Levi and eren height difference in relationship

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levi and eren height difference in relationship

Read Height Difference from the story Random Levi X Eren by Panda_Keek ( Who are you? I'm C-cana- Kiki.) with reads. levixeren, yaoi, anime. I cast a . A non-canon pedophilic relationship between the characters Eren (age Even putting the age difference aside, it is an unhealthy ship that too. Also, Levi's sexuality by Isayama's quote is simply that he likes "tall people", to the potential differences between the characters' romantic attractions and sexual .. If this progresses, we may very well question the relationship between Eren.

Perhaps the situation was slightly troublesome; they would never have an answer to those curious "When'd you start seeing each other? The corporal had to admit though, he wasn't exactly the most romantic of partners. Eren seemed grateful enough that Levi at least accepted his little acts of "I-like-you" for example, surprising him with hugs from behind when he had a bad day or planting goodnight kisses on the forehead that he became so fond of giving, probably because it reminded him of their height difference, that damned bratbut Levi knew, deep down, that the kid deserved a little more.

And so, sucking up his pride, Levi hesitantly asked to borrow Erwin's laptop god knows where that sneaky bastard acquired such a piece of technology and searched up some ideas to pamper that fucking brat. Love Letter Levi closed the envelop, dripping red wax on the flap to close it.

He paused a second, before reluctantly reaching a pen over to carve a little heart on the hardening lump. God, he felt like he was getting diabetes. He had struggled significantly with the contents of the letter, but he dearly hoped that his handwriting would make up for it.

After all, it was widely known that the corporal's cursive could even make "bullshit" a sensual word of affection. Sneaking over to the younger boy's room - it was early in the morning, and the soldiers had yet to wake - he slipped the letter into Eren's doorcrack.

Levi would've liked to put it somewhere less obvious to catch the boy off guard, but that kid was fucking brainless and would probably never find it if it were not right in front of him. By and by, the sun came up and Eren finally awoke. Sleepily pulling on his military uniform ugh, where were his socks again?

Eren breathed out in relief. Eren then saw the letter and reached for it, wondering who would be up so early or late? His heart skipped a beat as he saw the heart on the wax seal. Hastily, he extracted the contents within and was met with gorgeous-looking lines of text that was undoubtedly his beloved corporal's handwriting.

Your hygiene is getting better. I can almost look at your face now without choking. Please take them before I burn them. They reek of your feet.

Love Coupons The previous idea seemed to work well enough, for that brown-haired brat was grinning like an idiot the entire day. When anyone asked him what was up, he just giggled and blushed like a fucking high school girl. But Levi would not get distracted. This was just the beginning. According to the site, Levi was to make 'coupons' for the brat. Levi wasn't sure how willing he was to offer free services to the kid, but he would think of something.

Either way, he could take advantage of his handwriting again. During lunch, the corporal found his target slurping away in the mess hall. Eren looked up as he approached, eyes lighting up like a little puppy dog. That bastard could be so cute sometimes. Not that Levi would ever admit it though. Eren opened his mouth to greet the other man, but Levi spoke first.

With a menacing look on his face, he slammed a small packet of paper next to Eren's bowl.

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He flipped open the papers, heart fluttering again as he was met with that seductive handwriting once more. He slipped it into his back pocket, knowing that Levi would find out and more or less kick his ass if he left it somewhere, but Eren knew that he would never give another look to the booklet. He could already get enough of those things for free, after all. Texting sweet nothings This one threw Levi off a bit.

From what he understood, "texting" was a way of messaging someone via "cell phone.

The REAL Reason Why LEVI is SMALL!! Attack on Titan Theory

Erwin, who just happened to pass by, sensed Levi's radiating aura of frustration and asked the shorter man what the problem was. Levi grudgingly explained it to him with a scowl on his face. Somewhere where he'll see when he's out practicing or something, so it'll almost be like a text message. That man was genius. Out in the stables, Eren stretched his arms in the air. He was finally done with his chores for the day, which meant just one thing - time to practice with the 3DMG!

With hop and a skip in his step, the teenager rushed off to the equipment room, where he strapped on the machines and prepared for training. A few moments later, he was off the ground, zipping in the air around the Recon Headquarters. Eren swerved and swung across the establishment, practicing his turns and controls with the gear. He paused for second when he reached the main tower, and was about to shoot his hooks again when some markings on the trigger piece caught his attention.

Don't forget your posture, Yager. Eren almost choked at the message, but shot his hook anyways. This must be a joke Maybe that wasn't the best idea after all.

