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Read the topic about Guilty crown (relationship between Inori-shu). on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and. Shu Ouma is the main male protagonist of Guilty Crown, whose right hand holds at the beach and everyone questions Shu's relationship with Inori, since they. Personally I absolutely loved Guilty Crown but I can see where all the criticism is Shu wasn't introduced as a badass so I didn't expect him to be. Inori was another person I heard complaints about having no personality. I'm missing the connection. . It's something that makes you go "Oh god, lulz".

They were both examining the unconscious body of his dear queen, who was lying on the bed in front of them. He hadn't used it much lately. No injuries or signs of illnesses. In fact, she is the healthiest woman I have ever seen, even among the Genesis.

There shouldn't be a single reason why she shouldn't be awake right now. This whole situation appeared to actually get to him, though probably for a different reason than it did for Shu.

Where the king's worries lied in the fact that his queen had become Eve and wasn't even waking up, the scientist was probably more surprised over the fact that he had not been aware of the possibility of it occurring in the first place. Sure, it had been a given that the identity of Eve couldn't be changed, but then again, it had also been a given that there should have never been a fake Eve, either.

However, Inori had been the living proof of a breach in the rules. And as things were, irregularities would lead to unexpected outcomes. That was what he thought anyway. If you had told me they would attempt to make Inori their next Eve a week ago, I would have laughed at you and called you a comedian. But seeing this now…" She folded her arms in front of her and looked down on the pink haired girl worriedly. Giving him a nod, he signaled him to share his thoughts with them.

However, since the mutation is already present, further changes to the body won't be necessary. It could be that for that reason, the crown proceeded to speed things up by simply giving Inori the knowledge of Eve as fast as possible. Since knowledge is nothing else but information, transmitting it should be rather easy and fast, compared to mutation. Hence why the crown probably took over temporarily to sort that knowledge out. What was this queen's crown supposed to be?

An USB flash drive? Keido, however, only frowned at him. Now you have seen people sending thoughts through crystals and you are seriously questioning the possibility of knowledge being transmitted? The world's changing, brat. Inori keeps on going into the REM phase repeatedly, which is an indication that she is dreaming.

It is widely believed that people are processing newly gained knowledge during their dreams, making short term memory long term memory. That sounds like a parasite entered her body to brainwash and mind control her.

Could this possibly sound any more like the plot of a Hollywood movie, or what? With all these things going on lately, he wasn't even sure anymore if he himself was still human…or the rest of the Genesis for that matter.

There was so much unbelievable stuff going on that it was, frankly speaking, downright hard to simply accept them as reality. But he knew he wasn't dreaming. Everything that had happened in the last few weeks had been real. And if thoughts could be telepathically sent to other people via crystals, maybe the thought of knowledge transmission wasn't so far off.

What a scary time to be alive in. It's something like your void genome, only not artificially crafted and with knowledge transmission. If you wanted to, you could say it is a crown that comes with an instruction manual.

Could be that Eve crafted guilty crowns would normally come with them as well. No one would know, though, since Mana never got around to create one. Keido was doing this shit again. Casually throwing in information he thought was common sense, yet was only known by him, and maybe Haruka.

So, did he mean to tell him that Eve could also create a void genome? He didn't understand at all. But did it even matter right now? How could any of this help them with waking up Inori? No parasite and knowledge transmission. So, how does any of this help? And since the crown cannot be controlled by anyone, we can't affect the speed it works in, so we will, in other words, have to wait it out. Since Inori has become Eve and you have become Adam, staying close to her is the best thing you can do in order to make her recover.

Adam is Eve's strength. The more you value her and the closer you remain to her, the stronger she becomes. Well, according to Yuu anyways. The only time I actually left this room was to go to my sister's funeral…" He told him as he threw a quick glance into the corner of the room where a small altar with a picture of Mana could be found.

A small urn with her ashes had been placed in the middle of it. Now that he thought about it, Inori's altar from back when he had thought she was dead was still back in his and Haruka's apartment, together with the altar of his father and mother.

The police had probably broken into the apartment by now…well, it wasn't as if Inori's one was still needed anymore, but he still hoped they at least had had the decency to not mess with the other ones.

Continue to stay at her side. It's the best thing you can do in the current situation. What the hell, Shu thought, what was he acting all knowledgeable for when all he was telling him right now was to continue doing what he had been doing already?

That wasn't helpful at all. He gritted his teeth in frustration, but soon calmed down again with a shake of his head. No, there was no use getting angry. It wasn't Keido's fault this had happened.

