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Although they were once married, Hester would later find true love with Dimmesdale once Chillingsworth was no longer around. So once he. The Scarlet Letter study guide contains a biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Roger Chillingworth, Hester's real husband, is described in more detail. the parasitic relationship between Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. Starting from the beginning of the book, Roger made a solemn vow to hunt down the man that committed adultery with Hester. The moment.

Chillingworth begins to suspect that Dimmesdale is Pearl's father when Reverend Wilson and Governor Billingham are trying to take Pearl away from Hester. Dimmesdale gives an eloquent representation for Hester, and Chillingworth says "You speak, my friend, with a strange earnestness" It is with this suspicion that Chillingworth begins to show "special interest" in Dimmesdale.

When Chillingworth first appears in the community he is well received. The town needs a doctor and the members of the town feel that it is an act of God that he arrives when Reverend Dimmesdale is becoming ill. The fact that Chillingworth shows a special interest in Dimmesdale helps his acceptance in the community, but the community did not know his intentions.

Chillingworth's quest is to find out if his suspicion is, in fact, reality.

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In order to find this out, he must get closer to Dimmesdale: While living together, Chillingworth constantly digs for Dimmesdale to release his secret, but he will not reveal it, and his condition becomes worse. Finally, Chillingworth catches Dimmesdale sleeping and thrust aside the vestment to discover the letter "A" upon his chest. With no doubt in Chillingworth's mind about Dimmesdale's relation to Pearl, his torment toward him increases.

Chillingworth is now in complete control of Dimmesdale, whose health is deteriorating. Hester notices the deterioration of Dimmesdale's health, and she thinks that her faithfulness, in keeping Chillingworth's identity a secret, is to blame.

When she goes to Chillingworth and speaks to him about revealing his identity, he neither condones nor condemns her decision. While listening to the old man, she noticed how much he had changed over the past seven years.

This new knowledge does not free Dimmesdale of Chillingworth's control. But he need not have taken the trouble of doing so because the minister has in the meanwhile made up his mind to make a public confession of his guilt. When he tries to restrain the minister from making his intended confession, it is certainly not for a good that he means towards the priest but to prevent him from slipping from his hands. Thou hast escaped me!

The only thing left for her to do was to throw something at them to make the village children go away. Pearl cares for her mother and she doesn't want anyone to hurt her. In Chapter 15Hester and Pearl were walking along the beaches. Pearl dressed up as a mermaid and placed a green seaweed on her breast. It took the shape of the letter "A".

Hester thought that Pearl was too young to understand what the scarlet letter means. In the meantime, Pearl was persistent, when she kept asking her mother about scarlet letter and why the minister clutches his hand over his heart.

In Chapter 16Hester and Pearl were walking in the forest. Pearl wanted to know about the "Black Man. Pearl is relating it to the minister because he always clutches his heart, and it has left a mark inside of him. Pearl thinks and says her thoughts without realizing how she is connecting them in a way that it reveals Dimmesdale's true identity. In Chapter 19Hester wants Pearl to join Dimmesdale and her on the other side of the brook. Pearl doesn't listen to Hester because she has thrown the scarlet letter away and she let her hair down.

Pearl doesn't recognize her mother.

Hester had to put the letter back on her breast and put her hair up. That's when Pearl went to the other side of the brook to join her and Dimmesdale. In my opinion, I believe Pearl doesn't care whether Hester has been walking around with the scarlet letter as a symbol of shame. Pearl is happy with the way she is.

It doesn't matter to her what other's say about Hester.