Flapjack and knuckles relationship

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flapjack and knuckles relationship

A description of tropes appearing in Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Bubbie and K'nuckles' Like an Old Married Couple relationship is really, really. A page for describing WMG: Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Sometimes, this troper just does not get the relationship between Flapjack and K'nuckles. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is an American animated television series created by Inspired by the adventurous pirate, Flapjack, Captain K' nuckles and Bubbie get into strange predicaments and "misadventures" in search of.

During the ending of the final episode, Thurop's son Leif plays the role of Flapjack. Flapjack's original voice actor was meant to be Paul Reubensbut Reubens never showed up to any recording sessions. Captain K'nuckles voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray - An old Irish captain who claims to be the greatest adventurer the world has ever known.

flapjack and knuckles relationship

Nowadays, he prefers to nap and drink maple syrup, while telling outrageous tales of past adventures and getting Flapjack wrapped up in his high seas hi-jinks. In reality, his stories are either completely false, or nowhere near as adventurous or amazing as he leads Flapjack to believe.

flapjack and knuckles relationship

He may not be an entirely incompetent adventurer however, as he was able to steal the Mermaid Queen's heart and successfully escape her guards in "Gone Wishin'". He is a candy addict; he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on candy. Because of this, he is incredibly selfish, putting the well-being of himself and the acquisition of candy above all else.

Because of his often selfish, rude, and openly villainous behavior, K'nuckles has earned the open hostility and disrespect of nearly everybody in Stormalong, but is still respected by other pirates.

Although he has a habit of taking advantage of Flapjack for his own needs, he is actually fond of him and will often attempt to get him out of trouble when a scheme of theirs goes too far.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

He also defends Flapjack when others try to deceive him, something that he does on a regular basis. Most of his body is composed of wood: He is also made of parts stolen by other pirates. Because of his artificial body, he makes mechanical noises when he moves.

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K'nuckles spends most of the adventures with Flapjack trying to find Candied Island. Flapjack often has to defend him when he is in trouble. During the ending of the final episode, Thurop Van Orman portrays live-action K'nuckles. Bubbie voiced by Roz Ryan - An anthropomorphic whale, she is Flapjack's devoted, adoptive single mother.

Bubbie serves as the primary home and transport of both Flapjack and K'nuckles. She frequently disapproves of Flapjack's desire for adventure, but will always be won over. As told in "Oh Brother", she found Flapjack at sea in a bed of seaweed. Bubbie and K'nuckles frequently disapprove of each other's actions, especially concerning 'adventure'. She believes K'nuckles to be irresponsible, lazy, and a bad influence on Flapjack.

However, Bubbie is classified as a hypocrite by K'nuckles because of how she has a consistency of being irresponsible and rule-breaking herself. It is revealed in " Per Census" that Bubbie's last name is the same as her first name. Flapjack and K'nuckles live in her mouth. Recurring characters[ edit ] Peppermint Larry voiced by Jeff Bennett - The owner and manager of The Candy Barrel, the only place in Stormalong where adventurers can get candy besides the Candy Trough, only seen in one episode.

Peppermint Larry is shown as a generally nice person, but can also be hasty and selfish at times. Peppermint Larry is lonely and unsocial, so he made a woman of candy named Candy Wife; though he has an unattractive adopted daughter named Candy. He loves Candy Wife as if she were real, while most other residents of Stormalong "played along" to humor him; until the episode "Just One Kiss," the show was deliberately vague as to whether or not she was actually "alive" or a delusion in Larry's mind.

He often buys her candy rings telling everyone she has a taste for expensive items. It is also shown he hates pickles, as when he was stranded on Pickle Island and when Candy Wife put pickle juice in his drink to strike back at Larry, who exclaims, "Pickle juice? I don't even like pickle juice!

