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Symbiosis Worksheet Name ________________ type of symbiotic relationship occurring between each pair of organisms below. 6. bromeliad tree frog. Peatlands and green frogs: A relationship regulated by acidity? from the frog's dorsal skin and made a model display sheet using the green skin layers. Food resources can affect the health of organisms by altering their symbiotic .. Number of large trees (i.e. DBH > 15 cm) and bromeliads best explained frog richness. When you see a colorful tree frog looking out of the sheltering hollow in a bromeliad's heart, the animal and plant appear made for each other. Preliminary .

Most of the frog is red. Its front legs and feet are blue from the "elbow" down. Its back legs are blue up to its "waist. Or catch a frog in the area where you live.

Bromeliads and Frogs

Look at it closely, especially its marking and coloring. Then color your picture to look like the frog you caught. Release your frog in the same place where you found it.

Rainforest Journal One day we set out with a favorite guide, Miguel, to find the poison-arrow frog. We traveled in a small motor boat through canals and rivers that penetrate the rainforest. Miguel, a young man who grew up in the small village of Parismina, knows the forest and its waterways the way we know our backyard.

One minute we were speeding over the water with our hair flying in our faces and the hot equator-sun burning our shoulders, and the next minute we had swerved across the wide river to land. We followed a narrow trail into the shadowy darkness of the forest. At a particular spot in the forest, Miguel directed us to stop for a picnic. While we unpacked sandwiches and drinks, he disappeared into the jungle.

When he returned, like a magician, he produced several tiny red frogs "wearing blue jeans.

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I took one in my hand to look at it more closely. But then I had to walk back to the river to wash my hands before finishing my lunch. The poison-arrow frog, so tiny it could easily sit on a penny, has a deadly poison in its skin. Certain bromeliads have a center tank formed by their rosette of leaves. The tanks or bases of leaves become mini ponds in the wet season.

The water helps meet the plants' needs in an environment where nutrients and water can be scarce. High in tropical tree canopies, bromeliads get the bright, filtered sunlight they prefer. The water pools attract insect prey for the frog.

Research Bromeliads used by frogs receive benefits as well. A treefrog improves a bromeliad's nutrient intake. The frog's feces and insect remains increase the plant's nitrogen, according to Brazilian researchers who published their findings in the issue of "Oecologia.

Bromeliad Nursery The bromeliad serves as a nursery for frog eggs and tadpoles. Not all frogs lay their eggs directly in the bromeliad pools.