Lelouch and kallen relationship problems

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lelouch and kallen relationship problems

From there it's decided to make Lelouch and Shirley casually dating this time, so that the but even though he's in good relationship with (or a good companion to (*)) Shirley (can also be .. Lelouch: Then there's no problem. In the first season, we can see the relationship between those two slowly develop - we . The problem is, Lelouch cares for his friends. . If he was aware of this, then the "Shirley and Karen first" could simply be treated as a. At one point, Shirley stated that if Lelouch applied himself in school, he could get He also saw no problem with collapsing a large portion of Tokyo, resulting in .. Marrybell has a good relationship with Lelouch and Nunnally since youth.

And of course, why would I love this? Because Kallen proves here that her position in the world has nothing to do with whoever she has a crush on something that later is reiterated in R2. She was intrigued by Lelouch until he said what he said, and yes, he wanted to mislead her, no doubt, but it shows her integrity regarding the stance she takes before the whole world. He saw her wildest, reckless side, the passionate warrior she was deep down, and he knew to fuel her fire as both Lelouch and Zero.

Kallen was determined, strong, and her mind was set. That Lelouch spoke as he did only strengthened her resolve and brought her to believe more in Zero. It fascinates me, really.

LelouchxShirley [Manifesto][Part III] - Kanae ♥

Her conflictive relationship with Lelouch and admiration for Zero in season 1 are so much fun for me… Of course, tying up with the matter regarding Black King and Queen, and Q-1, comes the moment where Zero appoints her as his official bodyguard. No one had ever seen smiling that way before xD it was such a wonderful thing. And then the bodyguard responsibilities drive her to protect him even in the wildest circumstances, leading to the whole mess at Kaminejima, how they escaped on the Gawain… just gotta love how he took charge while she was freaking out over how this KMF could FLY!

lelouch and kallen relationship problems

Though one of the best scenes about them has to be the one from Shirley at Gunpoint. Lelouch asks questions, she answers. She proves her loyalty again, but more importantly, she encourages him.

Her belief in him revamps his own belief in their cause. Lelouch seriously needed her at that moment, even if he might not have known it all along. What she said really set him back on the right path, the path he had set his mind on.

And this aspect of their relationship comes back later on too, in a different form, of course… But anyways, look at them smile because of each other!

lelouch and kallen relationship problems

Was he always the man with twenty plans, the genius, the one determined to fight Britannia… or was everything just a game to him? Her conflict in that situation comes from something pretty simple: The feigned complacent Britannian attitude, the apparent disinterest in anything but himself, were somewhat cemented in her mind by the fact that he just abandoned his troops for no apparent reason.

Why did he leave? Does Zero actually not care at all? Does Lelouch actually care a bit? Are Lelouch and Zero really one and the same, or was one of his personas fake?

Season 1 no doubt gave us a great dynamic between these two, because they both trusted and distrusted each other in many ways. While knowing both Kallen Stadtfeld and Kallen Kozuki, Lelouch never dared come clean to her even if he could have. Not knowing who he was, Kallen hated one side of Lelouch and loved the other.

And through it all, they kept inspiring each other, believing in one another, and wanting to fight side by side for the future they wanted to create. R2 takes this dynamic into a whole different direction, though. Mind if I continue under the cut?

When we start with R2, nothing seems to make sense. So, as so much is nonsensical at first, it almost feels like an alternate story rather than a sequel. And then she goes all out to fight, fanservice-y as heck, but it was good. Again, she motivates him to make a move, but this time it not only serves to get the story going, but to show Kallen that Lelouch is in fact the Zero she believed in.

He taunts her, embarrasses her, they end up in ridiculously close quarters together too damn often for their own good, and he even makes a move on her that she rejects so very harshly… But the core of their relationship remains unchanged for R2, I believe.

Yet somehow these realizations only strengthen their bond. The fact that she decided to stay loyal to him, come hell or high water, affected Lelouch deeply. While indeed, he teased her about her revealing outfit, he offered her the jacket. There is little doubt he truly loves Euphemia, but his relationship with Lelouch is loaded with subtext and follows the typical arc of a love story. Suzaku is one for most of the series. He was engaged to his cousin Kaguya when they were children, but that was broken once Genbu died.

