This Apartment Had More Amenities for the Rent Than What We Could Afford in a House

My wife wanted to move out of our apartment and lease a new one for another year. We only had a few days to go on our lease, and we had not signed yet. I thought we would ask for a six-month lease, because we were looking at houses to buy. It was going to be tight, but we could swing a small house and property. My wife asked me to look at some nice apartments in Stone Oak to see if I would consider another year of apartment living instead of insisting on buying a house we would not be happy in for the long term.

She knew what I wanted in wherever we were going to move to, and she was ready. I told her that I wanted a yard big enough for a swimming pool, so she told me The Regency had a nice big pool already. I said how I wanted a garage for my car stuff just knowing no apartment would have a garage. However, she told me that the apartment she was looking at online had a garage. I did not believe her. I thought she was messing with me, so I had to go and take a look myself. She showed me the floor plan for a nice three bedroom apartment that had a garage.

It was then that I agreed to take a ride over to have a tour of the place. They have a fantastic gym and a really nice swimming pool. The gym is a bonus. The garage is perfect. I was going to be happy living in an apartment for another year. This place had all the amenities I wanted and more without having to worry about the upkeep of things or needing to cut any grass. It does not get any better than this for apartment living.