Jillian and bob relationship on biggest loser

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jillian and bob relationship on biggest loser

'The Biggest Loser': Jillian Michaels Lashes Out At The Other Trainers She pulled both Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper over to try and figure. 'It's not a great combination': Jillian Michaels blames Biggest Loser co-star Bob Harper's heart attack on his Paleo diet and 'poor genetics'. Jillian Michaels Reveals Why She Really Left The Biggest Loser “You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I build with my.

His weight loss was actually a family affair: Hide Caption 6 of 17 Photos: Before and after John Rhode sealed the win in by ending the season pounds lighter.

Rhode entered the competition weighing pounds, and after working with trainer Bob Harper he had lost nearly half of his body weight.

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Hide Caption 7 of 17 Photos: Before and after Olivia Ward lost pounds after competing in the 11th season of "The Biggest Loser," which not only helped her feel healthier but also put her in first place. Hide Caption 8 of 17 Photos: Before and after Patrick House began season 10 of the competition at pounds.

By the time he'd sweated through to the end, he had lost pounds and gained a book deal. Hide Caption 9 of 17 Photos: Before and after Season 9's Mike Ventrella inspired viewers everywhere when he dropped from pounds to Hide Caption 10 of 17 Photos: Before and after Charles Daniel Cahill claimed the season 8 title by shedding pounds. He began the competition at and walked away from it weighing Hide Caption 11 of 17 Photos: Before and after Season 7 star Helen Phillips worked her way from pounds to a finale weight of After she won, Phillips treated her husband to a Las Vegas vacation and relished feeling confident enough to wear "a cute bathing suit, strutting my stuff!

Before and after Michelle Aguilar's pound weight loss on season 6 of "The Biggest Loser" was more than just a physical change. Before and after Bill Germanakos helped set the standard for what it means to be "The Biggest Loser" when he lost pounds in season 4. Bill signed up for the show with his twin brother, Jim, who also lost a massive amount of weight thanks to the show. Although Jim was eliminated, he kept up at home and dropped pounds.

jillian and bob relationship on biggest loser

Hide Caption 14 of 17 Photos: Before and after Matt Hoover's pound weight loss propelled him to "Biggest Loser" status during the show's second season. Hoover wound up marrying his competitorSuzy, in Hide Caption 16 of 17 Photos: Before and after The first "Biggest Loser," Ryan Benson, dropped down to after entering the competition weighing pounds. Asked how they felt about having him return and, hopefully, last longer than he did before and Harper said that Daniel "is the face of what's going on in America right now; he is a 19 year old boy at pounds.

That is not normal but it has become the norm.

jillian and bob relationship on biggest loser

And for him to continue on his journey coming back on for another season is going to inspire that generation that is in need of such help at this point. We were really happy that the show was taking responsibility and seeing his journey through, you know, finishing what he started; finishing what we started with him.

So for that I'm very proud of the decision that 'Biggest Loser' made to do that. Asked how they approached working with her and Harper said, "It was just really looking at again the why.

Jillian Michaels: Why I left 'Biggest Loser' again

Like why does someone get to this place? Where have they given up and where can we give them hope in that situation? I think that was the biggest challenge for working with Shay. This girl came with a lot of baggage and it was up to Jillian and I to take all of that apart ourselves and go through it and help her as much as possible. It was a huge challenge and so rewarding because this girl, I mean, you would just say one thing to her about having her look at her own life as opposed to anything else and she would just fall apart.

And so it was like being able to get her to stand on her own two feet. And, you know, you're not getting close to us and you're holding us at arm's length.

Jillian Michaels: ‘Why I quit Biggest Loser’

And the boys were no different. They really all are special exceptional people with a lot to share. And I think America is going to love them. Harper, for one, does not apologize for any outbursts he's had in the past. I think that we do take our jobs, like I said, so personally. And it is - it becomes a matter of life or death; not to sound dramatic, it's reality.

jillian and bob relationship on biggest loser

I mean these guys are coming to us with one foot in the grave. And I think that like we do take it personally and we do want to make a change.