Gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

World would be a better place if Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein remained in power: Trump

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

Nation-building is not our key strategic goal. In Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, Washington toppled regimes and then failed to plan for a new. With news of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi's death came the instant The United States did cultivate a relationship with Hussein for more than a who came to fight in Afghanistan for broader goals,” the site notes. From the late summer of , as the war in Iraq began to go badly for the US As the CIA and MI6 built relationships with Libya, the two agencies . between Britain and Libya were tentatively restored, with the goal of what.

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

Although some LIFG members had joined al-Qaida in Afghanistan, its leadership had for years rejected the overtures of Osama bin Laden, and remained focused on the overthrow of Gaddafi. On 13 NovemberBush signed a military order authorising the widespread use of rendition and torture.

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

Britain was wading into the war on terror. In mid-November, the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act gave the home secretary the power to detain individuals without trial — and the intelligence agencies more power to target suspects.

Revealed: how Blair colluded with Gaddafi regime in secret

During a preliminary telephone conversation, Blair and Gaddafi exchanged pleasantries. It was the first British ministerial visit sincewhen the UK had severed diplomatic relations after a police officer, Yvonne Fletcherwas murdered by shots fired from inside the Libyan embassy in London. No matter that Gaddafi was regarded across the Middle East as dangerously insane.

Much of the work involved in building the partnership was done not by ministers, or even by diplomats, but by intelligence officers, particularly Allen and Koussa. They met frequently over the course of and appear to have become firm friends. There does not appear to have been any discussion about the murders Koussa had authorised in London two decades earlier.

Yet Colonel Gaddafi warned his people that the oil would not last. This revolution wants to change this life and to promote production and work, to produce everything by our hands. But the people are lazy. Green, he explained, was for both Islam and agriculture.

The book offered his "third universal theory" to improve on capitalism and socialism, and elevated the mundane to the allegedly profound, condemning sports like boxing as barbarism and pointing out that men and women are different because women menstruate. Colonel Gaddafi also introduced Orwellian revolutionary committees in every neighborhood to purge the country of the ideologically unsound, calling it "people power.

Once he demanded that all Libyans raise chickens to promote food self-sufficiency, and even deducted the costs of the cages from their wages. El-Kikhia, a Gaddafi biographer at the University of Texas and a member of a famous opposition family.

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

None had a higher profile than his phalanx of female bodyguards, who wore camouflage fatigues, red nail polish and high-heeled sandals, and carried submachine guns. To consolidate his power, Colonel Gaddafi tried to eliminate or isolate all of the 11 other members of the original Revolutionary Command Council. Strikes or unauthorized news reports resulted in prison sentences, and illegal political activity was punishable by death. Western books were burned, and private enterprise was banned.

Libyan intelligence agents engaged in all manner of skulduggery, reaching overseas to kidnap and assassinate opponents. Meanwhile he was cementing Libya's rogue-state status by bankrolling terrorist and guerrilla organizations, including Abu Nidal, the radical Palestinian organization, and the violent Red Army Faction in Europe. At least a dozen coups or coup attempts in Africa were traced to his backing.

That set him on a collision course with the West. In the early s, President Reagan closed the Libyan Embassy in Washington, suspended oil imports and shot down two Libyan fighters after Colonel Gaddafi tried to extend Libya's territorial waters across the Gulf of Sidra.

In London ingunshots from the Libyan People's Bureau, as the embassy was called, killed a police officer and wounded 11 demonstrators. In AprilLibyan agents were linked to the bombing of the disco La Belle in West Berlin, killing two American service members and a Turkish woman and wounding people. President Reagan retaliated 10 days later by bombing targets in Libya, including Colonel Gaddafi's residence in his compound at the Bab al-Aziziya barracks in Tripoli. He preserved the wreckage of the house as a symbol of American treachery and, in front of it, installed a sculpture of a giant fist crushing an American jet fighter.

The wreckage became his preferred stage for major events; his major speech during the uprising was delivered from the first floor. It was also during the '80s that Colonel Gaddafi invaded Chad to claim territory for Libya after encroaching on its border in the south for years. Chad finally defeated the effort in with French and American military aid.

The Lockerbie Bombing Inin the deadliest terrorist act linked to Libya, people aboard Pan Am Flight died when the plane exploded in midair over Lockerbie. The falling wreckage killed 11 people on the ground.

Libyan agents were also believed to have been behind the explosion of a French passenger jet over Niger inkilling people. Nearly a decade of international isolation started inafter Libya refused to hand over two suspects who had been indicted by the United States and Britain in the Lockerbie bombing.

The Muammar Gaddafi story - BBC News

France also sought four suspects in the Niger bombing, among them Abdullah Senussi, a brother-in-law of Colonel Gaddafi's and the head of external intelligence. He was convicted in absentia. The United Nations imposed economic sanctions, and when his fellow Arabs enforced them, Colonel Gaddafi turned away from the Arab world. He began his quest to become leader of Africa, coming closest in title, at least, inwhen he was named the chairman of the African Union for a year.