It was his own fault. If he had protected Inori like he had told her he would, nothing of this would have happened. He was at no position to grow angry with anybody. Especially since they were trying to help. I am sure Keido is right with his theory. Inori will be back to her usual self in no time, you'll see.

He then followed after her, closing the door behind him. Now he was alone with his queen again. That was pretty much how he had spent the last three days already. Haruka said you are dreaming. Sure hope those are nice dreams you are having, Inori. He gently caressed her cheek, to which she, naturally, didn't respond. She just remained lying there, breathing in and out slowly and peacefully.

A few hours after he had first brought her here, crystals of various shapes and colors had begun sprouting all around her. They glowed in the colors they had come in. Red, blue, violet, green, yellow, teal…you name it.

It reminded him of the void realm, where there used to be quite a lot of these around. He thought they looked breathtakingly beautiful, but he couldn't really bring himself to enjoy their beauty. That was because every time he looked at them, he also had to see his unresponsive queen lying among them and thus his mood would immediately return to a rather gloomy one. What good was the beauty of these crystals when the one he considered to be the most beautiful of them all would not grace him with her presence?

Of course these crystals had come with a purpose besides merely looking good, according to Hare. The brunette girl had told him these crystals didn't only look like the ones from the void realm, they also behaved like them, providing the people around them with the energy they needed.

This had the nice effect that Inori, despite being unconscious for several days, wasn't suffering from hunger or thirst. Apparently she was able to draw all the power she needed from them directly.

Nice cheat, is what he had thought initially, but it had soon become clear that these things didn't generate power out of thin air. Unlike with the ones from the void realm, these had to be powered in some other way. It turned out that the power source was no one else but Genesis themselves.

As long as a Genesis was near those crystals, they would continue to glow, which meant that they were working as intended. But if they were left alone for a longer period of time, they would simply cease to function. The Genesis in question would naturally get drained off the power they gave to these crystals. And since Shu was the only Genesis around for most of the time, it naturally ended up being him who got drained. But that wasn't much of a deal for him.

It sounded far more sinister than it actually was. All it did was just take his energy, causing him to become tired, nothing more. It even stopped draining energy once Shu felt too tired to go on. The crystals basically only absorbed what they needed and what they could take without harming anyone. He was fine with that. Especially since he had heard that Inori had done the same for him back when he had been unconscious for a while.

Shortly after Yuu had ambushed them in Tennozu High after they had returned from the void realm. Sure, it wasn't exactly comfortable to get sucked dry of your power, but if that was what it took to help Inori, then it was a price he was willing to pay. It wasn't as if other Genesis hadn't offered to take his place to help out their dear queen, but for some reason, they ended up unable to sustain her, no matter how many people came to help.

They just all got sucked dry in a couple of minutes and were forced to leave. Shu thought it was weird at first, but perhaps the things Keido had said about him empowering Inori as her Adam had been true after all. The thought was rather scary, wasn't it? Inori had already been quite the formidable fighter back when she had only been a fake.

Now that she had become the real deal, had she become even more powerful? If so, how much? Enough to bring the world to an end? Well, that was the idea behind it, so that was probably the case. He sat back down on the chair next to Inori's bed, looking up at the ceiling again. A power boost depending on the bond between Adam and Eve as well as their distance to one another.

He knew for sure that Gai had held Mana quite dear and he had been carrying her, too. It's kind of ridiculous once you realize that all that had really stood between them and the end of the world back then was the simple lack of a void genome.

If Gai had had a void genome, he could have easily protected Mana while she would have made all the preparations needed for actually bringing the apocalypse. They had been pretty close, yet despite all the power Mana must have had, they still hadn't been able to oppose Da'ath. If not even a fully powered Eve could take them on, what could? Do you have to be a god to actually beat them? He found himself looking over to Mana's altar again.

He had done so a lot lately. That was because he still couldn't actually believe she was dead. She used to always come back, no matter how often you killed her, so could you blame him?

He half expected her to pop up again from out of nowhere any minute now. Of course he was aware of the fact that there was no way she would really come back again, but it would take a while for his mind to get used to that fact.

It still felt surreal somehow. Still sorry about the weird funeral we held for you. The funeral had been two days ago and to tell you the truth, he felt ashamed of even calling it a funeral in the first place.

He had originally wanted for Mana to be buried in a cemetery, you know, the place you would actually bury your deceased friends and family members. It was where he thought they belonged.

