Daphne and wilke relationship with god

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daphne and wilke relationship with god

Explore shanessa messick's board "Wilke and Daphne" on Pinterest. Follow. Daphne & Wilke - Switched at Birth New Tv Series, Switched At Birth, Abc . Thank God for DVR!! Emmett and Bay Switched at Birth Relationship Goals❤ 🥰. The final sight of unlikely sisters Bay and Daphne splayed across the with her boyfriend Travis, Bay asked her ex Emmett to accompany his “brother.” But there wasn't one big turn where I felt like, “Oh God, that will never be told. . Still would've allowed Emmett and Travis to work on their relationship. In The Homecoming, Daphne finds out about Bay and Emmett's relationship but decides to still pursue Emmett. She is angry that Angelo has shown up and.

She always managed to catch his attention in the most unlikely of places; crowded rooms, across the hall, etc. She was his last thought at night and his first in the morning. He had it bad for Bay Kennish, but if he were asked, he was doing a good job at hiding it. Wilkie knew, though, that he would not be able to hide it for long. This was no longer just a crush. This was full blown love for his best friend's little sister.

I do have eyes. I've seen how you look at her. What can I do, to make you mine Falling so hard so fast this time What did I say, what did you do? How did I fall in love with you? Wilkie entered the studio to see Bay working on her latest painting.

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Laughing, he continued, "Sorry. She only left her room to come down to her studio, she hadn't eaten, she hadn't slept well; Toby was the only person who had gotten her to smile, to sleep. Her eyes focused on a sight over his shoulder and they slowly filled with tears.

Turning around, he saw Emmett dropping Daphne back off, kissing her good night. Wilkie quickly closed the door and wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug as she began crying. Toby, who had seen Emmett and Daphne pull up, came in and immediately took Bay upstairs to her room, signaling to Wilkie to meet him in his room. An hour later, Toby entered his room and saw Wilkie sitting on his bed, holding a picture of Bay that was taken of them on her birthday.

Every year since Bay was little, a picture of the three of them had been taken; every year after the first, the picture was recreated, so that it was, essentially, the same picture. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was one in the afternoon. When she got down to the kitchen, she saw Wilkie and Toby standing there with their guitars in hand.

Bay smiled softly and laughed lightly as the two began dancing around her. Kathryn, John, and Regina smiled as they entered the room briefly, before quickly backing out, relieved to see Bay's smile once again. Well, I don't need one, but I would like to not be the only person there that I know. They're thinking about buying some of my pieces, and I really need to make a good impression. Pick me up at seven? I cannot pretend, that we can still be friends Don't want to be, Wilkie walked into the Kennish house a little before seven, a corsage of blue orchids.

The three men were rendered speechless when Bay, followed by Kathryn and Regina, came down the stairs in a flowing emerald dress that looked like it was made for a fairy princess, the small white flowers laced into her hair and the natural looking make-up completed the look. Wilkie snapped himself out of it and slipped the corsage onto her hand, "I know I didn't have to get this, but I thought I should bring you some kind of flower.

Toby laughed to himself as Wilkie followed her like a loyal puppy. The night went by far too fast for Wilkie and, before he knew it, he was dropping Bay back off at her house. Toby and Wilkie walked through the halls of Buckner High, discussing their latest ideas for Guitar Face, when Wilkie stopped in mid-sentence when he spotted Bay at the far end of the hall, head thrown back as she laughed at something Clover said. I mean, I don't want it to be too obvious….

Oh I want to say this right And it has to be tonight Just need you to know, oh yeah Wilkie and Toby walked onto the make-shift stage at Clover's house and began setting up.

She obviously hadn't thought of him. He hadn't heard from her since he was nine. Not a phone call, or letter, or anything. It hurt more than he'd ever admit. Bay was simply stating the facts. It was wrong of him to get upset at her saying the truth. His mother didn't love him anymore. He learned that long ago.

But she didn't have to throw it in his face like that. He'd been humiliated enough when his mom left. She'd pretended to love him only to leave. She'd play him like a fool. She was about to tell her mom that he had tried to kill her. Women were just the bane of his existence. Only ever bringing him pain.

Leaving him when he needed them the mo- No this wasn't about his mother. This was about Bay. This was about teaching Bay a lesson. This was about teaching them ALL a lesson. How would they like it if the tables were turned? And so he learned from Bay to hurt them before they hurt you.

After all, that was the best way to keep anyone from realizing he was just a scared little boy who wanted someone to love him. When Wilke was sixteen he met Simone. Wilke had been the school bad boy for almost three years now and had been with so many girls he'd lost count. Toby had taken to calling him the school manwhore.

