Dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

Leelavathi, son attacked

dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

Leelavathi, son attacked - Veteran Kannada film-star Leelavathi and her actor- son Vinod Raj on Saturday escaped an alleged attempt on their. The veteran actress Leelavathi admitted that the last fifteen minutes of ' Kannadadha Kandha' is nothing but her life story that also relates to her. Leelavathi has acted with top South Indian actors like Dr Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, M G Ramachandran and Sivaji Ganeshan.

Her ideal husband material is Dr Rajkumar and no one else. She has always considered him to be her husband and has not not looked beyond him in any case. However, this is her proof of undying love towards Dr Rajkumar.

Her relationship with Dr Rajkumar was purely a physical one without legal sanctity. However, everyone knows about the special bond shared between Dr Rajkumar and Leelavathy. Dr Rajkumar was a Kannada film icon. He is until date the biggest matinee star produced by the Kannada film industry.

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Dr Rajkumar is a noted singer as well having won several awards for his playback singing including a National Award in Dr Rajkumar was officially married to Parvathamma and has five children from her. His associaltion with Leelavathy resulted in the birth of one son, Vinod Raj. How many children they have?

An accomplished actor and singer, Vinod Raj has a lot of philanthropic activities to his credit too. He is an excellent dancer too. How she thinks about their children? Dr Leelavathy has only one son through Dr Rajkumar. Their son Vonod Raj is a famous Kannada actor, singer, as well as a dancer.

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The first was acting, the second her relationship with Rajkumar and finally her love for her son Vinod Raj. She was an accomplished actress in her own right having done 28 films with Dr Rajkumar, the most by any single herione. The sheer audacity and casual carelessness towards death gives "hoge" that chilling effect] "Vinod anna said that shooting will start next month, and I have to help them in farming also.

Amma cooks nice food to us all the time.

dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

Vinod anna lost almost one crore ten lakhs when he made 'Shukra'. Even 'Inthi Ninna Preethiya' did not yield much money. So next month we are starting 'Govindu, Karnataka Nindhu'" "Did you not enter into the movie industry?

dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

I was the villain who raped the heroine and killed the inspector. And then Vinod anna comes back and takes revenge. Nowadays, anybody who has made some money in real estate business can cast his son as a hero.

After 'Mungaru Male' and 'Duniya' were hits, everyone wants to act as a hero. You watch lot of movies, is it? Who writes original stories in Kannada today saar?

dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

And did you know, even the hindi people copy from english movies? Movie trivia flows effortlessly as he speaks. And he will be replaced by 'Nanda Nanditha' hero. As far as I have heard, Shivrajkumar is the most decent in his family. Puneet earns one and half crores per film saar, but no commissions, no rollcall. Nenapirali Prem, 'Sainika' hero, 'Shishya' hero - they are all big rowdies saar.

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Darshan is good, he has struggled a lot to reach where he is today. He used to do up-and-down from Mysore in lorries so that he can save 20 rupees. My friend who is a lorry cleaner has told me this. But, Darshan is not proud, very down to earth. And Vishnuvardhan - he is almost God saar.

Leelavathi (actress)

His heart is purer than Rajkumar's. He has got homes built for all the people working for him, and he treats all the people - from his car driver to bathroom cleaner - equally".

dr rajkumar and leelavathi relationship

As I keep wondering if someone needs to be employed full time as a bathroom cleaner, he abruptly stops the auto at a junction near BTM. This 'Cheluvina Chittara' heroine got 25 lakhs for that movie.

Before that, she had got only for 'Shishya'. Now, she is demanding 1.