aside for that, so our meal times can be separated from the TV room when the girls are here. Everything I need is right here, especially on the weekends that my girls are here!