Elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

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elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - [Elphaba T., Fiyero T.] . God has a lot of good advice for young women in relationships." "Oh?". One person actually used the fact of Elphaba's relationship with Fiyero as justification that Elphaba/Glinda could not and would not have happened. That's the. G(a)linda, Elphaba, Boq, and Fiyero ~ Wicked oh my fucking god this fiyero has blue diamonds!!!! <3 yes about damn time!!!!.

She is still in business, is she not? I assume so, she was so very talented!

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Fiyero does not want me to put in writing why I need such assistance from you as he says "I do not put it beyond Elphaba to go reading your letters! I mentioned she can almost read my mind and I am so terrible at keeping secrets!

elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

Hello, Elphaba, if you are reading this! Oh no, avert your eyes! Dearest Mother and Father, we have been written to personally from the Wizard of Oz several times asking after our health and our progress in Second Year! He is very attentive to details concerning our interests of study and how we spend our spare time. Elphaba seems to be enjoying what such attention implies for her career and mine and Fiyero's of course, you know he receives letters, too!

Elphaba and Fiyero's Relationship

She has said something to him in one of her replies I am sure of it! I would worry about his angered response to such words from a student, but he seems so very enraptured by our Elphie's talents that I think he may just do as he is told!

Mother, I am pleased to hear that the Opera Guild seem to be courting you so amiably! I hope we shall be receiving complimentary invitations and tickets very soon!

You know yourself how very much of an asset you already are to many of the best organisations. Do inform them of your daughter working for the Wizard!

I trust you not to sound boastful, though you do it so elegantly! Papa, thank you for your packages sent to me! I am eternally grateful. And I do not like to hear of you slacking off your exercises! Take the dogs for a walk - for me! I shall love you always, and now Elphie calls me to dinner! I am aware you know of the continued relationship between my son, Prince Fiyero and your eldest daughter, Miss Elphaba Thropp. We have met the young lady on several occasions and are extremly happy to know her.

My wife, Queen Nanda and myself look forward to meeting your kind self in the future. To that end, as we believe it would be very cruel to separate the young lovers over the summer period, I ama extending an invitation to both the Misses Thropp for the duration of their holiday from Shiz University. I understand from Miss Nessarose that you intend to travel for ministerial purposes for the next four months and it would be inconveniant and odd to have the girls either with you or at home alone when there so many people wishing for their company here.

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Of course we offer you a suite in our home should you decide to cut your trip short or cancel it altogether. I hope to hear from you very soon, and in the positive.

elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

I know I just got up to give this to you, but won't you come over here, away from the window where people can see you and sit with me? Surely the Vinkun library ain't so interesting that you don't want a kiss from me. Most of his happy-go-lucky attitude was originally part of Avaric's personality. However, when he meets Elphaba, he begins to understand that there is more to life than having fun and never thinking where in the book, he has little interaction with Elphaba at Shiz.

With this discovery, he realizes his true feelings for Elphaba, and saves her from the Wizard's Gaurds. He is held hostage and tortured offstage. Fiyero is then transformed unwittingly into the Scarecrow by Elphaba even though he was killed by the Gale Force in the novel. He helps Elphaba stage her death and runs away with her out of Oz to start a new life, where they both die in the book though in the end Elphaba's death is questionable.

Fiyero is the vehicle that makes a successful conclusion of the musical possible by helping Elphaba escape from Oz that isn't present in the book. In the musical Fiyero does not officially die. The blue diamond facial tattoos Fiyero has in the novel aren't actually tattoos.

Avaric mentions that it's paint [2] and when Fiyero first discovers Elphaba's scar, he originally thought that his diamonds had rubbed off onto her skin. There was an odd shadow near the groin-for a sleepy moment he wondered if some of his blue diamonds had, in the heat of sex, been steamed onto her own skin-or was it a scar?

He peered, squinted, to make sure he was getting it right. The marionette with the blue diamonds on his face reappeared. It was another ten minutes before the girls heard the study door open. They listened as Frex showed Reverend Dawkins to the door and shut it behind them. When Frex entered the living room, his face was tight with his lips pressed into a thin line. Elphaba lifted her chin and met his gaze unflinchingly.