InLibya finally handed over two Lockerbie suspects for trial in The Hague under Scottish law and reached a financial settlement with the French. One suspect was acquitted but another, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, was convicted and sentenced to 27 years in a Scottish jail. When the government released him inon the grounds that he was terminally ill, the outcry was strong and swift. The British were accused of trying to curry favor with Tripoli for oil and arms deals.

The Libyans did not admit guilt, however.

Moammar Gaddafi: An erratic leader, brutal and defiant to the end

They made it clear that in agreeing to the payment they were simply taking a practical step toward restoring ties with the West. But when Judge Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, the justice minister, defected during the popular uprising in Februaryhe told a Swedish newspaper that he had proof that Colonel Gaddafi had ordered the operation.

Colonel Gaddafi condemned them and shared Libya's own intelligence on the organization with Washington. Libya had been the first country to demand an international arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. Colonel Gaddafi also said he would cooperate with the international community in destroying its weapons stockpile.

Bush said Libya's decision demonstrated the success of the invasion, in that it had persuaded a rogue state to abandon its menacing ways, although Libya had made a similar overture years before and many experts did not consider its programs threatening.

Nevertheless, Britain and the United States re-established diplomatic relations. Rice was the first American secretary of state to visit since Before the visit, Colonel Gaddafi was effusive about Ms. Yes, Leezza, Leezza, Leezza - I love her very much. The cables described him as a hypochondriac who feared flying over water and who often fasted twice a week. He followed horse racing, loved flamenco dancing and added "king of culture" to his myriad titles, the cables said. Around he published a collection of short stories and essays called "The Village, the City, the Suicide of the Astronaut and Other Stories.

Instead, you get surreal rants and bizarre streams of consciousness obviously unmolested by the hand of any editor. His oldest son, Mohammed, from his first marriage, became a businessman and the agent for foreign companies working in Libya. Seven other children - six sons and a daughter - came from his marriage to Safia Farkash, a former nurse. Seif al-Islam, the oldest son, had been the face of modern Libya, establishing an international charity and forever pledging that political reform was just around the corner.

His moderate reputation evaporated at the start of the uprising after he delivered a disjointed address vowing that Libya would flow with blood.

He was later indicted by the International Criminal Court, accused of crimes against humanity during the uprising. Among Seif's brothers, Muatassim, Hannibal and Khamis were military officers who commanded their own brigades.

Gaddafi: America hanged Saddam and we might be next!

Muatassim headed the National Security Council but was better known for carousing in hot spots like the Caribbean island of St. Hannibal gained notoriety for beating his wife and servants in luxurious European hotels. After Hannibal was arrested in Switzerland inColonel Gaddafi broke off diplomatic relations and held two Swiss businessmen hostage. The anti-Gaddafi forces said they killed Khamis, once head of the feared Khamis Brigade guarding Tripoli, in late August as he and his bodyguards were trying to break through a rebel checkpoint.

Another son, Saadi, a military officer, had been a professional soccer player who was allowed onto Italian teams more for the publicity than for his skills.

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

The seventh son, Seif al-Arab, had no public profile. The daughter, Aisha, gained attention as a lawyer after she offered to join the large legal defense team of Saddam Hussein.

Colonel Gaddafi was also believed to have adopted two children: Hanna and Milad, a nephew. As the opaque circle around Colonel Gaddafi shrank, his sons increasingly became his advisers, but it was never clear if he had anointed any one of them as his successor. He was believed to play one off against the other, granting and then withholding favor, just as he did with anyone who might challenge his authority.

A Quirkier Character As Colonel Gaddafi grew older, the trim, handsome officer with short black hair gave way to someone more flamboyant. After he adopted Africa as his cause, he favored African robes in a riot of colors. His long effort to eliminate the government left Libya in a shambles, its sagging infrastructure belying its oil wealth.

gaddafi and saddam relationship goals

That fact never seemed to bother Colonel Gaddafi. He was "notoriously mercurial," a cable obtained through WikiLeaks said, a man who "avoids making eye contact" during meetings and thinks nothing of "long, uncomfortable periods of silence. African leaders accepted this behavior in exchange for a check for a million dollars or two, diplomats said. After he put his worst years of sponsoring terrorism behind him, the West and the rest of the Arab world tended to treat him as comic opera, though he could still outrage, as he did inwhen, appearing for the first time before the United Nations General Assembly, he spoke for some 90 minutes instead of his allotted 15 and seemed to tear a copy of the charter, condemning the Security Council as a feudal organization.

The nurses were arrested, tortured, tried and sentenced to death before eventually being freed. He never tired of pushing his idea for an Israeli-Palestinian solution, a unified country called "Isratine" in which both Jews and Arabs would enjoy equal rights as soon as all Palestinian refugees were allowed to return.