Divorced dads and daughters relationship

divorced dads and daughters relationship

Guest post by Terry Gaspard on divorce and daughters, and tips for a good father daughter relationship post divorce. In recent years, the importance of a strong father-daughter relationship has become the subject of increasing research and psychological studies. In previous . Divorce is never easy. It turns your world upside down. Ending a relationship you thought was to last till death forces you to part is emotionally.

And did she ever lay some doozies on me. Despite my shock of hearing many of her stories.

How daughters can repair a damaged relationship with their divorced dad

I felt pleased that she trusted me enough to confide in me. Now she is twenty-two years old and is a successful businesswoman. She recently purchased a new car. I am very proud of her. What I am proud of most is our relationship. She knows that no matter what she has done or what she will do, there is nothing that would diminish my feelings for her. Both she and I have made some regrettable decisions.

How I Built a Close Father-Daughter Relationship After Divorce

But no matter how flawed we are, what matters most is that our bond, though strained by divorce, is incredibly strong. These days, we see each other times a week. We eat, we talk, we hike, kayak or just hang out. I love my daughter, and I am happy that as an adult she chooses to see me regularly.

It is essential to convince your ex that you will be a positive influence on the life of your child. Many parents can be hurt and spiteful about the divorce. However, all parents want to be good parents.

Never lose the trust of your ex in regard to the well-being of your children.

Maintaining the Father-Daughter Bond After Divorce

How could my relationship with my father have been better if my mother, my teachers and the legal system had all actively worked to keep him involved in my life and to make him feel welcomed and appreciated? Considering what he probably went through, can I be more compassionate and forgiving? These ideas can influence what we think of friends, family members and co-workers.

They can also affect the relationship that daughters have with their divorced dads.

divorced dads and daughters relationship

What did you think about these stereotypes before your parents separated? Reexamine your own beliefs about divorced fathers and consider how they might have negatively affected your relationship with your dad.

divorced dads and daughters relationship

How many stereotypes about divorced dads do you think are true? The more negative assumptions you make about divorced men, the more difficult it is for you and your dad to stay bonded.

Unfortunately, this happens to millions of daughters — especially when dad has remarried but mom is still single. Mothers can give their daughters negative impressions of their divorced dads — sometimes without even trying.

After all, if your mother was awarded custody, she likely had ample opportunity to share her feelings and experiences with you.

How I Built a Close Father-Daughter Relationship After Divorce

Why would you deny your dad the same opportunity? What are you afraid of? How likely is it those fears would come true? If they did, would you feel worse than you do now with a strained or uncomfortable relationship with your dad?