Love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

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love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

Written/directed by William Eubank, LOVE stars Gunner Wright, Corey A prerecorded message from his brother will become Miller's only connection to earth, for not For what is a life spent alone, the film overtly suggests (each act of the The score by rock band Angels and Airwaves (lead singer Tom. Love () Gunner Wright in Love () Angels & Airwaves Love See more » Q: To what extent does the music of Angels and Airwaves feature? I seriously can not think of a single saving grace about this so called movie, the whole. New extended anniversary edition of the critically acclaimed scifi feature film! Angels and Airwaves. LOVE Movie Extended Edition . Even if you saw nothing but the first ten minutes, you'd be leaving with a cinematic treat" - Ain't it Cool.

So it gets points for that, but it's not a movie I'd ever watch again, or even one I'd recommend to others. The D August 24, I can't believe what they've done here.

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It's a magnificent story tracking between reality and mental psychosis. The visuals are amazing, scenes are well designed, and the soundtrack was perfection. Those who cannot stand Kubrick may pass, but, for the rest, this is a can't miss.

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Rob A July 22, "LOVE", an indie project written and directed by William Eubank, is my favorite sort of film -- a cinematic exercise that over-reaches and falls short. I would much rather watch a movie that tries very hard to coalesce into more than the sum of its parts, than to watch a formulaic "safe" film that Hollywood specializes in grinding out, ad nasueam.

Our connections with other humans are what is most important in life. That is the gist and believe me, I am not spoiling anything by describing that so clearly -- one of the movie's glaring flaws, and the primary reason it falls short, is the blatant and heavy-handed manner in which the writer informs us, the simple viewer, that connections with other people are important.

The film opens with a Civil War-era vignette.

love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

Since the movie next switches to the International Space Station, and a lone occupant, the significance of the opening scene is somewhat befuddling, and not immediately apparent.

Later on in the movie, the astronaut character of "Captain Lee Miller" competently portrayed by relative unknown Gunner Wright discovers a diary written by the narrator of the Civil War scene, and the narrative falters somewhat in its melding of the stories, if not the message.

The film is not-quite unique; it has unavoidable echoes of Stanley Kubrick's " When I first viewed the film, I honestly couldn't decide if I had enjoyed it or not, but I was almost haunted by certain images from the film A basic summary of the movie, without spoiling I am not sure the movie could be spoiled, since the narrative is so unsure that it took me two viewings to reach a point where I am fairly certain what I had just witnessed: A lone astronaut is sent aboard to verify that all systems are functional and ready to accommodate a larger crew, when an incident on Earth renders him alone and without succor.

The film plays out with Miller coping with solitude on a magnitude unique in human experience; not only is he alone, but there is no hope that he will ever be anything but alone again, surrounded by eternal vacuum.

During his years of isolation, he discovers a diary written by the narrator of the opening Civil War sequence. Eventually he is gripped by hallucinations, and then the movie reaches its climax, which is oddly more satisfying than the narrative that preceded it.

Velimir S May 29, Fenomenalan Soundtrack.

love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

It was a bit long, slow, quiet, and a little bit claustrophobic for the most part. Eubanks explained the movie and the making of it. I would have wanted for the other AVA band members to join in on the discussion, but they all left the stage once they finished their performance.

Overall, it was a great film and it was a great night: Tim P August 11, In a moment in time a man or woman can lose connection with anyone, anything or all that chose to exist.

love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

Discovery can come in many ways, but with the movie Love, discovery comes as the movie develops. This is one of the most visually epic movies available to watch this year or for the last 40 years. Losing connection with people is one thing, but losing connection with home, Earth, people, mankind, or alien lifeforms brings a whole new meaning to emotional drain. Love what you have, cherish your social life, respect the people who love you, and L VE them back.

love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

A great, must see movie for intellectuals, thinkers and fantasy believers. Don't go if you want Michael Bay to be your best man at your wedding, because there is no action in this movie, just deep thought and introspective reflection on "what-would-you-do" in a place with no social interaction.

If you are a fan of Flock of Seagulls meets U2 and has offspring like Angels and Airwaves, you will love the movie's feel, flow and subtle intergalactic music interludes. Mind blowing, inspiring, humbling, and brilliant.

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But they shouldn't have shown the clear bottles of liquid in the space station - kinda gave away the magic of the anti-gravity camera angles. There are some plot holes, but the meta story makes up for them.

love film angels and airwaves ending a relationship

Too bad 'Moon' had to steal much of its thunder, but it's still breathtaking in its own right. Doug H August 11, This film was absolutely breathtaking, from it's beautiful cinematography to its underlying meaning.

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One of the best films of This film showed that Independent film is going in the right track. You don't need to spend a lot to make an amazing film. I wish more people would understand that.

James R August 11, The movie was beautiful to watch. The sets were amazing You could tell that it truly was a labor of love.