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Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are engaged, his rep confirms to Us We Found the Perfect Commuter Bag at Coach, Plus It's More Than. Once Upon a Time actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are The Body Coach diet · The diet · Sugar-free diet plan · How to drop a Ginnifer Goodwin reveals gender of second baby she's expecting with husband Josh Dallas show, and their romance has mimicked their on-screen relationship. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are starting another chapter in their the show's Canada set and took their relationship public in April

They're often spotted making school runs, stepping out on walks as a family and making trips to one of the mom and dad's favorite places, Disneyland. Of course, there is the occasional red carpet date night sprinkled in.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Are Engaged! Once Upon a Time Costars Are So Thrilled | E! News

It's crazy," Goodwin told E! News at the People's Choice Awards, seven months after welcoming their first son. As the couple told us at the time, they usually "never" get to go on date nights together. News of her initial experiences with motherhood. Unfortunately, their time as Snow White and Prince Charming came to a close as they bid farewell to their longtime roles with the sixth season last year.

When the series' end arrived at the seventh season marker, the couple returned for the last episode to properly say goodbye. It's a privilege to come back. We were wondering why it took them so long to invite us back," Dallas told E! News ahead of the Friday finale. You know, it's a show that is so important to us.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas of 'Once Upon a Time' expecting second child

For me, it will always be the thrill of my life to have been a part of it. And to come back was a no-brainer. Of course we couldn't wait to come back. How much of the plot did you know when you signed on? Do you think knowing more or less would be better for playing your character? All I knew was the pilot.

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That was all I read and that was all I knew. I told our show's creator, Jeff Rake, that I didn't want to know anything beyond, I wanted to discover the mystery and the story along with them and with you, the audience.

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I don't think that's always necessary, but I thought that would be important to me to do that. NBC Melissa Roxburgh however, my co-star, likes to get as much information as she can about the larger mystery, but Jeff is keeping very tight lipped around her.

She tries to get him at very weak moments, like maybe after a glass of wine, trying to probe him for more answers. But I'm definitely the other way, I don't want to know anything about it.

What does Ginnifer think of Manifest? Does she have any theories?

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She loves it, she watches it every Monday night and she's loving it -- at least that's what she tell me anyway, to my face [laughs]. I haven't asked her about any theories, and I don't think she would hazard to guess at this moment in time. I think there's just too much unknown right now. Is it weird going to a TV set every day without your wife? Oh my God it is, it's awful. I'm miss her terribly.

Not only is she the love of my life but I love working with her, and I loved working opposite her. She's a real talent. I miss that every day. I want to work with her forever, but I do kind of work with her forever anyway… I'm just being greedy.

But we have such a fantastic cast at Manifest, and going to work on that eases that pain of not working with her anymore. But you never know, we may be able to work together on something in the future. Do you know what roles you would like to play if that opportunity came about? Oh gosh, I don't know! Probably something that doesn't involve dragons, leather and capes [laughs]. Maybe we just work in a shop or something, I don't know. How do you feel about the comparisons between Manifest and Lost?

I love the comparison -- I welcome the comparison! Lost was one of the first big mythology shows that paved the way for shows like ours. I do think we have our differences from Lost, but it was a wonderful show, and it had great storytelling, so to be compared to it is an honour.

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I feel that we are a good mix between the two. We have this great high concept idea mixed in with this very grounded relationship family drama at the heart of it, which I love.