Why We Like Living in North Charleston South Carolina

We wanted to live in the warmer south with access to a couple of nice beaches, but not be all that close to the ocean’s edge. We picked a spot a bit up Cooper River in North Charleston South Carolina. We spent some time looking at apartments for rent in North Charleston to find the perfect place. We are within a short drive from the ocean, and we have a river view from our apartment. This is a decently sized waterway as it is right here where it empties into the ocean. You can see a bay area on the map before the ocean is right in front of you. In North Charleston we have a river on each side of us making the area from us down to Charleston feel like a peninsula.

It is really nice here. I like the waterways and the southern way of living. It feels like the perfect spot to us. We like our apartment here in North Charleston a whole lot. It is a modern place with a big swimming pool, granite countertops in the kitchen, ceramic tile in the bathrooms and real hardwood flooring. The closet are huge, and the apartment complex has nice people in it that are pretty quiet. We are not a noisy bunch by any means. We all kind of respect each other as most of us do shift work and often work weekends.

We like fishing and water sports. We go out on jet skis and we go tubing and water skiing practically every day off in the summer. It is a lot of fun living down here in the nice weather so close to the water. Plus, we have all the shopping and dining advantages of living in a city. It is the perfect mix of fun, work opportunities and all the support structure you need.