Later, Lelouch toys with the idea of asking him to marry Nunnally so he could protect her. Puts up with all the terrible treatment thrown his way due to him seeing it as atonement for his sins. Him taking up the mantle of Zero his also his way of atoning for all the wrong he has done. As Knight of Seven. Gets an even more badass one as Knight of Zero. He spent the rest of the OVA in a prison cell to be used as a bargaining chip against the Emperor, at best.

Shaing even took his shoes away.

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In the manga Suzaku of the Counterattack he obtains a code and becomes immortal. By becoming Zero and killing Lelouch for Zero Requiem. Even involves a literal mask. Despite everything, he is and ultimately remains Lelouch's best friend. Beware the Honest Ones: Part of the reason for his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Verges on Hypocritical Humor since he lies almost as much as Lelouch in spite of it. Suzaku just loves having these, but not just for the glory.

Big Eyes, Little Eyes: He has big eyes, to indicate his seeming innocence — but not truly enormous eyes like Euphemia or Shirley. Since Code Geass plays this trope straight with most other characters, however, we can assume that their eyes are meant to imply both of their largely noble intentions and capacity for great good despite all the evil things they end up doing.

lelouch and kallen relationship problems

He's not the most skilled pilot in the world, but the Lancelot more than makes up for that. Birds of a Feather: With Euphemia — Their goals are the same, they have a very similar sense of humor, and they get serious about the same things.

Not to mention a moment in the anime, where they're shown to say the same thing at the same time, only to both burst out chuckling. Isn't at all unattractive, he would probably be as popular as Lelouch at school if it weren't for the fact he was an Eleven Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Suzaku isn't a flat out horrible person, but he's not as nice or selflesss as he acts like in the first season.

He plays it more straight in R2 at Ashford, acting pretty much like he did in the first season despite his much harsher outlook and hatred for Lelouch due to being Zero. Suzaku was disowned when he became an Honorary Brittanian. It starts to suck when the Fridge sets in, though.

His father was the Prime Minister of Japan, and there are those who want the family to retain power. In the audio drama Nunnally Vanished, Genbu says that arranging a marriage between a Britannian royal and a member of the Kururugi or Sumeragi families could prevent the war implying that those two families are equally the highest in the landand Kaguya Sumeragi is often shown and treated as a noble or royal, and referred to as "princess" more than once, so it does make sense to see Suzaku this way.

He's actually quite a good Deconstruction of the archetype, with the first season gradually exposing the huge psychological issues and painful backstory that would go into making someone like that, and R2 showing the gradual disintegration of this status until the end of the season when he is reborn as Zero, an entirely different kind of hero.

Brains Evil, Brawn Good: Possibly the best fighter in the series, weighed down by all the tragedy he encounters in his life.

Kallen x Lelouch-What Hurts The Most

As time passes and events scratch away at his Knight in Shining Armor facade, it becomes clear he's actually a brooding, uncompromising, and self-destructive Death Seeker who seeks atonement for killing his father. The fear of unknown existence soon converted into aversion. The unexpected word of gratitude from Lelouch. I thought her head was shot with a gun, but she was actually still alive. Why does she always eat pizza anyway? And she pays for them with my card!

lelouch and kallen relationship problems

Sigh, there is no end talking about her bad points. Thanks to this power she gave, Geass, my plan has been greatly ahead of schedule. She also saved my life. An indispensable existence… though her sense of clothes is the worst. At times like this should I order pizza to feel better?

lelouch and kallen relationship problems

It might be like a curse for her. No matter how deep her wounds are she would not die, an eternally young girl who cannot live in the same time as human.

She was supposed to be his hunter

Sometimes there are parts of C. And yet she also tinkers with the kiss shared between Shirley and Lelouch. Perhaps the real C. However, there is no doubt that C. The fate he should live. His sins piled up, his dreams lost, his future closed. Still, the boy burns to ambition.

Knights of the Round (episode)

He can not turn back. Only the girl knows everything. And so the boy and the girl became accomplices of the past and solitude.