Kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship

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kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship

My mind immediately went to Kathryn yelling at Chakotay after she found out a certain After finishing with Seven, Chakotay comes crawling back to Janeway. I love post endgame janeway and chakotay hook-ups. Six months after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, Admiral Janeway and her new Delta Quadrant. Admiral Janeway and the Doctor look at an old holoimage. With the future of their relationship in question, an excursion leads Janeway and Chakotay into the .

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Janeway - Complete One Tough Egg reviews About five years after "Endgame," Janeway has joined the diplomatic corps and runs into trouble with a species called the Plumes. Janeway - Complete Crossing the Line reviews Janeway contemplates her relationship with her first officer. The spoken lines at the end come from her story with permission. I don't think it is necessary to read her story first, but it wouldn't hurt! Chakotay watches Kashyk during "Counterpoint.

kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship

In every divorce, even in the 24th century, the couple divides their community property. What happens when that property is the friendship of an individual? In their divorce, can Chakotay and Seven find a way to share Kathryn Janeway without having to cut her in two?

Or will one of them have to give up her friendship forever? Janeway - Complete Twenty Minutes reviews Captain Braxton from the television episodes "Future's End" and "Relativity" decides to punish Kathryn Janeway for her temporal sins and, in the process, changes the direction of her life. Janeway, Chakotay - Complete Gezegend reviews Summary: Late in season six, Voyager comes across what seems to be an ideal planet for trade and shore leave, but they arrive at the worst possible moment and scramble to escape with all hands on board—including the captain.

Janeway Trust reviews A few years after "Endgame," Janeway and Chakotay confront disaster on their way to Risa and make the best of it. K - English - Family - Chapters: That's when a friend steps in to help her see that the future can be the realm of hope.

Broken into 4 chapters. Janeway, Chakotay - Complete Earthquakes reviews A double drabble. Just a day in the life after Voyager returns home. But, where did they go? And what is Janeway doing? Janeway - Complete Remembering reviews They say true love never dies.

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This is a drabble words. What did she think of her time as a man? Inquiring minds want to know. A warm-and-fuzzy Christmas story. You can't always get what you want, J and C friendship.

All the Way Back: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Janeway - Complete Lulu to the Rescue reviews Once Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant, Luann Powell retired chief of Starfleet counseling is convinced that she is the counselor Janeway needs to help her reclaim her life after seven years as captain. Janeway - Complete Curiosity reviews Some questions just have to be answered. Janeway, Chakotay Scuttlebutt reviews When she hears rumors that Chakotay has a new love interest, Kathryn Janeway realizes that it's time to put her heart on the line.

Why didn't they pair up Chakotay and Janeway in the end?

Janeway encourages Chakotay and Seven to get married, thinking that she and Chakotay have given up on being together. Instead, all of them suffer, and Janeway and Chakotay endure a terrible burden of guilt. The real Kathryn Janeway is back, and Chakotay gets his first glimpse of her.

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Janeway, Chakotay Oasis reviews Year of Hell vignette. Yes, at last, a mizvoy turbolift story. While hiding from the Borg, they have the chance to talk about life and love—and about Janeway and Chakotay, too.

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K - English - Spiritual - Chapters: Janeway - Complete Caravanserai reviews PostEndgame. Janeway takes a job in a remote part of space for reasons she keeps to herself. Her boss wonders if the posting could have something to do with Chakotay's whereabouts. Janeway, Chakotay - Complete Second Contact reviews Captain Janeway makes second contact with a previously hostile alien species. The Next Generation - Rated: But will a return to the Alpha Quadrant threaten their promising future?

kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship

Janeway, Chakotay - Complete Uneasy Beginnings by MuseandMe2 reviews Chakotay and Janeway form an uneasy alliance as they find themselves stranded in the Delta Quadrant after Janeway's decision to destroy the array. Chakotay agrees to merge the crews and support her as Captain but will he?

Janeway, Chakotay - Complete Split the Blood to Bone by SerenLyall reviews They open the turbolift doors and there, lying unconscious on the floor with a bullet hole in her leg, is their captain.

The Killing Game StarTrek: Voyager's crew was stranded on the Hanon planet for a long time before their ship came back. Some lost more than others to the harsh conditions. Like the ship we call our home. Or the inside of our minds. My entry into the Cutthroat Fiction competition, Beta division. Janeway - Complete Voyager's Pub by CheyF reviews Something that's been swishing around in my head between bigger works.

He get's wrapped up in drama that Quincy, Kate's annoying cousin left when he disappeared weeks ago.

kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship

T for violence, some language. Writing a fic for someone you admire is daunting. I hope you like it, NE. Janeway] - Complete Return by muldy reviews 'You can't be worried about me,' she said quietly.

I need you to be my First Officer, nothing more. Janeway - Complete Broken Circles by muldy reviews Believing that Chakotay has been killed, Janeway leads Voyager into a battle against a race that they have no chance to win. In addition there's a secret she's keeping from the crew, something she can't let anyone find out.

kathryn janeway and chakotay relationship