In a place where they could rest. However, that was all before he realized that he was a terrorist and everyone hated his guts. If he went to a cemetery in the city, even if he found a priest willing to hold the ceremony in secret, he still wouldn't be able to take the risk of attending it in person, which pretty much defeated the whole purpose of a funeral, which was to find closure.

If he had simple dumped Mana's corpse into the hands of some random guy who could have done whatever he wanted with it, he would never be able to forgive himself. Then again, he couldn't have just buried her anywhere and be done with it, either.

If she were to have a grave, someone would have to look after it. She had been his sister once, not a dead pet bird you could bury in your garden and forget forever. This had especially been a problem now that he had become a terrorist again.

How long would he even be able to stay in this base? It could be that he would have to leave Japan soon. No one would be there to take care of the grave then. So, the only logical conclusion turned out to be cremation. The ashes could easily be taken with you when needed. Unfortunately, there hadn't been a Shinto priest around to perform the ceremony, so they had to make do with a Genesis who claimed he had been a priest. It had been a Christian one but Shu hadn't really cared at that point as long as there had at least been someone around who could perform a funeral properly.

After all, it didn't really matter much what religion the funeral was held in when you weren't very religious yourself. He had to admit it also kind of fit the general theme somehow if you took into consideration how Mana had been called Eve and had looked for her Adam pretty much all her life, so he guessed that hadn't been all that bad.

He had been slightly surprised by the amount of people who had actually attended the ceremony as well. He had originally thought it would just be him and Haruka. But quite a lot of Genesis had ended up showing up as well. It had only been after the funeral that he actually got to understand that they had all been former Mananites who had still held some sort of respect for his deceased sister after all this time.

Apparently she had used to be quite a good queen in the void realm up to the point Inori had showed up which had eventually caused her to turn mad. He would have never known. Still, the atmosphere had been rather stiff. No one had said anything, let alone cried for her.

Everyone had just stood there and listened to what the priest had said. Afterwards, they had handed him the urn with the ashes and everyone dispersed again. It had almost felt like a mandatory task rather than a holy ritual. Somehow, he thought of that as being quite sad. Maybe he should have looked for Gai's corpse after all. He figured Mana would have probably liked having him close to her, even in death.

Well, it couldn't be helped now. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Can I have a minute? He closed the door behind him. How are you holding up? I am tired, but I can bear with it.

Gai Tsutsugami

Shu only shook his head. How are things on your end? There is no way I am doing this for longer than I have to. I don't know how you can deal with that shit all the time…or how Inori did for 5 fucking years. I feel like I am going to murder someone the next time someone comes to me to complain about something. Wasn't Jun helping you with it? He crumbles so easily under pressure.

I am doing it all on my own most of the time. Is it that bad? I actually came here in hope of you coming back soon. The constant bickering between Genesis and regular Undertakers keeps getting worse. Especially since we missed the chance of attacking loop seven together with the military in their third offensive the day before yesterday. The Undertakers weren't pleased at all that we continued to do nothing after waiting so long for the opportunity to attack in the first place.

Shu frowned in annoyance. It was always the same shit with these guys. They are always in such a hurry to fight. It's not like he couldn't understand where they were coming from, but in all honesty, it was starting to get on his nerves. Yes, in the meantime the SDF had launched their third attack on loop seven and, unsurprisingly, suffered a crushing defeat yet again.

Yes, if the Undertakers had attacked then to create a second front like they had originally planned, they might have been able to reach Da'ath. But all of that was meaningless as long as Inori remained unresponsive.

They wouldn't even stand a chance against Da'ath without her, not to mention that Shu himself couldn't care less about Da'ath right now when his queen was kind of in a critical condition. I don't get why that's so hard to understand. I don't care as long as it causes them to finally shut up about it. They have been making a fuss for two days now. I feel like I am leading a bunch of kindergarten kids instead of a terrorist group.

The Genesis are growing restless, too. They keep asking about their queen and you. Some have refused taking further orders from me, telling me that I am not their king and thus have no authority over them. I am afraid you can't afford to remain off the radar for much longer, or the whole group runs into danger of falling apart. Is it so hard to allow me to have one? Hardly anyone even saw you for the past three days.

To have time for myself. His friend kindly put a hand on his right shoulder and offered him an understanding look. We all are pretty worried as well. But there is a war going on outside.

We can't afford sitting on our butts all day for too long. She is the reason I keep fighting in the first place. It sounded more like an honest question, rather than an accusation, which was probably the only reason Shu didn't snap at him immediately and chose to eye him with a serious expression instead. But Yahiro only smirked amusedly, followed by casually putting his hands into the pockets of his pants. No wonder the girls fall for you, despite you being such a dense guy.