I need to talk to your sister," Frex said finally.

elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

Frex blinked at her in surprise. And excellent job, by the way, delegating that particular parenting job to a reverend. Elphaba continued as though he hadn't spoken. Of course, it might work better on someone with actual religious convictions.

Have you thought about the scandal an illegitimate pregnancy would bring on our family?

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And whilst I'm sure the odds of me getting pregnant whilst on contraception get higher the longer it goes on, and I certainly hope it doesn't happen at least before we graduate, I'm not planning on getting pregnant any time soon. As for any scandal affecting Nessa, she's gone her entire life with the scandal of having a green sister and she's somehow coped. His parents have assured me I'm welcome at any time. She felt a small thrill of victory as Frex returned to his study, still fuming.

Galinda arrived first the next morning, with a mountain of luggage and in a whirlwind of pink.

elphaba and fiyero relationship with god

She greeted Elphaba, Nessa and Boq who had turned up for breakfast, knowing their friends were arriving today and not wanting to be left out eagerly and made enough noise to even lure Frex out from his study to find out the source of the commotion. Elphaba made introductions and then offered to show her best friend to her room. To her surprise, Frex offered the assistance of himself and Boq to aid the Upland's carriage driver to carry all Galinda's luggage upstairs.

Elphaba was less surprised when Frex led the way to the guest room that was opposite Elphaba's own room, which would leave the other- the one conveniently at the opposite end of the hallway and opposite Frex's own bedroom- for Fiyero when he arrived. She said nothing however, just showed Galinda where the bathroom was and continued the door.

After all Galinda's luggage was upstairs and Frex had retreated to his study, the young people settled themselves in the living room. I want to know everything! Elphaba checked the time. Unless he got held up…" It was clear that Galinda was dying to know what had happened, and after the fifth time Elphaba had to deny that she and Fiyero had gotten engaged, Elphaba rather regretted telling her anything at all.

At long last, the doorbell rang. Elphaba hurried to get the door, not only eager to see Fiyero again, but also to stop her father from getting there first. She swung open the front door, and couldn't have stopped the smile from spreading across her face even if she'd wanted to. He grinned back at her.

She gave hasty directions to the driver as to where to put Fiyero's luggage, and then dragged him off to the living room. Now Elphie can tell us what's going on! He just got here! A door shut from behind them, and Elphaba stifled a sigh as they turned to see Frex enter the room. Father, this is Fiyero," Elphaba made the introductions as hasty as possible.

Frex surveyed the prince coldly. Frex looked to his eldest daughter. I was getting to it," Elphaba replied coolly, leaving no doubt she understood exactly what her father was getting at. Frex turned back to Fiyero. I trust your stay in my home will be comfortable. Frex offered him a tour, which Fiyero awkwardly accepted, and Elphaba hastily joined.

Sure enough, Frex pointed out the guest room where Fiyero's belongings had been placed, and was careful to point out his own bedroom across the hall, and that as it was so near the staircase, the prince could have no reason to go any further down the hallway than the bathroom.

He then escorted Elphaba and Fiyero ahead of him down the stairs, and with another stern icy glare at Fiyero, retreated to his study. He's just mad because he found out that we're having sex. Galinda's eyes widened as she gasped, Boq choked on his lemonade, and Fiyero almost dropped his glass.

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Why would you do that? Nessa groaned, her sister hadn't told her the exact phrasing. Boq, Galinda and Nessa all reddened, and Fiyero stared into the depths of his lemonade glass in misery.

Galinda surprised them all by snorting inelegantly and bursting into a fit of giggles. Like- like a pirate? Nessa and Boq both looked rather embarrassed and Fiyero was not as amused. Should I be sleeping with one eye open? Whilst Galinda and Boq appreciated the story, Fiyero was not as thrillified. Like… just let him know that we're… being safe? Besides," she added, in a slightly more sympathetic tone.

And I'm reasonably sure Father would find a way to hate you even if we weren't sleeping together. Fiyero shot his girlfriend another look. Or I could stay at Boq's, right? Boq looked faintly alarmed. Although he almost reconsidered after a very uncomfortable dinner that night. Frex didn't say more than two words to Fiyero, but his glare intensified every time Fiyero and Elphaba so much as spoke to one another or exchanged a glance.

Like Nessa had predicted, he was watching them very carefully, which Elphaba found more than a little ridiculous.