Beerus and whis relationship advice

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beerus and whis relationship advice

SuperBeerus' "Say something" ( He was talking to Whis, expecting some sort of sarcastic comment as . But it was positive, in my opinion, rather than a toxic relationship. .. Whis always has some quip or advice. In Dragon Ball Super, as well as Battle of the Gods, Beerus did not know about Majin Buu. The manga has not given a definitive answer as to. Everything from their relationship to their never-ending quest to try the tastiest foods in the universe, Beerus and Whis are chock full of.

Beerus proved his strength and was granted the power of destruction to help keep balance in the universe. This is just one of the many interesting facts there are to know about the cat-like God of Destruction.

If you want to learn more about this powerful feline, then look no further, here are 15 facts you never knew about Lord Beerus.

While designing the character, Toriyama's cat, a Cornish Rex breed named Debo, came down with a terminal illness.

beerus and whis relationship advice

However, Debo miraculously recovered, despite its old age. This inspired Toriyama to base the design off his cat, scrapping the lizard concept altogether. Toriyama also incorporated elements of Egyptian mythology, specifically its deities. Beerus's design was partially influenced by Egyptian Gods Seth and Sekhmet, deities that brought destruction in various forms upon the earth. Well, that's apropos, especially since Sekhmet shares the same "occupation" as Beerus.

When Gohan broke the Z-Sword, the Old Kai was released, having been sealed in it by someone who feared his power.

Dragon Ball Super: 15 Strange Facts About Beerus And Whis

Regardless of the retconning, this reveal was actually a great callback and a great way to connect the two series. When Beerus learned that he could find a Super Saiyan God on Earth to fight, he remembered he'd been to the planet before. While there, he said he killed off the dinosaurs. He originally planned for Beerus to infect others with evil like a virus, leading him to name the character "Birusu" a Japanese pronunciation of the german pronunciation of "virus.

I didn't mean to barge in at a time like this and-" "I just don't understand him!

I ask him one question and he gets angry! It's like I can't do anything around here without his temper flaring! And you think that you've never done me wrong?

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I can name plenty of times you've been in the wrong! You may have been my teacher at one time but it does not give you the right to interfere with my plans! You are more like a whiny mother, who always follows me! You are a whiny brat! You are so childish and can't even control your temper!

You end up destroying innocent planets for your pleasing! You think I wish to follow you? I am the only life form who can deal with your attitude! The other beings don't even want you around!

beerus and whis relationship advice

You are just as bad as I am! You are the one who taught me! Does that ring a bell? Or did you forget that?

Beerus snarled behind him. King Kai slowly emerged from behind a potted plant and dashed out of the Lord of Destruction's castle. The kai had never been more scared in his life as he ran back to him home. He had never felt so saddened a day in his life. His heart clenched in his chest and his blood thumped violently. He actually felt like crying at the life forms words.

Maybe even sobbing at them. Whis had never struck so lowly before. This had been the first time in a lifetime that caregiver inflicted such pain. The god took heavy steps back to his chamber and shut the door behind him. Days had passed since then. They could not believe what the saiyan had just said.

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You should have heard them! I never seen Whis so angry! Beerus has not destroyed a planet in two weeks and it seems to be messing with orders of the universe. Or learn to care for himself! As long as he doesn't stop destructing! The universe depends on his part! Don't just butt in on our conversation! Wouldn't him stopping be a good thing? Goku blinked "You guys can hear them?