Erwin and levi relationship marketing

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erwin and levi relationship marketing

Browse Attack on titan Rivaille Levi Erwin Smith collected by Mavis Vermilion and .. Eren and Levi // AoT So cute, I feel like there is a older bro type relationship Converting Offer In It's Class That is Taking The Women's Market By Storm. Feb 21, A year after losing Isabel and Farlan; Erwin does research on Levi and . Then he had some form of relation to Mikasa? Kidnapped their daughter and badly injured her before making plans to sell her on the black market. BTW Eruri is Erwin Smith X Levi Ackermann/Rivaille Such as his relationship diagram for characters where Eren has an arrow pointing to Levi labelled "trusts".

erwin and levi relationship marketing

He would be personally acquainted with the bitter and cruel reality of the lifestyle of people at the bottom of the barrel, those who are being crushed underfoot by the system. Look at this ugliness, this violence you want to deny. This is why your lives are so easy.

Being forced to think only of immediate needs has probably conditioned his thought processes and affected his ability to think and plan in the long term. Briefly, Levi hates the man. He gives off an all-knowing mein, demonstrated a penchant for manipulation and is ruthlessly pragmatic in his methodology. To that end, I really like to give Erwin a noble background.

It makes a lot of sense to me, and I think it helps explain his actions well. The Scouting Legion is regarded as a death wish and carries very low social status. Considering the nobility is petty enough to disown Christa for being an illegitimate child, having a member of the family in the Scouting Legion is probably scandalous at best or socially suicidal at worst. Disregarding the lack of glamor associated with the Scouting Legion, consider what the Scouting Legion means for the nobility.

How strong does your resolve have to be to work against a social order that benefits you more than anyone else? Everyone in the Scouting Legion has to be fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo, but making Erwin noble means he made the choice to sacrifice more than anyone else in the Scouts and it makes his resolve that much stronger for it.

I also like how rejection of his past would parallel his rejection of his humanity, in the words of Armin. The nobility, by living in the most heavily protected inner city, already consider the commoners to be worth less, are already willing to sacrifice them in place of themselves. This mentality gets demonstrated pretty well with the scene between Lord Balto and Pixis.

As jkirschtein noted, Levi will comfort a dying soldier and dirty his hands in the process without a second thought.

Erwin however remains on his horse, physically distanced and correspondingly emotionally distanced as well. His command is dependent on him remaining so, something I discuss here. The anime makes it clear that the trial is unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, considering how Pixis pulls Erwin aside to mention how Zackley was getting involved. It felt like he was used to reading people and manipulating them.

He appeals to his troops on an ideological level rather than a personal one because his upbringing has distanced him from them in a way that would make personal connection disingenuous. He sees the world in a clinical and more theoretical way. Erwin is a strategist while Levi is a tactician.

Erwin plans in the long term, is driven more by abstract goals while Levi responds to immediate concerns. Levi hates the military police, the nobility, the government, all of which have somehow personally affected him.

Erwin would just have to frame the titans in the context of the system that has already victimized Levi and drawn his ire. Thus, a beautiful relationship is born. I wrote fairly extensively about it in a subsection of my tl;dr Levi metaif you wanted a more detailed explanation for how I see him. A better demonstration comes here: Erwin and Hanji as well: Furthermore, Levi gets the advantage of context. On multiple occasions he demonstrates concern for Erwin, but I think the most important instance is this page: He admits the limits of his foresight, his own vulnerability and even shows it openly on his face, but who is his audience?

Erwin is described as a person who rejected his own humanity, who consensually became a monster to fight monsters. I want to compare this to this: Effectively, Levi is doing the same thing in both scenes. He forces Erwin to remember the humanity and conscience he rejected. After losing Isabel and Farlan he went searching for Mikasa; intrigued and yet conflicted on how to act about the fact that he had a niece.

Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

Carla stiffened and gripped the handle tightly; why was a man from the survey core here? What did he want with Mikasa? Wasn't this a military police thing? She had hoped to avoid any form of problems with this situation though it was to be expected. Even if Mikasa wasn't her child; she would still protect her with her life. All women would protect a child even if it was not their own. Levi sighed heavily; after what he had seen at the cabin on his way here her reaction was normal.

He himself had been emotional and enraged at the fact his estranged family had been murdered. He didn't expect Mikasa to be happy about this; he himself never knew about her till now. They were strangers and yet family. Carla's eyes widened; Ackerman? Then he had some form of relation to Mikasa?

She then opened the door wider and let the younger male inside. She then closed the door quickly not wanting to cause a scene. Levi entered the house quietly and nodded at Carla in gratitude. He looked into the kitchen area and gazed upon the small family. The house was fairly clean which he appreciated and there was a meal cooking on the stove. There was a boy around the age of 10; tanned skin, luminous green eyes and a cherub face sitting at the table. His eyes were fierce; ready to protect the girl sitting beside him.

An older male in his late thirties; early forties was sitting at the table. He appeared to be a doctor and was eyeing Levi with a composed look but was ready to take charge if needed. Then he spotted her; the girl he was looking for. A girl with shoulder length black hair; wearing a cardigan and visibly shaken. He could see the red marks on her wrists from the rope which angered him. He wondered what other injuries she had received during her kidnapping; he knew there were many depraved shits who were into little girls.

He could only guess what she had been through tonight and how she was feeling. Considering she had lost her parents; was almost kidnapped by traffickers and then murdered someone. There was probably a million different thoughts and feelings going through her head.

He walked over to the table quietly and gazed down at her; she looked pale and her eyes were red from crying. From what he recalled from Erwin's report her name was Mikasa; what a pretty name. Eren just sat there in silence a look of awe and wonder on his face; a member of the survey core was in his house. He couldn't wait to tell Armin about this. He was going to be the talk of his area. Though it would seem hard to believe; he had no idea of how to act or behave around or towards her. His own family life had been very damaged to say the least.

How was a person supposed to act upon learning they had a niece they never knew existed? Let alone to learn you had an estranged sister you never knew you had.

Who then had a child who was your niece. This was all new and strange to him as much as it would be her. He had no idea how he do as a parental figure and guardian; but after losing Isabel and Farlan he would not allow the same for Mikasa.

erwin and levi relationship marketing

He would raise her as best he could; the same way his mother had for him. However, he would make sure she was well fed and cared for that much he could promise. He would give her the love and affection his own mother had as a child. Mikasa looked up quietly to see a man in his late twenties wearing the Survey core uniform standing before her.

He looked solemn and yet conflicted; unsure of what to say. His eyes filled with many emotions that he wanted to share but didn't know how to express. He appeared Asian like herself; he had slick black hair that was the same kind as her own. He had pale skin and slight dark circles from lack of sleep; but he was very handsome. Levi pulled a chair quietly and sat in front of Mikasa. He then gazed at the young girl taking her in quietly not speaking a word; a silent conversation going on between the two via mentally and through their eyes.

She had her mother's eyes and hair; but her father's face and strong chin. She was truly a beautiful child but no doubt damaged psychologically and emotionally from what she had been through. She had red welts around her wrists from rope binds, he could see bruises on her neck and there was no doubt more under her clothes.

She had a cut on the side of her mouth with dry blood still there. He felt a rage burning inside of him; 4 adult scumbags had murdered her parents and his estranged sister.

I Write Too!, Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

Kidnapped their daughter and badly injured her before making plans to sell her on the black market. He tried to act as calm and gentle as possible; he didn't want to scare her with the rage going on inside of him. Most likely he would vent to Hanji about this later over a drink when she was asleep. After he found the bodies he had clicked his teeth and had to stand in a corner for a good hour.

The desire to cry and beat the shit out of those bastards had been overwhelming. Seeing two innocent people; parents killed had angered him. Their little girl now an orphan and was god knows where; god people made him sick sometimes.

