Let us meet and question this most bloody mma

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let us meet and question this most bloody mma

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But for the uncommitted, the agnostic and the newcomers who may, I suspect, constitute the biggest group of all, the sight of McGregor taking punishment on the canvas and the spectacular revival which followed proved that, while the hoopla and razzmatazz which surround UFC bouts may remind you of the WWE wrestling circus, this new kid on the Irish sporting block is the real thing. Conor McGregor It might not have seemed like it at the time, but being wrestled to the ground and punished by Mendes was the best thing that could have happened to Conor McGregor.

Previous opponents seemed beaten before they started and put up token resistance. The fights didn't look fixed but they didn't exactly look kosher either.

McGregor's victories were so easy it raised questions for the MMA neophyte, which, let's face it, is most of us, about the worth of the whole enterprise.

Yet last Saturday night in Las Vegas, there was McGregor on the canvas, obviously hurt and looking to be within an ace of defeat. It was a salutary illustration for the vast new Irish MMA audience of the world of pain available to our local hero should he get things wrong at this level.

Blood, sweat but no tears now for McGregor the multi-millionaire That McGregor prevailed after having had the worst of things before he pulled out the big left hand punch which left Mendes unable to continue at the end of the second round renders the 'is it really a sport' questions strangely irrelevant. Whatever you think about MMA, you can't deny that the new interim featherweight champion showed extraordinary guts on the night.

let us meet and question this most bloody mma

We were looking at an Irishman who had put himself into tremendous physical condition and displayed enormous fighting spirit, talent and ferocity. The punch which finished the fight was impressive, but McGregor's ability to absorb punishment was even more so. I was reminded at times of the warrior qualities of Roberto Duran in his heyday. There are those who will never like or accept Mixed Martial Arts.

But when it comes to McGregor, perhaps they should mirror the Christian Church attitude towards homosexuality and 'hate the sin, love the sinner'.

let us meet and question this most bloody mma

Because anyone who fails to appreciate the prowess of this latest Irish sporting hero is missing out on something important. With soccer it's hype and the disfiguring effect of big money, with rugby it's snobbishness, with cycling and athletics it's the drugs, with Gaelic games it's the cavalier attitude towards discipline, with American football it's the brain damage, with darts it's the theme tunes and with golf it's the trousers. As a not particularly macho individual myself I have problems with it yet I can't see how anyone who waxes lyrical about the nobility of boxing can regard its upstart cousin as unacceptable.

I suspect that the truncated nature of MMA bouts probably leads to the fighters suffering less long term damage, though we'll obviously have to wait for medical evidence on that one. You can even argue that Mixed Martial Arts is distasteful to some people precisely because it lays bare the fundamental reality of combat sports, which is that many spectators are there to see the contestants suffering punishment, the more spectacular the better.

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It's also hard to miss the element of class prejudice which seems to underlie much of the criticism of McGregor and his sport. You could hardly move on the internet for the mentions of 'skangers' 'howayas' and 'scobes' and the finger wagging digs at the Irish fans in Vegas which once again showed there's a streak of snobbishness out there which is as wide as O'Connell Street. Which would obviously make it one of the widest streaks of snobbishness in Europe.

A lot of McGregor's fans won't care about this. In fact they'll be quite chuffed at the idea that the fighter's supporters share his wild man reputation. The former PRIDE champ was ready for itthough, because he managed to tag and hurt Sonnen multiple times, out scramble him in the grappling situations and then finally finish the fight with a first-round TKO. The majority of the memorable offense was created by Haqparast, though, as he nearly stopped Gouti on multiple occasions before the final bell.

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Anthony Pettis In one of the wildest and most exciting fights in UFC history, Ferguson scored a TKO win over Pettis, whose corner called a halt to the bout after two rounds due to a broken hand. As the fight started, Ferguson moved laterally and looked to jab.

let us meet and question this most bloody mma

Meanwhile, Pettis was quick to attack the surgically repaired lead leg of his opponent, but Ferguson took it in stride, remaining the aggressor and maintaining his forward movement.

For his part, Pettis did a fine job of finding a home for the counter right, touching the chin on a couple of occasions.

let us meet and question this most bloody mma

Pettis continued to move well on the outside as the round unfolded, retreating and countering, even landing a big spinning backfist that briefly forced Ferguson to pause.

Not to be outdone, Pettis flashed a capoeira kick, though the two quickly returned to more traditional attacks, trading shots in the pocket in the final seconds before the bell. Ferguson was quick again at the start of the second, though a Pettis right hand clipped him clean and dropped him to the floor.

Ferguson somehow crawled back to his feet, only to be tagged again. As he fell to the canvas, Ferguson rolled and settled on his back, with Pettis jumping on top.