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MGR guessed an amount of five lakhs of rupees collected for the purpose but Karunanidhi stood on only one lakh. At this hour of crisis the public consisting of. Highlights. For Amma the only worthy rival in her life was Karunanidhi Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa's relationship has been one that was filled with Jayalalitha madam had to stand up as a mark of respect whenever he entered the sets. Karunanidhi-MGR Relationship: film 'Iruvar' defines the friendship between Karunanidhi and MGR, giving insight into Dravidian politics.

Contrast this with the late Jayalalithaa, who started out as an actress — a glamorous entry that shot her to fame — only to make herself less attractive and grow into a matriarchal role, of that as 'Amma'. A party conference at Cuddalore was organised, and it was no surprise that the whole town gathered to hear the star speaker deliver her maiden political speech.

However, after she became AIADMK's party secretary she stuck to a simple white sari sans jewellery, and instead stepping up her oratorical game. The other thing that usually worked in favour of Jayalalithaa is the elevation to a near-goddess status and her projection of an emotional attachment to the late MGR — as someone who carried forward his legacy.

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The incident that stemmed their enmity finds its base in the shameful attempt to disrobe Jayalalithaa in in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly where Jayalalithaa accused the DMK of harassing her and tapping her phones. Karunanidhi retorted with a reportedly unfavourable remark that made Jayalalithaa furious and caused a ruckus in the Assembly.

As the speaker adjourned the House and Jayalalithaa was making her exit, Duraimurugan clutched her sari and tried to pull it. She boards the plane and finds MGR in the next seat! The two locations were 40 miles apart.

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But after reaching Kashmir MGR took her along with him and would send her to her shooting location 40 miles away. Jayalalithaa could have had no say in the matter. If MGR says something, it had to be done. He started controlling all her activities including the clothes she wore. He even took control over her finances and she had to depend on his good mood for its release.

She felt stifled and wanted to break free.

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A major clash occurred between the two when she refused to go with him to Singapore. She had prepared a very ambitious dance drama named Kaveri Thantha Kalaichchelvi, which was so popular that she had 29 invitations to perform it from all over the world.

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She made plans for a world trip and gave dates to everyone. Sharp moves Two no-confidence motions that were moved by the DMK in and a censure motion in tore into the MGR administration as being corrupt and inept.

It was obvious who it was meant for. Yet on September 13,the two reached an agreement on a merger only for MGR to renege on it the next day. MGR replied that he would resign if there was proof that he had personally taken a bribe.

Then inKarunandhi, just to unseat MGR, did the unthinkable.

Karunanidhi and MGR: A checkered friendship, and a lesson in civility and empathy

He came to an electoral understanding with Indira Gandhi, whose Emergency had caused much pain to him party and his family. But in the elections that followed, MGR, like his on-screen persona did, bounced back.

Karunanidhi, taking full advantage of the luxury of being in the opposition, painted MGR as being indifferent to the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils. But there were moments of tenderness. In Februarywhen year-old Karunanidhi went on a km march in protest against the MGR administration, a thoughtful MGR arranged for an ambulance. Then, on October 30,the two men showed up at a wedding at 6 a.

He was my leader.