Donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

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donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

A Typus Partitus A West Wing fic in response to this post, about the relationship between Josh Lyman and Donna Moss (set roughly a year after Tomorrow). “ Joshua Lyman, if I didn't “God forbid.” “Donna ” Josh moaned. But what those shows lack that The West Wing had in spades was a collection of curses at God in Latin, and defiantly tells the world he has multiple sclerosis. .. Abbey Bartlet's birthday party and debates British/Irish relations with Toby. .. Donna Moss (Janel Moloney): Josh Lyman's assistant and the. Josh and Donna Characters Josh Lyman & Donna Moss First met Together –present Status In a relationship/possibly married Rivals Amy Gardner.

Did you know that diamond wars are fought using child soldiers? The diamond-producing governments and rebel forces use kids as soldiers and they give them drugs so they can overcome their fear, and their natural reluctance to fighting.

Josh and Donna Do Philosophy

One company controlling the worldwide distribution of a jewel that has no utility value. She paused, noticing him watching her.

He was listening to the words, but he was also focusing on the way her lips moved saying them. She suddenly felt shy, and let the volume of her voice drop to almost a whisper. She moved her head to under his chin, and rested her hand to his chest.

He kissed her temple, before continuing. And not just for financial reasons. So when I give you a simple ring, bare of a stone, it will be about wholeness and togetherness, as we move toward change.

Because we get to change the world, Donna. I want you to do the best you can no matter how long we have.

When good TV goes bad: how The West Wing went south

Do what is hard to achieve what is great. Witty, affecting and assured, it encapsulated everything that made the show so irresistible. The only way was down. Always prone to didacticism, with Isaac and Ishmael the series took the term literally: Guess who the audience proxies were in this little setup?

At least they were honours students, so thanks for that, Professor Sorkin. For a series that had credited its audience with intelligence, this was pretty insulting. Each familiar face dispensed a revealing anecdote or incisive zinger to box up a complex issue.

When good TV goes bad: how The West Wing went south | Television & radio | The Guardian

It just sort of came out. Chemistry happened, and those few lines earned her an extra scene in the pilot episode.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

The best things come to those who wait. Josh and Donna take their sweet time to get together, eventually locking lips in a moment of euphoria, mid-Season 7. But the beauty of the slow burn is that all of the little moments feel like big ones. The best thing is, these delightful occurrences come on the regular. Those stories would make me like you. Yes, I took every single piece of bait they threw at me for seven seasons.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

Individually, they are two of the most dynamic, complex, heartbreaking and amusing characters in their show — or in any show, period. Donna is witty, confident, brave, compassionate, determined, and incredibly good at all the jobs we see her have.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

Donna embarks on an arc of empowerment through the later seasons of the show, a storyline that sees her all the way to the office of FLOTUS chief of staff. Whether she is pursuing her ambitions, bringing the comic relief or providing a moral compass, Donna Moss is a constant joy.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship with god

Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land. Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney. Moloney said of their collaboration: