Iodine and colon cancer relationship

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iodine and colon cancer relationship

Radioactive iodine is associated with a number of potentially serious to disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest. with I treatment included bone, colorectal, and salivary gland cancers, and leukemia. The molecular effects of iodine as well as ongoing epidemiological evidence points to The link between gastric cancers and areas of endemic goiter dates back to ,42 How and whether 6-IL affects colon cancer cells is still not known. Cancer is increasing and iodine deficiency may be the root of many cancers. Discover what your doctor isn't telling you about iodine deficiency and cancer.

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In many cases, this increase is observed in patients younger than 50 years. Some unfortunate patients will be diagnosed with other cancers after being treated for thyroid cancer. While many of these secondary cancers are unrelated to thyroid cancer, certain secondary cancers could potentially occur as a late consequence of radioiodine therapy that frequently is part of the treatment of thyroid cancer.

Lu CH et al. Second primary malignancies following thyroid cancer: Eur J Endocrinol ; The authors evaluated the incidence of cancer during the period between and The cases were grouped every 5 years i. The RDA is micrograms for adults, increasing to for pregnant women and for lactating women. To put this in context, research from Japan suggests their average dietary intake is About times higher! A number of Western health experts believe that level should be recommended in the West as we have far higher cancer rates than the Japanese.

The FDA has actually recommended a daily dose of mg in case of a Radiation emergency such as a nuclear event. Clearly, there is a huge variation in daily levels recommended. The World Health Organisation estimates that at least 15 per cent of women in the Western World are deficient in iodine. Many experts believe that is a gross underestimate. A quality kelp from a quality supplier is crucial.

This has the two types of iodine that the body uses. Often used as an antiseptic and disinfectant, it is a source of free iodine and was used with people around Chernobyl after the disaster.

It is made in different potencies — e.

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Nascent Iodine is the most bioavailable biochemically to the body. One, Ioderol, from Optimox is in tablet form, and is recommended to be taken with magnesium and vitamin C. Nascent Iodine is also available in liquid form. Iodine depletion This is an important issue.

iodine and colon cancer relationship

The following may deplete your iodine levels: Most common sources are pesticides and fumigants, plastic packaging, drugs, and soft drinks and baked products.

Bromides are now added to flour; whereas iodine was added to bread prior to the s. Both displace iodine in the body — so water supplies can deplete iodine levels as can a variety of in-home compounds from plastic packaging to toothpaste, mouthwash and flame retardants and perchlorates. Iodine is a trace mineral. Soil depletion reduces its already low volumes. Declining consumption of iodine-rich foods like oysters, prawns, sea fish, eggs and iodised salt.

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Antioxidant ability To put iodine in context as an antioxidant, iodine is known to increase blood antioxidant capacity and to affect glutathione levels inside the cell. It is known to counteract free-radicals, and, in one study, was found to be 10 times more potent than vitamin C.

Goitre Goiter is a swelling of the neck due to a thyroid gland not functioning properly. About 9 in 10 cases worldwide are due to iodine deficiency. However, Goitre can be associated with hyperthyroidism, or hypothyroidism. Goitre may also result from selenium deficiency or even cyanide poisoning, as seen in some tropical countries where cyanide-rich cassava root is a staple food.

Goitre is more common among women. Pockets of goiter existed until recently in the Western world — for example in Derbyshire, England and around the Great Lakes and in the mid-West of America Wikipedia.

RDA levels microgram doses do not do this. Recent work shows strong anticancer activity in breast cancer cells. A website with more information about the relationship between insufficient iodine and breast cancer is www. Given all of this information about breast cancer and some epidemiologic evidence relating to higher incidence of prostate and thyroid cancer in iodine insufficient areas, it seems reasonable to consider that suboptimal iodine levels may play a role in many if not all cancers, and that Gerson was correct in giving all of his cancer patients iodine as Lugol's solution.

Uses to Purify Water and for Swimming Pools and Spas Iodine insufficiency problems are aggravated by our use of agents that interfere with the utilization of iodine sometimes called goitrogens because they may cause an enlargement of the thyroid gland. These include the halogens class of chemicals to which iodine belongs fluoride, bromine and bromides and chlorine.

