Friendship and relationship sms quotes

No relation more close to the heart than Friendship -

friendship and relationship sms quotes

Friendship is perhaps one of the most treasured relationships between two or more people. Friends are considered as family, not by blood, but. In case, you are looking for some interesting wishes, SMS, images and Friendship Day Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status, Photos, SMS. Long friendship does not exhaust these feelings, they become even more tighten with the time. succeeded to keep the good relationships with this person till the graduation from the Text Messages for Your School Friends.

What is a friend is for? Just call up and see, will find your friend instantly with you………. My friends are causes of my living this life; they are links to my sweet childhood and lead me to a brighter future… Only a friend can help you in learning from your mistakes in life, rather than poking fun at you for them. Friendship is not only an emotional relationship; it comes out from the depth of your heart.

friendship and relationship sms quotes

That is why a friend can feel the heartbeats of another friend properly!!! I will never be able to thank you enough for being such a good friend of mine!!!!! My friend, you are a shining beacon for me in my dark life, showing me the correct way forward!!! Friendship is so sweet to me only for you………. The importance of a friend is more appreciated, when they are physically far from us. We can feel the fragrance of their friendship even in their absence!!!!!! One can cross even the darkest path of life, by holding the hand of a friend!!

Just do not think of getting it back!!

friendship and relationship sms quotes

D Friend is that person who knows well how much crazy you are, but still that friend loves you so dearly!!!!! Only a friend can keep you sane in life, among all the insanities of this realistic world!!!!

friendship and relationship sms quotes

So better get in touch with your friend at the end of all your odd activities of the day……. No one except your best friend will listen to all your stupid complains at any time of day or night, without complaining of a headache!!! Are you in a love relationship?

Do you know you can also make up friendship text messages for girlfriend or boyfriend?

100 lovely friendship text messages for your cute friends

Not me, and I am sure not you too! Cute friendship text messages that you need Your friends are cute, right? I am sure they are not as cute as I am. Send them these cute friendship text messages to show your appreciation for their friendship: You are the true definition of a true value.

friendship and relationship sms quotes

True friendship stands the test of time and you have shown me what it is to have real friends. I value your friendship and I will remain every grateful for your love. Thanks for being my friend.

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Cheers to our loving friendship. They are always together, and their hearts resonate and reverberates the same sounds. Your friendship has been truly amazing and this is why we are inseparable.

Thank you for being an amazing friend. You are truly valued 3 You can keep be friends with yourself only. You will have to choose friends as you move up on your journey in life, and I am so excited that I made the right choice in you. Thanks for being the best friend ever. I know I have not affected you as much as I would want to but I promise to be your best and most trusted friend.

Thanks for being there. You have given our friendship the best life ever and really gave my life a meaning.

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Thanks for being the most amazing friends that you are. They do not express too much words between them but their heart synchronizes as one. A true friend knows what to say, what not to say, how to say it and a true friend also supports you in time of sadness.

That is who you are. Thanks for being a true friend.

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I may not even know how you do your thing, but one thing I know is that I have chosen you as my cute friend and will learn more about you along the way. I am here to stay dear friend. I am not going anywhere, not just yet.

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And i want you to keep the friendship text messages we have exchanged over the years as evidence of the fact that true friendship never dies. Read them every other day as I pray that it will bring smiles to your face. A stomach, a brain, a house, a heart or even a life. That is why I need you, to fill up my empty life with pure lovely friendship.

You are truly amazing, My good friend 10 Friendship are like nights. That is who you are, a friend that I will say good night to and I know I will see you the following night again! You are truly amazing.