3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

We will look at the three anointings of David which outlined how God brings This persecution was to test David heart in relation to bitterness. was growing weaker as David's house, the type of Christ was growing stronger. The third anointing of David portrays the extending of the rule of Christ until every . The conquerors fight their way up to a one-to-one relationship with Christ. David is the only person in the Bible to have received 3 different Anointings. I. First The Holy In the last days there will be false Christ, false anointed ones.

So, this was the anointing of acceptance. David received the anointing of acceptance; Saul on the other hand only received the anointing of appointment 1Samuel The third anointing was for David to inclusively be king over Israel.

This as much was also the anointing of acceptance. Saul had died and much as Israel should have resisted the leadership of David, they had no alternative but to accept him as king over them. Now your other question is; why did David have to wait seven whole years before sitting on the throne as king yet he had already received the anointing of appointment? David had to undergo drilling and proof exercises to be fully trained and strategically fit for the position.

He had to be approved of both God and men. To be anointed means God has seen the heart in you, but character is only acquired. David had the heart to be king, but he also had to acquire the character of the same. Jesus too underwent drilling and proof exercises after which He is crowned King, a King not only by appointment, but a King by proof as well.

The Forever King: Seeing Jesus in 2 Samuel - Topical Studies

If God allowed it, the man should be let alone. Merciful man 11 Sam. David said, Mephibosheth, and he answered, behold thy servant! I will restore to you all the land of Saul, your grandfather; and you shall eat bread at my table continually.

The son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said, The Spirit of the Lord spoke by me, and His word was in my tongue. The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spoke to me, He that rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

He shall be as the light of the morning, when the sun rises, even a morning without clouds; as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain. The spirit of God departed from Saul and an evil spirit sent by God began to torment him. His faithful discharge of the pastoral office forecast the love and fidelity of our Great Shepherd. His victory over Goliath symbolized the triumph of Christ over the great enemy of God and His people. Just as the priestly office and work of Jesus Christ our High Priest was foreshadowed by Melchisedec and Aaron, so the kingship and kingdom of the Mediator of a better covenant were in type by both David and Solomon.

The Lord spoke to me this morning during praise and worship. He removed us to give us another anointing and a new identity or epoch in the life of the ministry. At each level of anointing, there must be death to the carnal soul. However, there was a journey of preparation before he was established as King of Israel.

This journey is the story of his testings, failures, triumphs, troubles and testimonies On the journey was the principle of the covenant of David and Jonathan 1 Sam. Saul saw and knew that the Lord was with David. The Sauls of the old order cannot sabotage, trap, kill or destroy that which the Lord has anointed. Jonathan stripped himself unmasked in humility. He stepped down so that David could rule. David went out wherever Saul sent him and behaved himself wisely.

The deranged king, in spite of his oath to Jonathan, was overwhelmed with his mania and tried to pin David to the wall with his javelin. David fled to Samuel. The grace of God dealt with Saul, but his disobedience was his ruin. There were nine useless attempts of Saul to kill David in this chapter. Ramah means heights — heavenly places. Saul sent messengers to take David. When the Lord fully draws that bow and lets the arrow fly the forces of wickedness will be torn down from their heavenly vantage points and crushed under the feet of the saints.

By reading the second and third chapters of Revelation we can notice the contrast between the seven churches of Asia and the individual victorious saints. For example, the church of Ephesus had some fine qualities and had persevered in the face of difficulties.

However it had lost some of the fervency of its love for Jesus and was in danger of having its lampstand removed from its place, that is, of losing its Divine testimony. The reward was held out to those of the church who would follow Christ with a whole heart: He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

It is the "resurrection of the dead" that Paul was seeking to attain Philippians 3: It is the "first resurrection" Revelation One of the penalties suffered by Adam and Eve was the denial of access to the tree of life. The overcomer, the conqueror, does not lose his first love.

He is consumed with love for Christ. His reward is resurrection life. The church at Ephesus, on the other hand, had fallen away from the fervency of love for Jesus and was commanded to repent. The church of Smyrna was about to suffer imprisonment and tribulation. Those in the church who were faithful to death were to receive the crown of life.