It was almost halfway through the school year and they were standing by his locker. Wilke was planning his latest prank while Toby was noting what supplies they'd need. At the end of the hall talking to Alexandria Mackabee was Jillian Scott. He'd met her at a party two weeks ago. With fair skin, sparkling blue eyes and long, shapely legs he couldn't resist asking her out. But after three days he was creeped out and she was dumped. Personally, Wilke thought he had been nice.

After all, he could have dumped her after the first night when she introduced him to her imaginary friend Garrett, the giant talking weevil. She still thinks we've got a chance at being together" "Hey, maybe she's right. Didn't the magic elephant from Planet Mordu shine a light into your eyes at the exact moment she thought of Sarah as the name for your tenth child?

daphne and wilke relationship with god

His plan, however, was thwarted when a girl with dark brown hair slammed into his side. He groaned as he fell hard on his back and the girl fell on his stomach while managing to get her legs tangled with his.

His vision was too spotty for him to see who it was. With his head spinning, it took a minute before he could actually see his attacker. Do you need to go to the nurse? Hovering just above him with a worried expression was a beautiful girl with olive tan skin as well as hazel eyes with tiny specs of green in them. Her lips were painted a dark red which only accentuated her high cheekbones. And maybe it was just a side effect from the fall but he swore he could hear bells ringing when she spoke again.

Can you hear me?

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I saw you take that hit. It looked pretty bad" Wilke sat up slowly leaning on Toby for support, yet not taking his eyes of the girl. It wasn't as bad as it looked" Toby nodded.

Daphne & Wilke -- theres the moment

He wasn't really listening though. His eyes were on the mystery girl who still looked pretty anxious. He laughed a bit, before standing. But if you really want to make it up to me…" "Yep, he's okay" Toby muttered to himself except it wasn't good-naturedly like usual. The mystery girl gave an amused chuckle. All of her extended family lived in Colorado, but she didn't really like being all that close to them because it meant everyone knew everything about each other. Simone liked horses, was a bit of a computer and digital media geek, loved basketball and was actually a year younger than him.

daphne and wilke relationship with god

Simone wore sweats when she didn't feel like dressing up all girly which was only right after basketball practiceloved the color green, and owned 3 of the original X-Men comics. Simone went to all his soccer games, waited diligently for him by his locker after each of his classes and called him every night before she went to bed to see how his day went. Wilke dated her longer than he'd ever dated any girl. On paper she seemed like the perfect girl.

daphne and wilke relationship with god

But they had three major flaws in their relationship. One, Simone didn't trust him. Once she learned of his history with girls, she was always paranoid whenever he talked to one.

No matter how much he'd tell her it was nothing, she'd still be suspicious. Even when she didn't say anything he could see it bothered her.

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The fact that so many other girls had been with him or had their hearts broken by him was too much for her to handle. She was not only insanely jealous, but angry by the way he had just so carelessly tossed girls aside. Sometimes it felt like whenever she looked at him all she saw were his past sins. Second, Simone was the most ruthless, controlling person he'd ever met. After that first date she always decided where they went, what time they went, and who they went with.

If he suggested something she'd always say "I'll take that into consideration" and then they ended up doing whatever she wanted anyway. For their one month anniversary she'd actually decided what he was going to get her. She also would go to many lengths to get what she wanted whether it be for him or for her which made it hard to tell just how far she'd go.

One moment stood out in particular. Wilke had singlehandedly taken the Buckner soccer team to the Championships for the second year in a row.

They'd come in second place, but it was still an amazing compared to last year when they came in fifth. Wilke was extremely proud of himself and his team. After arriving back home it had suddenly been announced that the other team had been disqualified and that Buckner had really won.

Everyone had been thrilled including Wilke. The other team had apparently decided to celebrate their win with champagne in the locker room. The other team had tried denying it saying that they had gone into the locker room to find the Chardonnay laying about, but they had found the receipt in one of the player's bags and when they called the credit card company to check it out the Chardonnay was on there.

The player said that he had lost his credit card, but one of the players admitted they'd seen him go into the store with his credit card in hand around the time that the Chardonnay had been bought. Wilke had snorted at this. If they were going to risk their championship win they could have at least bought the champagne with cash. It's like they were asking to get caught. He'd been riding high until by chance he'd found a credit card with some guys' name on it on the floor of Simone's room. His blood had immediately run cold.

She couldn't have had anything to do with the champagne thing, could she? She wouldn't do something like that. She wasn't that ruthless. She knew how much he hated cheaters. She knew how hard he'd worked to make it to the championships and that it would mean nothing to him if they didn't really deserve it. She was probably just borrowing it from a friend.

