James roday and dule hill relationship problems

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james roday and dule hill relationship problems

After a couple years away, America's favorite fake-psychic investigative duo is back in the form of Psych: The Movie, and early reviews indicate. Psych: The Movie reunites James Roday and Dule Hill, and the duo spoke to FanSided FanSided: How's Shawn and Juliet's relationship?. For actor James Roday, who was born James David Rodriguez, stepping They guy laughed and said 'no problem,' and that was a good thing because he that he and his sidekick, Burton Gus (played by Dule Hill) have.

I loved working with Jazmyn. She had us cracking up on set. It made the wait worth it. Does him having a relationship affect the friendship between Shawn and Gus? Part Deux to find that answer. I think it will affect him, but it will be very enjoyable to the fans. Zachary Levi plays the antagonist in Psych: The Movie, which is a genius idea.

How did that happen?

james roday and dule hill relationship problems

We would run into him a lot at NBC functions. Then when we discovered he could sing like a bird, we got the bright idea of writing him a part in the Psych musical, which because of scheduling did not come to fruition.

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How did that affect the movie, let alone you as a close-knit group? Obviously, our hearts were with Tim and everything else was secondary to that.

james roday and dule hill relationship problems

The fact we were doing it for Tim is what allowed us to stay as focused and turn it over as quickly as we did. If they had just come to us and said, hey guys, this is too expensive, you have three days to rewrite the script, we might have said thanks but pass.

Because it was Tim, I think we were able to unite for a great cause.

Psych: The Movie interview -- James Roday and Dule Hill reunite

And what should have been a lot more difficult than it was went pretty swimmingly. So ultimately, how do you describe Psych: I think it helps with the longevity of the show. We can keep throwing fans surprises.

It usually starts with a concept. I knew I wanted to do slasher. I knew I wanted to do Hitchcock. I volunteered to do Christmas because I thought it would be an interesting challenge.

I was the last person that anybody at our network or on our show expected to direct a Christmas episode, so I felt like I should toss my hat in the ring and give that a try. And then, once we have a concept and a story, because I usually write the ones I direct as well, I do generally try to marginalize Shawn, as much as I can, and put the focus on the other actors, which is twofold.

That allows me more time to focus on making it look as good as possible, and I love watching my co-stars work. It was so much fun. It was such a joy to watch him tackle that. He went full Jack [Nicholson] and had so much fun. I wish we could do it for them more often. The longer that we last, I suspect that we will.

And then, our season finale is a little bit of an homage to Chinatown. French Stewart guest stars and plays a wonderfully weird little character. Things are in the works to make that one happen.

james roday and dule hill relationship problems

It takes such an unbelievable amount of work to pull it off, and I think show creator Steve [Franks] would say the same thing. When are we going to be able to make this happen? Are you surprised at how badly people seem to want to see a Clue episode? I would say yes, normally, except that I dated a girl in college who was so obsessed with that movie that it exposed me to the level of fandom that exists. I was educated as to the true cult status that that movie has.

There are many of us. I certainly dig the movie.

james roday and dule hill relationship problems

We really wanted to do something with David Bowie, and one of the original pitches for a vampire episode was to make it more like The Hunger because that would be the perfect way to get Bowie on the show. I think we finally had to raise the white flag on that one. But, one door closes and another door opens. By doing the version that we did, we were able to put the original Buffy Kristy Swanson on the show, and then have her fall in love with Lassiter Tim Omundson.

It gave us its own gifts. Is there anything that you would love to see Shawn and Gus get to do or go through, before the show is done? As cute as they are together, and as much as they may compliment one another, the fact is that Shawn has been lying to her, since the very beginning.

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I guess you could go a couple different ways with it, but to have her just let him off the hook feels like cheating and taking the easy way out, to me. Do you plan that reveal ahead of time, or do you just see where it fits organically, as you go along? For my part, I will definitely be championing the idea of planning some stuff and making sure that we pay it off.

james roday and dule hill relationship problems

How much more challenging is it, at this point, to keep coming up with nicknames that Shawn has for Gus?