It's nice to see your resolve, though. When you confronted me 5 years ago, demanding that I punish Inori for hurting Arisa. Haven't I told you I would be on your side from now on, no matter what? If you choose Inori rather than the world, I will still support you. I have earned back your trust, or at least would like to believe so.

No way in hell would I throw it away again by attempting to work against you. You aren't the type to sacrifice yourself. Depending on how things will turn out, you could easily die. Not that he wished for that to happen, though.

Still, it was a possibility. The smugness on Yahiro's face got replaced by his usual calm and calculating expression. Do you seriously believe I would come here and have this conversation with you if I hadn't already ensured my security? I have just taken that crystal we have brought back from Arisa into my possession to act as my life insurance. His astonishment was quick to fade, though, once realization kicked in. Even if you decide to end the world, I would still not die.

Many people would die instead. The final decision of whether Shu would bring the apocalypse or not was not for Yahiro to make, but him and Inori instead. It was a thing he was still pondering, even now. It had already been clear that he would go along with it if Inori wished for it, but that didn't mean he necessarily wished to do it. It would be nice if things wouldn't come to this. I have nothing to lose. That way, I will at least be able to be there for my brother.

How could I not be? He is my younger brother. I can't allow myself to die and leave him all alone in this world. Someone has to look after him, wouldn't you agree?

And I might regret saying that later, but I actually missed doing that. I would like to believe that he probably did, too. The current situation can't continue for much longer. No matter what you choose to do, you need to do it soon, Shu. I will make an appearance tomorrow. I will make them calm down one way or another. Remember, I got your back…just tell me in advance if you want to do something…reckless. I will leave you alone then. You look tired and have probably stuff to figure out.

Have a good night, Shu. You and me have quite a history with being secretive, don't we? I guess I just can't be an honest leader. Everyone in a position of power has had at least some skeletons hiding somewhere. Alone again, Shu found himself looking up at the ceiling again. There wasn't really anything else to do. Sure, he could go to sleep, heck, he even wanted to. But if he did, the crystals would stop taking energy from him, thus possibly delaying Inori's recovery so he would endure until he would finally pass out.

It's not like it would really hurt her if she wouldn't get energy from him for a couple hours. The crystals should have absorbed enough to get her through the night so that he could continue to feed them again in the morning, but given how Yahiro had made it quite clear that he had to do something about the Undertakers tomorrow, he couldn't be all too sure if he would be able to make any time at all, so he was better off giving her all he got now while he still could.

He grumbled in annoyance. So what if they had missed their chance to attack Da'ath together with the military?

Another chance would eventually come. And besides, they were in no rush to do so anyway. The sole reason why they had been in a hurry to attack before was simply because of Mana who had stood at danger of ending the world anytime she saw fit. With her gone now and Inori as her replacement, they wouldn't have to fear a spontaneous apocalypse anymore…or would they? The problem was that he couldn't tell for sure if Inori would still want to fight Da'ath or join them instead.

She had opposed them before, but that was before. She also hadn't wanted to become Eve, only to show no signs of fighting back once it actually came to the transfer of the queen's crown. Of course that could have had many reasons, too. She wasn't exactly acting like herself when it had happened. Which brought him to his biggest worries: When Inori would wake up, would she still be the same woman he had fallen in love with?

He had loved his sister once, too, only to come to hate her in the end. He wouldn't be able to bear it if the same were to happen to Inori. It would simply be too much. Urgh, thinking about this was no use. He was tired and his head felt fuzzy, preventing him to ponder things reasonably.

In the first place, there was no way of planning his next move when the one thing that would determine said move's direction was still uncertain. Only once Inori would wake up would he be able to come to a decision. He hoped she would do so soon. His sanity would very much appreciate it.

The light flickered again, causing him to groan. He grabbed the remote in his pocket and switched it off, before tossing the device away in frustration.

Then he decided to lean forward, making his head rest on both his hands as they formed two pillars on top of his knees. Instead of the artificial light from the lamp, the crystals in front of him illuminated the room now in the various colors they came in. Unlike the harsh artificial light from before, the sheen that came off them was gentle and calm, almost comforting.

As he slowly looked up from his hands to look at them, he couldn't help but sigh, somewhat a bit more relaxed than before. The more he looked at them, the more he felt his eyelids growing heavy. It was only once his head fell off the arm it was resting on, that he actually noticed the danger of falling asleep.