That made sense, right? He put the credit card back where he'd found it and tried to forget about it, but it began to eat away at him. Eventually it had just come out. They were at the amusement park at the top of the Ferris wheel. Honestly, he had no idea what she said exactly. All he remembered was that it was the most hypocritical thing he'd ever heard.

He almost broke up with her right there. However just like the millions of times before, he couldn't bring himself to. So he just apologized, bought her a new necklace, and moved on from it. But after that he didn't boast about winning that championship game anymore because deep down he knew the truth.

The biggest thing was that he didn't love her. She told him she loved him after two months. They were lounging on her couch. She had been doing homework, he had been staring at the ceiling when she had said it. Out of the blue. He had fallen off her bed. His first instinct was to get the heck out of there but instead he had hesitated wondering if the fact that he had been with her for two months, longer than any other girl by far, meant he loved her too.

So in a moment of weakness, he'd said it back. Instantly, he regretted it. There was no feeling to it. It had sounded hollow to his ears, but she had been ecstatic. Either she hadn't noticed or hadn't cared. Regardless, she threw her arms around him saying how she'd been so scared to tell him and she was glad he felt the same.

And he learned from Simone that you didn't have to love someone to be in a relationship with them. Heck, you didn't even have to like them. You just had to be able to pretend well enough to get by. And at this revelation, unbeknownst to him, another piece of his heart broke. But not in the way he had anticipated. They had a date. Everything had been going as well as he'd learned to expect. He'd dropped her back off at her house. She'd stood waving at the end of her driveway until his car disappeared around the corner.

Ten minutes later he saw that she'd left her bag. Knowing she'd blame him for not making sure she had it when he dropped her off, he circled back around to take it to her. He'd moved to ring the doorbell when he heard her laughter ring out in the backyard. So he walked around the back only to find her tongue halfway down some other guys' esophagus.

He didn't know how long he stood there watching; fists clenched, heart pounding, numb. Ultimately he ended up throwing her bag at them. When they broke apart the indifferent facade he'd managed to build shattered. Wilke waved him off.

He'd suspected for awhile now that Toby had a thing for Simone. What really bothered him was that if Simone had a thing for Toby in return why hadn't she just broken up with him?

Toby wrapped his arm around her. The way her eyes lit up when she looked at him made his chest ache. Half of their relationship was a lie. He felt like he was going to be sick. Don't act like you ever really cared about me" Simone sneered. Wilke looked at Toby. Toby avoided eye contact when he spoke. As much as he wanted to end it with Simone something always held him back. Now that he had been with her so long, he couldn't bear to think of being alone again. If you liked Toby you should have told me" He saw the reason why before she even opened her mouth.

Her eyes gave it away. She had that same look she had whenever she argued with him about his past, or saw him speaking with another girl. She'd done it out of spite and jealousy. In her mind she didn't need to break it off with him because he deserved to be led on.

We're done" He heard Toby calling his name, but ignored it. He stormed out of the backyard hoping the pain would go away soon. It wasn't like he even really liked her that much anyway. It was only when he made it to his car, choking sobs preventing him from driving off, that he realized he'd called Simone by his mother's name. When Wilke was eighteen he met Daphne. The Vasquez's had moved in with the Kennish's nearly a month earlier, but Wilke hadn't gotten around to meeting them yet.

He'd been practicing his soccer. The championships were still a few months away but a scout for a major soccer academy was coming to see him in it and he wanted to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. If he got into the academy then he was a shoo in for a scholarship to a major soccer university. Not that he needed a scholarship, but he was tired of using his dad's money for everything. He wanted something that he had wholeheartedly earned himself.

He was at the Buckner soccer field when it began to rain. Normally, he'd keep playing but practicing for six hours a day Monday through Friday and all day on the weekends was finally catching up with him so he left. He snatched his soccer duffel from the bench and jogged towards his car.

In a short amount of time it had begun to pour leaving him soaked to the bone. Then out of nowhere a girl came into his line of vision.

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He didn't have time to stop and crashed into her. They fell on their butts in a puddle of mud. Wilke opened his mouth to give this girl a piece of his mind when she quickly apologized. I wasn't looking where I was going" She had to shout so he could hear her over the rain. He noticed she had an accent he couldn't quite place. He looked at her only to get lost in her emerald green eyes. She was the most gorgeous girl he'd ever seen.

Her fiery red hair cascaded down her shoulders with strands sticking haphazardly to her face. She had supple pink lips he wanted to taste. Freckles were dusted lightly on her cheeks, but he could tell he could only see them because they were so close. Her skin had a natural pinkish tint to it making him wonder what she looked like when she blushed. He helped her off the ground before suddenly laughing. She shot him a confused look.