Line and staff relationship definition

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

line and staff relationship definition

Definition of line and staff management: A military-type organizational structure, commonly employed in large, centralized corporations. Line and staff. The relationships that result are known as line relationships. In any organisation By contrast, staff relationships exist when a manager gives/receives advice from another organisational member. How clear is the definition of jobs? Do some. Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram) line and staff member's contribution is required and their relationship must be well defined .

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Thus, staff groups create the infrastructure of the organization. Human resources, information technologies, and finance are infrastructural functions.

line and staff relationship definition

Staff groups provide analysis, research, counselmonitoring, evaluation, and other activities that would otherwise reduce organizational efficiency if carried out by personnel in line groups. Staff groups are therefore responsible to their appropriate line units.

line and staff relationship definition

Although line and staff may operate at different levels of an organization, all positions are defined relative to their line or staff function. Differentiating line and staff functions is straightforward in that it involves identifying the beneficiaries of the activity, product, or service. If the beneficiaries are employees, then it is a staff function.

Line-staff organization

Otherwise, the activity is related to the line organization. By modifying organizational hierarchies to include staff functions, organizational capacity for processing information is increased without sacrificing lines of authority.

However, studies indicate that although line-staff innovations may preserve the appearance of formal line authority, staff groups, particularly specialized staff, often in effect assume decision-making responsibilities because their lines of communication to upper management are shorter. This is the case for staff specialists who monitor and report on line performance.

line and staff relationship definition

The staff will claim that it was a good plan and that it failed because the operating manager was inefficient and ineffective.

Line authority being undermined Operating line managers represent the main line of the organization and they also gain a degree of indispensability. The staff specialists may, however, forget that their value lives in the extent to which they strengthen line managers and also that they are to counsel and not to order.

line and staff relationship definition

They need to remember that if they undermine line authority, they risk becoming expendable. As a matter of fact, if there is an expendable person in an organization, it is most likely to be the staff specialist. Impracticality of staff recommendations Since staff people do not implement what they recommend, it is possible that they may think in a vacuum, thereby making their recommendations impractical and which in their turn, often results in friction, loss of morale and sabotage.


Disunity in command Unity of command is unavoidable for the management of any organization to reach its goal. So, multiple authorities, created out of the use of staff specialists, may create disastrous consequences.

line and staff relationship definition

Complicacy in leadership and control The chief executive of a large organization may be so busy dealing with the advice and recommendations of a large number of staff specialists that he finds little time to devote for operating departments.

Line authority is responsible to run the organization according to is a strategic plan. Staff authority plays and advisory role as their job is to investigate, research, and give advice to line managers. This type of organization is characterised by a direct chain of command, which is like a thread that passes through all the members of the organization. So, who is responsible for what and who is accountable to whom is defined, that is to say, subordinates work under the supervision of the superior.

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Definition of Line and Staff Organization Line and staff organization is the organization that combines the merits of line and functional organization, by adding the functional specialist to the line organization. Here, line authority stays same, as in the case of line organization and it flows downward.

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The functional experts, give advise to the front line managers, in the matters relevant to the object of the organization. The specialist works as staff and serves the line officials, by supporting and guiding them, whenever necessary. There are a number of benefits of line and staff organization, in the sense that it gives relief to the line managers and they can concentrate on the implementation of policies and plans. Moreover, there is a benefit of specialization, as in work is divided between the line and staff executives, and they focus on their respective area.