He shook his head quickly, attempting to lose some of his tiredness with it. He could still keep going, all he needed to do was find something to do to keep his mind preoccupied.

His gaze fell upon Inori, who rested on the bed covered by a blanket, then onto a bowl with warm water resting on the floor next to her. A small piece of cloth was swimming in it. He remembered someone bringing it in earlier, telling him that Hare would come later to use it to clean Inori's body. She would do that every other day. Checking the time on his mobile, he came to the conclusion, though, that Hare would probably not come anymore today. It was getting late. She probably fell asleep somewhere again from working hard.

He couldn't blame her for that. The water's temperature was still fairly warm, meaning it could still be used for its original purpose. If Hare wouldn't be coming anyway, should he be doing it instead? An involuntary glimpse below the blanked revealed to him the fact that his queen had already been stripped and thus prepared for the process. He guessed the Genesis girl who had brought the water earlier had probably done it during the time he had been asked to leave the room.

Thinking carefully, he had also seen her taking a pile of clothes with her as she had left, probably planning to do the laundry. Haruka and Keido had arrived not soon afterwards. He pressed his eyes shut in heavy thinking. Would it be okay for him to do it? It's not like he would do it because of ulterior motives or something. And technically, they were pretty much dating at this point, right? With the exception that they hadn't been on a single date yet in all their time together.

Wait, not a single one? But anyway, he was getting distracted. The main problem here was that he was probably skipping quite some stages by seeing her naked. Then again, that only applied to normal relationships and nothing about theirs had been particularly normal so far. Besides, he had the feeling Inori would totally be fine with him seeing her for some reason.

I can show you. What the hell was wrong with him, thinking about stuff like this during times like these? He grabbed the wet cloth in the bowl with an annoyed growl. He would do this without having any indecent thoughts.

How hard could it be? He wringed the cloth so that it would lose some of its excessive fluids, then grabbed his girlfriend's left hand which was closer to him and started wiping it with the cloth gently. He was pleased to see that her hand was warm to the touch and her skin still as smooth and soft as he remembered it to be. Further signs that she was probably okay. Things went well for some minutes, until he reached her upper arm and eventually her shoulder. Now things started to become tricky as he wasn't able to beat around the bush any longer.

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If he wanted to continue, he would have to remove the blanket and do the same with the rest of her body. What was she so nervous about? It's not like he didn't know what lied there in wait for him. He could do this. With a deep breath, he removed the blanket from her upper body while forcing himself to look into a totally different direction.

His queen still showed no reaction at all, still gently breathing in front of him. Slowly, he continued his duty. Wringing out the cloth again after soaking it with water, he pressed on. He managed to clean her shoulders somehow by staring at her face, never allowing his gaze to wander below her neck. Then he noticed how he chickened out to move on by choosing to do her other arm first. Eventually, though, it was to no avail, since he only ended up stalling for time.

Nothing but a futile operation. The rest of her upper body awaited. He closed his eyes and tried to slow down his racing heartbeat mentally by thinking about other things. Then he attempted to wipe her blindly. For someone who had previously lived 5 years with the burden of blindness, wiping someone without looking should normally be no problem, right?

To navigate down her body, he would still have to touch her in order to know what he was doing. And unfortunately, touching her wasn't any better than just seeing her naked. The two hills that made up her chest…he ended up touching them and got amazed by the fact how his hands slowly started to sink into them. So soft, so warm. This was so nice. A quiet voice escaped Inori's lips, bringing his mind back into reality after it had already been drifting away slowly.

He backed off instantly. What the hell had he been doing just now? No way in hell could that have been excused as necessary touching in order to perform his cleaning job.

Had he been out of his mind to start groping her? To do that to a defenseless girl…he was the worst. Still, it was awfully pleasant… He quickly shook his head. He had to focus here. There was still a task lying in front of him.

He figured that blind touching had proved itself to be quite fatal, so it was probably better to continue with open eyes for now. It should have been fine as long as he would do it quickly, right? He opened his eyes, only to behold something that he could only describe as a picture of beauty.

In front of him lied a pink haired angel in the way she had been born. Completely in her natural look. He thought it was breathtaking. Her milky white skin, two nicely shaped breasts which, in his opinion, came in the perfect size to not be called too small or too big, and to top it off, those cute, pink nipples of hers which rested on top of them like cherries on a cream tart. He just stood there, mouth slowly gaping apart in awe as he beheld her.