He is not only a doctor and a barber, but also a certified candyologist. Like many characters in the show, Doctor Barber has an odd, unsettling demeanor. His driving ambition is to perform surgery on and give hair cuts to as many people as possible. It is unclear whether his drive to perform surgery is motivated by his desire to help his patients or is caused by a terribly sadistic nature.

His obsession with surgery leads him to always advise the simplest medical problems be addressed with a surgical procedure much to the denizens chagrin. In an early episode, it is revealed that he feeds the leftover hair from his clients to an odd monster that lives under his barber shop.

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He seems to have a very secretive lifestyle that is far outside of what Flapjack and K'nuckles know. Doctor Barber sometimes gets shipments in from Candied Island. Flapjack sometimes helps Doctor Barber with his insane shenanigans, often without understanding what Doctor Barber is really up to. Doctor Barber appears to live with his mother, though she resides in a dresser drawer and may simply be a voice Barber hears in his head a la Norman Bates in the film Psycho.

Real or not, she seems to nag him about everything.

flapjack and knuckles relationship

He is often quoted to say, "Hmmm, yes. She is portrayed as a semi-old woman with obvious obesityand black hair. She is seen to have a crush on K'nuckles, making a doll of him out of his "dock tickets". She never shows this outside of her home, and is usually cold and bitter to everyone who comes in contact with her.

She has a rotten nephew named Lawrence, who is almost as mean as she is though he plays tricks on people rather than just acting mean. It was shown that when she has to fill her ticket quota, she gives them to K'nuckles. She gives tickets to him even though he isn't doing anything and makes up rules so that she can give him more tickets. She was temporarily fired in "Mayor May Not" but it was never stated that she was rehired, implying that she just enforces the rules and writes her tickets for her own amusement and enjoyment.

She unofficially won the beard contest and the hand of Peppermint Larry's ugly adopted daughter, Candy, and there are times when the two of them can sometimes be seen together.

flapjack and knuckles relationship

Her name was influenced by the old nursery rhyme 'Sally sells seashells by the sea shore'. Doctor Barber may be both a doctor and a barber, and may be a Mad Scientistbut as outlandish as his character's profession may seem, they were very, very real in Medieval Europe, not too far from where Stormalong would be in history. And a Diet Coke: Captain K'nuckles doesn't always have Flapjack's best interests in mind and is frequently selfish. Flapjack looks up to him anyway, and K'nuckles does view Flapjack as his best and only friend.

Flapjack was actually suggesting that they take the place of the two sick actors in the Low Tide Day pageant. Poseidon went from normal for this show animation to live action in the Christmas Episode. The series finale featured a live-action segment with Thurop playing K'nuckles and his son as Flapjack.

Authority in Name Only: Awesome Moment of Crowning: The concept is parodied in the Moon episode with: The townsfolk of Stormalong in general can turn into violence without much prompting. In "Liar, Liar, You for Hire?

A Boy and His Whale: The Marvelous Making of 'Flapjack'

Literally, as in, he disguised himself as K'nuckle's beard so he wouldn't be ashamed of himself. This is odd, because one episode implies that K'nuckles' odd blue coloration is, in fact, a weapons-grade case of Perma-Stubble Which may itself be false.

flapjack and knuckles relationship

In "Wishing Not So Well," K'nuckles wishes to be left alone and is immediately finds himself in a Stormalong that contains no other people. It doesn't work out so well for him. A Liliputian variety appears in "Lost at Land. When K'nuckles and Flapjack are in a runaway trolley, we cut to Stormalong's resident Gadgeteer Geniushaving just completed a ramp-like structure: Radical Ascension-" Then the trolley smashes right through it.

Bigger on the Inside: Stormalong Harbor is a bigger community than it looks from the outside. It even has a slum and an upper-class quarter. In any case, it seems unlikely that it really has a population of no more than one hundred, as one of the episodes suggest. One that extends to the The End screen.

Eh, I never learned to sail anyways. Happens to K'nuckles often, especially in "Fancy Pants.