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Do the chore they hate. Levi felt bad about that 3DMG incident two days ago. He meant to apologize as soon as he could, but the kid was nowhere to be found that night, nor yesterday as a matter of fact. Could Eren really be mad at him? Regardless, Levi knew that Eren was in his own room now, and the corporal knew the perfect way to make it up to him: He tried to drop this information on Eren as offhandedly as possible, by banging loudly on the boy's door while yelling in his usual monotonous voice, "Don't bother with the cleaning today.

I have a day off. Maybe it was just Levi, but something about Eren's muffled voice sounded almost But Eren was never one to dwell on these things, and Levi had just offered to take over the damn brat's most hated job, for Titans' sake! Or, perhaps, Eren took it as an insult to his cleaning. Kid was always so eager to please that it was scary.

But Levi shook his head. No time to dwell on this. It was time to start cleaning. Levi was surprised to find that the castle wasn't nearly as dirty as it usually was. Good news for him though, it just meant that he could clean more rooms than he had anticipated.

To his delight, Levi ended up cleaning all 50 something rooms in the castle before everyone retired to bed. More than satisfied with the day's work, he dropped by the mess hall to fix himself a nice cup of coffee, only to find that there was still someone in the room, sitting in the corner.

Levi sat down and dipped his head down as to see the brunette's expression. Levi frowned, but answered.

levi and eren height difference in relationship

The place was cleaner than I thought though, so I managed to clean the whole castle. It's because I cleaned the whole place yesterday. His voice was still shaky as he spoke. He stood up and walked around the table, taking the poor boy into an embrace.

Make their favorite meal "Eren, what do you like to eat? I like to eat anything. He selected a clean mug, rubbed it on his uniform for good measure, and set it down on the countertop.

He filled a pot with water and set it on the cook stove to boil, then turned and reached for the box of tea leaves. Levi stepped back, looked up and around the room, and - ah. They were on a higher shelf than usual - a higher shelf than most people could reach. In fact, there was only one person in the Survey Corps that Levi knew could reach that shelf besides Erwin; the man always had his tea delivered to him and that was Levi glared at the tea box for a moment before sighing and grabbing a chair.

levi and eren height difference in relationship

He pushed it up to the counter and climbed on it, reaching up with all his lacking height. He soon felt a twinge of pain in his muscles from stretching so oddly for so long, so he relaxed his pose before attempting to jump. When he landed back on the chair, it swayed treacherously and threatened to break.

He sighed again, becoming more frustrated by the minute. He climbed up onto the narrow ledge of the countertop, grimacing at the thought of the dirt, mud, and horse shit that was no doubt being tracked on the once-clean counters as he readjusted his position.

He reached up again and was met with the same result as before. He was hesitant to try jumping, but he really wanted his tea. The water starts to boil on the stove, and Levi huffs through his nose and jumps once, twice, three times - and crashes to the floor, bringing the shelves, cabinets, boiling water, and his tea mug down on top of him.

Everyone in the mess hall stopped dead for a moment before rushing into the kitchen, where they found Levi struggling with the straps for his maneuver gear. Hanji rushed over and cut the straps, and Levi cried out as he peeled his shirt off of his blistering back. If we looked at Levi's Childhood we will understand why he gained such a height cm as long as he hadn't had any food. Levi seems to have a fondness for black tea or enjoys collecting tea leaves.

Chief among these is calcium, the most prevalent mineral in your body. Although some teas have a greater impact than others, all varieties of tea contain compounds that can reduce calcium levels. As a result, you should always avoid drinking tea when you take calcium supplements or eat calcium-rich foods.

levi and eren height difference in relationship

First, your body excretes greater amounts of calcium as your caffeine intake increases. Second, your body's ability to absorb calcium decreases when caffeine is present in your body. To reduce the impact of caffeine on calcium levels, you should drink tea only between meals and avoid pairing tea with a source of calcium. You can also reduce the negative impact of caffeine on calcium levels by opting for decaffeinated teas or herbal teas, most of which are naturally caffeine-free.

Sareen Gropper and Jack Smith, phytic acid does so by binding with these minerals, creating compounds that your body can neither break down nor absorb.

As teas are relatively high in phytic acid, you should avoid drinking tea during meals or around mealtimes. Levi only sleeps an average of 2—3 hours. Isayama has said that if he could say one thing to Levi, it would be, "Go quickly to sleep," as Levi suffers from slight bouts of insomnia.

Also, Levi does not change clothes before going to sleep, as it is such a non-event for him. Rather than sleeping in a bed, Levi just sleeps in his chair. Source sleep is one of the factors for determining a person's height.

The amount of rest you get directly impacts your growth hormones.

levi and eren height difference in relationship