A minute had surely already passed before he noticed that he had spaced out. Clearing his throat and averting his gaze hastily, he soaked the cloth again. He then continued where he had left off. With the wiping, not the groping, of course. Gently, yet quickly, he managed to wipe the sweat off her chest, of which he noticed that there wasn't really much to begin with. She had lied there below that blanked all day, previously even while wearing her clothes and yet, there she was, barely even sweaty.

She should have been, yet she hadn't. It caused him to wonder if wiping her clean had even been a justified decision in the first place, rather than a dumb excuse to see her naked. He frowned at that thought. It couldn't be helped now. He had already started doing it, so he might as well finish it. But as he was about to continue, he suddenly felt Inori's arms wrapping themselves around his right one, pulling him closer. Eying her with a shocked expression, he quickly noticed that she was still sleeping, albeit with a small smile on her face as she held him near her like a plushy.

He was still in the clear… Wait, no. That's not what he should be thinking right now. That's more than she had done in the past three days. Could it be that she was about to wake up? Now that he thought about it, the crystals had stopped draining his energy and he could even feel some of it returning back to him already. Was it no longer needed? Only one way to find out. Inori, can you hear me? Please wake up anyway, would you? But only for a second. As she blinked a few times, the gleam slowly faded off, making him sigh in relief.

He was told his own eyes did that sometimes when he used the power of kings, so he wasn't that freaked out about it. Especially since it stopped immediately. Quickly losing his surprise, he decided to return the hug with a gentle smile as well. What do you mean? I had already known before that we share the same feelings for each other, but now I can actually feel it. Because Eve tried to destroy the human race before starting a new one Pink hair, loves Yuki, likes to chop people up into tiny pieces?

This show is a figment of her imagination. The reason why she is crazy is when she goes to sleep she dreams Guilty Crown. Because only someone that insane could think up this entire crazy universe. I am pretty sure about the step sibling thing But then it turned into HAHA just kidding. Everything is okay now folks. It looks to me like Mana was a few years older than Gai. Freak renaming people like that. But yes Mana looks like she could be a few years older than Gai and Shu.

Meaning she should know better. Because I am not blaming the crazy crystal disease on all of her…. No no some of that I think was truly how Mana felt. And Gai tried to save you because I feel as if Gai and Shu were sexually assaulted in this episode.

What the hell is this crystal disease all about? Turning teenagers into sexual deviates, making them into rock monsters, and creating weapons inside their hearts? Who the hell thought up this crazy disease?! Name calling will bring about the end of the world.

Oh and speaking of Forgotten Christmas…. That was just one girl screaming because her plans on sleeping with her stepbrother failed.

We never saw Mana touch said magical rock of doom nor do we know if anyone prior to that touched the doom rock. So it might be possible Mana was the only one infected or infected enough to…. Let the record show that a devastating attack on Japan was caused by someone being called a monster.

I smell an anti-bullying campaign folks! Due to the completely insanity Shu witnessed he lost his mind and his memories. Um how about you stay with Shu and become stronger together? Oh have I mentioned that Inori might not be a real person?

Shocking I know in an anime with a crystal disease, a random portal to…. And if anyone guessed that before this episode…well you might want to look in the mirror…Yuno. Can I talk about that random marriage from hell and My Little Pony land? When we last saw our heroes Inori was being kidnapped by some random kid. Random kid has not been explained yet but given how the main bad guy has been maybe killed he might get more limelight in the next few episodes.

There was blood lips stick and Inori writhing in pain pleasure? Like seriously folks I have no idea what I just saw. Why does Shuichirou think that this was a great plan? Infect the entire world and mate with a fake human housing the cause of the crystal disease? How does this sound like a step towards a positive future?

Or any future at all?! This marriage has to happen or else their union won't be supported by God. Needs to be official. Can't have any bastard crystal babies running around. I would also like to question the rationale behind a fake body for Mana. Like goodbye body hello floating in space. Mana was just a soul. Of course this is a show about souls being weapons…maybe it is the soul that is infected and the body just suffers the side effects.

Speculating into crazy land that is. A very happy ending for those two indeed. The story can only go up from here. Gai is dead for real. Last episode he looked pretty much dead with that huge slice in his chest but now he is super dead. Like dust in the wind dead. Which was pretty much expected after such a serious wound but now I am unhappy. I thought he was in love with Mana and maybe he was at one point. Maybe Gai could see past the incest loving sister and really liked Mana.

Before she turned really insane. But it just felt….