Then, speaking to individual saints who have "ears to hear," the Lord Jesus promises, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches, He that overcometh shall not be hurt of [be harmed by] the second death" Revelation 2: The second death is the Lake of Fire. The second death cannot injure or exercise any power or authority over one of the Lord's conquerors, over a believer in Christ who denies himself, takes up his cross, and follows the Lord Jesus throughout his lifetime.

Victorious saints love the Lord with all their heart. The other believers of the churches have problems escaping the attractions of the world. The reason the second death cannot injure an overcomer has to do with the nature of the overcomer.

If wood is cast into the fire it is destroyed. If gold is cast into the fire it is refined. The overcomer attains the resurrection of his inner nature by sharing in the death and resurrection of Christ throughout the temptations of the present life, and as a result receives the resurrection of his body at the appearing of the Lord Jesus.

If his spirit, soul, and body are all "gold," all Divine Substance, all filled with eternal life, having been raised from the dead, then he cannot be injured by the second death.

The Lake of Fire can no more harm an overcomer than the fire of Nebuchadnezzar could harm Shadrach, Meshach or Abednego. Christ pointed His two-edged sword at the church in Pergamos. Pergamos dwelled in a satanic area but had made some spiritual progress. However, there were people present in the church who held doctrines of wickedness. Christ warned this church of judgment to come if there were no repentance. To the conqueror Christ promises: He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Christ with the sword of His mouth fights against those holding doctrines of wickedness but nourishes and blesses each person of the churches who chooses to become a conqueror in Him. We have stated that the overcomer is born in the Church and nourished in the Church.

The saint comes to maturity by the ministries and gifts in the churches as well as by the other means provided by the Holy Spirit.

A church may contain those who follow doctrines that lead to evil practices. In such a case the Lord Jesus rebukes the church. Unless the church repents He will come and fight against those who teach wickedness. Each conqueror in that church is hearing the Spirit and is pressing upward toward the throne of Christ.

Every Christian believer, as we have said, has the opportunity to be a conqueror. The choice is his. The victorious saints are not, for the most part, little groups of saints hidden away in secret meetings. Rather, the victorious saints are the persons in each Christian assembly who give their lives to Jesus.

The remainder of the people who attend Christian churches are not eligible for the promises of glory and authority, at least not while they are found in a condition of half-heartedness concerning the things of Christ.

3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

Every believer in Christ is invited and welcome to the ranks of the victorious saints. The rewards to the conquerors are the blessings that traditionally we have assigned to all Christians. A closer reading of Scripture will reveal that the promises of rulership with Christ always are associated with overcoming, with suffering, with sharing the afflictions of Christ. Christ will appear with His warriors, with those who have gone outside the camp with Him bearing His humiliation and rejection.

By appearing with His warriors Christ will fulfill the type of the second anointing of David—the rulership of David over the tribe of Judah. Shortly thereafter the blessing and Presence of Christ will increase in the whole Church and then expand to every believing person on the earth. We are not teaching that every individual ultimately will be saved because that is not true. Satan and all who choose his way are doomed to eternal punishment. There is no redemption in that punishment.

It is utter, final, absolute. The destruction that God has promised is as eternal as the salvation that God has promised. What we are teaching is that Christ is seeking and separating out now an army of victorious saints who will rule with Him, just as David's mighty men shared the victorious return of David to Israel.

In due time the whole Church, the Body of Christ, will rule the earth and the blessing of Christ will reach out to include every soul whom God has saved. In order to encourage us to press into the second anointing, the place of authority and blessing with Christ, let us examine the promises God has made to each believer who chooses to conquer in Christ: To eat of the tree of life—to gain eternal life in spirit, soul, and body.

3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

To not be hurt of [be harmed by] the second death—the ability to survive all judgment. To eat of the hidden manna—to receive an impartation of Divine Substance for strength, given to those who do the Lord's will. To receive a white stone having a new name written on it. Since this appears to be a pebble used in casting a ballot, the white pebble signifying acceptance, we can think of this as representing our eternal acceptance in the favor of God. Some of the promises to the conquerors carry with them the implication that the saint has been sealed forever in the Presence of Christ in God and no longer is threatened with being cast away from the Presence of the Lord.

