Draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

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draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

Her mother-in-law, Kunti, knew many men: four gods (Surya, Yama, Vayu and Indra) besides her husband, Pandu. But unlike Draupadi, her. Draupadi is the most important female character in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to the epic, she is the daughter of Drupada, King of Panchala. Draupadi is considered as one of the Panchakanyas or Five Virgins. Contents. 1 Etymology; 2 Birth; 3 Marriage; 4 Draupadi as the Empress . When Draupadi arrives with the five Pandavas to meet Kunti, they inform her. Draupadi nursed her forbidden love for Arjuna in the innermost recesses of her out the truth he apologized and mercifully was forgiven by the three – eyed God. 2. ARJUNA'S LOVE - HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH SNAKES.

He even cried when he learnt that his wife would have to serve as a Sairandhri servant to Queen Sudeshna of Matsya. He was the one who killed Kauravas to avenge the insult to Draupadi. Draupadi also ran to Bhim when she was molested by Keechak in Matsya Kingdom.

draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

She was prone to outbursts of rage, and made unreasonable, unwise demands. Though a savage monster with others, Bhim was always tender with Draupadi. Nakul and Sahadev were more loyal to Yudhisthir than anyone else was. They always followed him everywhere and did exactly as he asked.

They could have gone and ruled over Madradesh their birthright through Madriand lived a life of luxury and ease, but they stuck with their brother through thick and thin. Their relation with Draupadi was dictated by Yudhisthir.

draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

Sensing a potential rival in the making he coerced his Guru, Drona into asking the lad to chop off his thumb and offer it to him as gurudakhshina. Not surprisingly, Eklavya hated Arjuna for his actions which had left him with a missing thumb.

He nursed his grudge, biding the right moment to have his revenge and for that he lost his life to one who would allow no harm to befall Arjuna. However, there was an occasion in the battle of Kurukshetra when he behaved in a less than noble fashion. He was censured for this act, though he argued that Bhurishrava was wrong to attempt a decapitation on a fallen foe.

It was just too bad neither of them had a handbook on the proper ethics pertaining to lopping off heads or limbs! Pleased with his dedication, Shiva himself appeared before him in the guise of a hunter.

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Not recognizing the truth, Arjuna got into a fight with the object of his worship and was pummeled to within an inch of his life. But when he found out the truth he apologized and mercifully was forgiven by the three — eyed God.

The latter tried his darndest to kill him and came within an inch of succeeding. Uloopi saved Arjuna from the flames of hell and if that were not enough she brought him back to life after he was killed in battle by his own son whom she had trained for this express purpose.

draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

His arrogance almost cost him his life when he entered into a reckless bet with an aged monkey. Arjuna told the monkey his skill with archery was such that he was capable of building a massive bridge across the sea made entirely out of arrows to enable an army to cross with ease. In temples, one does see gods with many wives: This is either accepted matter-of-factly or simply explained away using metaphysics.

What was the relationship between Draupadi and the Pandavas like?

But there are no images of the Goddess with multiple husbands. Usually her doorkeepers, such as Kala Bhairav and Gora Bhairava, are described as her sons or servants.

draupadi and arjuna relationship with god

The idea of the Goddess with more than one husband is unacceptable. Even suggesting it is blasphemous. Not surprisingly this has led to outrage and protests and calls for the book to be banned. The epic does not explicitly discuss this, but the possibility of jealously tearing the brothers apart is alluded to repeatedly.

The sage Narada warns the Pandava brothers of conflict that can destroy their fraternal bond.

Narada suggests that they make careful bedroom arrangements to allow equal and exclusive access to each husband for a limited period of time. Any brother who enters her chamber when she is supposed to be with another husband will have to perform penance.

draupadi and arjuna relationship with god