Aries and gemini relationship problems

Aries and Gemini - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

aries and gemini relationship problems

Gemini and Aries Compatibility Problems Like the intensity of their love and passion for each other, there are some compatibility problems that. As Gemini is so adaptable and finds Aries' enthusiasm for life so appealing, they probably won't have any problems biting their tongue from time to time. This doesn't mean there wont be challenges – other than raiding tombs and locating lost Arcs – many Aries/Gemini combos will need to learn to live in the real.

Aries needs to take ownership of what it does and how it contributes both positively and negatively to the relationship. Gemini needs to think back on the past and how it contributes to the present.

ZodiacFacts: Aries and Gemini Pros and Cons Relationship Compatibility

Aries On Jealousy Wind signs are natural charismatic people. They will have a lot of bubbly, friendships. For other signs this can be confusing, because they don't know where to draw the line between flirtatious and friendly.

Wind signs have a bit more gab-and-charisma about these lines and when and when not to cross them. They are not meaning to trigger jealously out of their partner.

aries and gemini relationship problems

They are trying to be friendly and kind to others, so you may run into a number of people while dating a Gemini. Aries is passionate and has jealous tendencies, especially with a first child mentality.

The first child can feel like the attention its parents used to give them is diminished when another child is born. This can frustrate Aries who likes attention, who has a bit of an ego, and really wants to be validated for their worth. Leo is like this as well -- it is kind of a fire sign trait.

Aries and Gemini Love & Marriage Compatibility

As for jealously, Aries and Scorpio in particular can get really confused with wind signs and how many friends they defer to instead of their partner at times. Aries needs to work on trust and Gemini needs to work on reassuring Aries of its affection and loyalty. It is not good for any sign to cut off their friends for their romantic partner.

They will have to balance this, but you do need to consider if your partner is asking too much of you. If your partner is making a lot of demands to reign in your network of friends and focus on them, this might not be a sign thing but a narcissist thing. Gemini needs to be able to meet different people because through other people's minds it collects ideas. Gemini refreshes this way, and it allows it to bring in new conversations into the relationship.

Relationship Dynamic Aries is more assertive, firey, intense, demanding, and argumentative. This can play well with Gemini who is more easy going, flexible, and apt to play along. Gemini will enjoy going along with Aries and their bigger than life ideas. Aries is somewhat stubborn and can use this to help ground the relationship. Gemini is one of the most open minded and ready to try new things.


Gemini can help lower Aries' stress and temper. Gemini is a lot more relaxed in that regard. These two will like exploring each other's minds. They will run off in any direction with whatever whim they come across, so they need to remember when that leads to something negative and do what they can to protect themselves in the future. Gemini will be a great listener and soundboard for Aries and its never ending ideas. Gemini can keep up with Aries thoughts, and Aries can be mystified and delighted by Gemini's unique and well thought out ideas.

aries and gemini relationship problems

This won't be the most gushy relationship. Gushy relationships can throw Aries off and make them feel as though someone is trying to control them, so then Aries has to work through that, which can be good for it. Gemini is so cerebral that if things get really mushy, especially constantly, it could become overwhelming and too clingy for it. Further Understanding Astrology For your own understanding of the zodiac, it is meant to be mathematical.

It is a calendar system. It is broken up into multiples of Quadruplicity brings together the signs and how well they manage ideas and their goals. Cardinal signs want to push new ideas, new territory, and goals forward. Depending on their element, this can be expressed in fairly different ways. Aries is a strong leader who wants to help make the world manifest.

Capricorn is someone who is allowing the world to reveal the honest parts of itself and to take an account of hibernation. Completely different, but necessary. A fixed sign is the center of the four seasons. They know what they want, stick to it, and direct from it. They have a lot of authority, ambition, and power to them.

And mutable signs come in more with a gentleness, a flexible nature, and gregariousness. Triplicity has to do with the sign's element and what other signs match it. Earth signs are more practical, they are bound to their senses, and they have the capacity to break down the thick amount of material density we all deal with. They understand the material world. Fire signs are about the will. They are passionate about making things happen.

They are the sign of manifestation. Water signs are about emotions. They are about how things feel, about the heart, energy, and absorbing and communicating with energy.

They have a certain telepathic way with energy that's pure and refined. Wind signs are all about intelligence. They are constantly thinking. They have to translate their thoughts back into energy in order to make sense of it for other signs.

Aries and Gemini

They think highly in words and are a little more detached because they are such highly objective problem solvers. They do have intense emotions, as do all 12 signs. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Fixed signs: Decoding Aries and Gemini friendships… Aries and Gemini create hair raising friendships. Both want to hang out with the other one knowing spontaneity will reign supreme. Physical creatures — they are likely to indulge in sporting activities together — think squash, cycling and running buddies.

Aries Man Gemini woman

Interestingly both will be different types of Athletes — the fire in Aries ignites quickly and burns fast making them natural sprinters whereas Airy Gemini starts with a soft breeze and builds to a ranging cyclone over time — making them the endurance sporty types. And Aries has a tendency to thoughtlessly abandon their friend if Gemini is injured, sick or unable to participate at the speed of sound. Like Roman Gladiators who indulged in frenzied sex after a hard days slaying in the arena — Gemini is likely to meet Aries after completing the Boston marathon or sealing a 7 figure business deal.

Both on a natural high their carnal instincts seek each other out — and be warned: Gemini will respond with a good dose of sexual teasing — mutable signs are highly intelligent and not above causing exquisite pain before they devour their prey. Think of it as a brilliant brain and brawns combo.

aries and gemini relationship problems

Gemini is ruled by Mercury — a planet known for the gift of the gab — if negotiating a mortgage or complex business deal this sign will understand nuances and technical talk in a flash. Aries area of expertise is in heavy lifting and in acting with speed.

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This allows them to take care of all the minutia in record time. This combination can result in a relationship that is not only fiery and full of excitement — but one that where they can get a lot done as a team by spurring each other on to achieve.

Avoid relationship burnout by slowing down every so often and remembering to emotionally touch base — have a day on the couch watching Game of Thrones every so often — it will be a soothing if not blood thirsty reconnection.

aries and gemini relationship problems