We Found an Apartment in Las Vegas That Does Not Have Dog Size Restrictions

When we wanted to move to a new place in the Las Vegas area we looked and looked for an apartment that would take dogs of all sizes. Pretty much every new place was on the bandwagon of accepting pets and providing dog parks, but they had limits on the weight for dogs they would accept. My wife found the Bloom Apartments that do not have any size restrictions on dogs. This would be perfect for us as we have two highly trained Mastiffs that are well over 100 pounds each.

They are clean, trained and not noisy. Now, on the other hand, my mom has a small dog that is kind of temperamental, doesn’t listen half the time and is always barking. New neighbors where we were moving from do not even know we have dogs until they see us out with them. That’s why I never understood size restrictions for dogs in apartments. However, I guess it falls back on the owners and how they train their pets.

We were very happy to have found the Bloom Apartments. They have two of everything. There are two swimming pools, two fitness centers and two clubhouses. It is a nice place, and we can have our dogs. They are dogs that are trained to do what is called nose work. They sniff out things in competitions, and they have also been behaviorally trained to be out in public. We treat them like they are our kids. The new apartment is big enough for them and us. We even have room for the king bed as we all sleep in the same spot. They take up three-fourths of the bed and we get a fourth.

We like everything about our new place from the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen to the really nice private patio. We sit out there with our dogs in the evening to enjoy the desert nights. We light a few candles and listen to some soft music while just relaxing and talking.