To receive power and authority over the nations. To receive the morning star—the eternal light of Christ in the saint. To be clothed in white raiment—the portrayal of the eternal sanctification of the Wife of the Lamb. To have one's name confessed before the Father and His angels—the establishing of our identity and recognition at the highest levels of spiritual authority. To be made a pillar in the Temple of God.

The conqueror is created an eternal part of the structure of God's Temple. To remain in the Temple of God forever. The overcomer will be able to minister throughout the creation and to represent God in every place; but he never will leave the Temple, just as Jesus never leaves the Throne of God but is everywhere at once.

The Forever King: Seeing Jesus in 2 Samuel

To have the name of God written on him. This marks the saint as the personal possession and representative of God throughout eternity. To have "Jerusalem" written on him. He now is part of the ruling city of God and will be recognized as such throughout the creation. To have the new name of Christ written on him. This establishes the overcomer as an inseparable part of Christ throughout eternity.

The new creation is of Christ and is Christ. God has determined to make all things new in His beloved Son. Christ receives a new name because we now are part of Him.

3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

We receive a new name because He now is part of us. To dine with Christ and Christ with Him. This refers to the communication of the Life of God between Christ and the believer who receives Christ into his or her personality. To sit with Christ in His throne. This is the highest possible level of authority and power and is assigned to each believer who, through Christ, wins the fight against his own passions, Satan, and the world.

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. Becoming a victorious saint. We have seen that the second anointing of David had to do with an intermediate rule over part of Israel, typifying an intermediate rule of Christ over part of the Church of God.

The first and greatest rewards will go to those who are first to come over to the undisputed sway of Christ. The remainder of the Church still has a problem with making the transition from the rule of the flesh Saul. If the key word is overcome, what does it mean to be an overcomer? How does this differ from conventional Christianity? Let us examine the implications of this word.

The term overcome implies a battle. It brings to our attention that there are two opponents and one has subdued the other. The overcomer has conquered the one who is opposing him.

The Church always has known and taught that Christ overcame the devil on Calvary and that His victory is our victory if we will believe and receive. There is no question about the fact that Christ overcame Satan at Calvary and made an open show of triumph over His enemies when He ascended into Heaven.

Why, then, do we speak of personal battles and personal victories? The answer is as follows: But Israel, with the help of the Lord, does the fighting when the time comes to enter the land of promise and dispossess the inhabitants of Canaan.

Israel did not lift a finger when it came to destroying the Egyptians. But Israel had to fight bloody battles against the Philistines, the Amorites, the Amalekites, the Jebusites, and the other tribes of Canaan.

Some of the fighting remains for the Church, the Body of Christ, to do. We are wrestling against evil powers in the heavenlies. Christ is waiting until His enemies have been made His footstool. Jesus had to conquer and we must conquer Revelation 3: What does it mean to be an overcomer? It means that by the grace of God that has been given us in the form of the Word of God, the body and blood of Christ, and the Holy Spirit, we are to take our stand against the accuser, the present evil age, and our own lusts and self-will.

Each day of our lives we receive the victory of Christ by laying hold on the Divine grace given to us for that day.

3 anointings of david and jesus relationship

Many persons who name the name of Christ are not victorious saints. They wander in the wilderness of the world, not really laying hold on the promises of God in Christ. Periodically they go through seasons of repentance, knowing in their heart there will be no lasting change in their behavior. It is their opinion that believers never can overcome wickedness in this life, and their hope is that when the Lord Jesus comes He will magically transform them into spiritual giants.

They are not overcoming but are living according to the demands of their fleshly, soulish nature, Satan, and the world. Many weak Christians are good, honest, sincere, hard-working people.


God loves them and has in mind to save them, just as He saved Lot. We should not be referring to such persons as victorious saints or leaving them with the impression that when Jesus appears they will receive the rewards designated for the victorious saints. They are not filled with the Light and Glory of God. They are not attaining the first resurrection from the dead.