The relief he felt knowing Mikasa was alive; angered that she was injured but alive eased his soul. He wouldn't have been able to bear it if she had been killed too. However, there was no doubt that to kill her attacker with such precision proved her heritage as an Ackerman. Though she had awakened earlier than he had. But then every member of their family was different in that sense.

He had been a preteen when he awoke; still living with his uncle Kenny. He had beaten a group of adult men half to death and Kenny unable to handle Levi had abandoned him. Mikasa blinked her blank black eyes filling with a gentle light; curiosity and confusion welling up inside of her. Her mother had a brother? Why didn't she tell her? She had a relative in the survey core?

Why had her mother never told her about this?! Why had they never met? Levi nodded "Seems your mother was my estranged sister; I only learned of her a short time ago myself. However I won't ask forgiveness for not being part of your life; only know I am sorry for not being there" he said calmly.

If he had known, he would have at least gone to meet them; spoken to them and gotten to know Mikasa. Maybe visited them more often had he known; be part of their family. He had lost his best friends Farlan and Isabel little over a year ago, during his 29th year. To realize you had a family you never knew about only to learn they were killed was a lot for him to handle.

He was still healing but was adapted to put in gently; his heart still ached with pain for their loss but he was more accepted to the situation. However, learning he had lost a family he never knew he had hurt him.

But he was glad Mikasa was alive; nothing would have hurt him more than to learn a child had been killed too. Before she had a chance to live and experience life or any other feeling in her young life.

Mikasa blinked; so, he was shocked too as would anyone be in this situation. He felt the same as she did; a mix of emotions inside of him yet somehow happy. Happy to not be alone in the world anymore.

She didn't know what to say yet didn't want to be rude. She wanted to say a million things but nothing seemed to be good enough; she was just so confused. She hesitated staring at the floor and then reached out her hand gently "Nice to meet you…uncle Levi" she said quietly. Her parents had raised her to be polite and well-mannered towards others.

Though her hears was clouded with emotions she would not lose her etiquette in such a situation. Levi blinked and a small smile spread across his face; he then held out his hand slowly and gripped her small one in his own.

She was so soft and yet fragile; her hands so tiny and yet covered in cuts and blood. Though he hated anything filthy he would allow it for now. Once they got back he would thoroughly bathe her and have Hanji look at her wounds.

If she had any internal wounds he would go ballistic. He was her uncle he couldn't just abandon her after all; she was the only family he had left. She would have to be used to him working a lot and sometimes going on missions. But they would live together and share a room until she was old enough.

He would read her stories, make sure she was well fed and well bathed that was not optional and a decent human being. Though he would have to be strict about it. He would not tolerate misbehaviour, disrespect, lack of hygiene, wasting food and any other behaviour.

She would not rule his house and would be a good girl if she knew what was good for her. But I thought Mikasa would live with us now! She needed support right now and he would protect her. What if this guy abandoned her or was actually lying to them? Though she knew he would be upset; it was only right for Mikasa to go with her family especially if he wanted to be part of her life. Grisha took a deep breath "Levi, was it?

He sensed genuine care for Mikasa from this man he could see it in his eyes; he had been through the wars and lost a lot of loved ones. He had nothing left but Mikasa; she was his only family.

He wanted to protect her and be part of her life; which showed a lot of love. The two were broken and lonely souls; with so much emotion and damage inside of them. But they could confide in each other and look out for one another. Levi turned to the glasses wearing male quietly "Yes sir" he said sternly.

This man seemed to be reasonable and understanding of all this. At least someone was; though he would not say it that kid of theirs needed to learn to behave. Grisha turned towards Levi quietly while also eyeing Mikasa in a protective manner. He knew Levi would protect her and do what was best for her; though he would be far from perfect.

He needed to be patient with her and take his time in waiting for her to warm up to him. Levi's eyes became intense and serious; he nodded "I understand that; I don't expect her to warm up to me immediately.