Hyundai and kia relationship

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hyundai and kia relationship

It's pretty common knowledge that Ford had a close relationship with Kia until Hyundai sneaked in and grabbed the company from under it in. Mar 20, Hyundai and Kia are kind of the same way. Although both automotive brands are different, their close relationship over the years has not just. Oct 30, Kia and Hyundai have the same parent company, but the Korean automakers offer completely different lineups. While Hyundai's cars and SUVs.

Power's latest APEAL study, a snapshot of owner joy, both score above average among non-premium brands.

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The Hyundai Veloster and Kia Cadenza also were runners-up in their categories. So if you buy a Kia or a Hyundai, you have good reason to think it will be durable, reliable and generally problem-free.

You also might find yourself smitten by the design, performance, comfort, road manners and technology in any number of Kia and Hyundai models. So why haven't you taken some for a spin?

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I routinely run into people who are astounded to learn that, for instance, the all-new Soul is so well turned-out, so quiet at highway speeds, and that it has such a good sound system.

I never knew," I hear time and again. More scientific studies from well-respected organizations reflect my everyday experiences, though. Both have average reliability, says CR, but both are building "well-rounded, functional models that rapidly improve with every redesign.

Toyota's brand is worth seven times more than Hyundai's. Meantime, Interbrand ranks Hyundai No.

hyundai and kia relationship

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement I have asked the top Kia and Hyundai bosses about their frustrations, about how tough it is to sway the public.

How do they move the needle among consumers who think of their brands as strictly second-tier?

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Mostly, I get a shoulder shrug that says: Styling and profiling The Kia Optima SXL is an excellent all-around mid-size sedan offering, and offers one of the nicest cabins in the segment. Today, Schreyer is design chief at both brands, but will soon retire.

hyundai and kia relationship

From the use of LED illumination both inside and out, to redesigned lines and performance focused rear diffusers, both manufacturers appear to be making the most of their world-class design teams. Power award for best initial quality being the most recent feather in its cap. While other car manufacturers require adding package after package in order to get to a certain set of results, Kia and Hyundai employ a more direct approach where a base model comes packed with accoutrements, and package options are limited to a select few additions to cut down on confusion.

The result is a Mercedes competitor at a shockingly affordable price. Kids are a massive pain in the ass for automakers.

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From countless dollars in warrantied-out interior components, to strenuous government child safety LATCH system requirements, the list of things that factor into making a family car is difficult to fathom. Fortunately, employees at Kia have their own kids, so designing a Sedona minivan with the right ride height, seat-folding skills, and door angles happened about as naturally as it could have.

hyundai and kia relationship

Between that and the Genesis line, Hyundai and Kia are looking to move upmarket, and they seem to be doing everything right.