Training to Be a Better Swimmer

To me, there is no such thing as being the best. If you are the best, then what is the drive that keeps you going? Sure, there are people who win Olympic golds, the Lombardi trophy, or first place in a number of other contests, but they don’t stay there. Someone always comes along and takes their place. I want to be right up there though, and I knew that I had a much better shot at that with the Denver strength and conditioning coach that has been helping me.

I can practice for hours every day, eat the right foods, and do everything right, and I am still going to not do everything right. That is why there are coaches and trainers out there, because they are able to develop plans for a specific individual that will help them excel at every area of the sport they are pursuing. For me, it is swimming. I am better than good, and I have placed first quite a few times in national events. However, I have also placed second, third and even lower than that too. I wanted to consistently be at the top though, so I looked into swimming programs.

I was really happy with what I saw with the Landow training programs. They offer programs in so many areas, and swimming is one of them. One thing that I really liked about this program is that they cover every aspect of what it takes to become a swim champion. Everything from strength and endurance to nutritional guidance and plans to target specific weaknesses after an evaluation. This is not a program for someone wanting their kid to be a good swimmer. This is a program for someone who is not afraid of hard work and wants to be as close to being the best as possible.