It is also present in many processed foods and beverages. Fluoride can interfere with iodine utilization. Critics of fluoridation and use of other fluoride products believe that fluoride is carcinogenic and has many other side effects. In the case of fluoride, we have also been sold a bill of goods based largely on economic motivations. In the s, due to deaths of livestock from fluoride emanating from industrial plants such as aluminum and fertilizer factories, the AMA and ADA considered fluoride to be an environmental pollutant, which it is.

As a result of a massive public relations campaign and some very weak science, fluoride became an essential nutrient that protects against dental decay. It was added to the water supply, used by dentists to treat the teeth, used in fluoridated toothpaste, and given to babies to prevent dental decay. Aside from causing dental fluorosis ugly white spots on the teeth in many children, fluoride became another risk factor for many degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Did the public health system under the influence of corporate dollars make a mistake?

iodine and colon cancer relationship

In my opinion, it did, but the predominant conventional view is still that fluoride is harmless and beneficial the way it is used. As mentioned previously, I advise all of my patients to avoid fluoride as much as possible. Possible mechanisms for damaging effects of fluoride must include its interference with the proper utilization of iodine. Bromine replaced iodine in most baked goods in the s because of the concern that iodine might be toxic. In fact, it is the bromine that is toxic.

Bromine interferes with iodine utilization. Bromine is also used to disinfect hot tubs and is present in many medications, including asthma medications.

It is also currently present in certain soft drinks such as Mountain Dew and certain Gatorades. Bromine is present in many pesticides and herbicides, fabrics, the interior of new cars, electronic equipment, and many other common products.

Chlorine, used to treat swimming pools and present in many of the public drinking water supplies, also interferes with iodine levels in the body. Safer water purification systems, like ozone and iodine itself, exist but are currently not widely used. The use of iodine to prevent infections in drinking water supplies and in swimming pools is far superior and less expensive than the use of chlorine or bromine with concentrations of iodine at 1 to 2 ppm.

Competitive swimmers consistently found that pools cleansed with iodine as compared with chlorine were less irritating and preferred the iodinated swimming pool water. The advantage of using iodine for these purposes is that it would help people get the essential nutrient that they need while at the same time cleansing the water effectively.

However, the pervasive fear of iodine by the health-care industry and governmental agencies has not allowed this to happen. One reason that swimming pools may need something in addition to iodine is that the iodine at this concentration does not get rid of algae.

Consequently, chlorine shocking may still be necessary occasionally. Problems with Iodized Salt Most people get iodine in their diet from seafood and iodized salt. One gram of salt contains 77 mcg of iodine. The RDA of iodine is mcg somewhat higher for pregnant women and certain other groups. Though mcg daily may be sufficient to prevent an enlarged thyroid goiter and cretinism severe iodine deficiency in babies leading to mental retardation and impaired developmentthese values are far short of the optimal values of 12, mcg But, even using the lower values, many people still do not get the RDA, and tests have shown that the average blood levels of iodine have decreased significantly over the past 30 years, in part no doubt due to the substitution of bromide for iodide in baked goods in the early s.

iodine and colon cancer relationship

Therefore, 1 in 7 women in the US are frankly iodine deficient. Twenty-nine percent of the world's population, living in approximately countries, is estimated to live in areas of deficiency. WHO claims that iodine deficiency is the world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation. Iodine is the most deficient trace mineral in the world. The relationship between various levels of iodine deficiency and the prevalence of goiter, likelihood of elevated TSH low thyroidand presence of cretinism are shown in Table 5.

Goiter and elevated TSH drastically increase as the iodine level in the urine is reduced. In spite of this clear problem of iodine deficiency using even the WHO criteria, physicians in the US never order urinary iodine levels or serum iodine levels, even though the tests are available from commercial laboratories.

What Does an Iodine Deficiency Have to Do with Cancer? (video)

In my 40 years of practicing medicine, I never ordered an iodine test and never heard of any physician who did. It is only after learning about iodine issues from Abraham's papers that I began to order the tests. The concentration of iodine in urine of people who are not supplemented with the higher doses of iodine discussed previously The concentration of iodine in serum is also two orders of magnitude higher when patients are supplementing with the milligram doses of iodine, and at these levels patients appear to not exhibit evidence of toxicity unless they are mobilizing bromine or other toxic substances.