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maou and emi relationship marketing

The Devil Is a Part-Timer is fantasy, comedy Japanese anime series based on the light novels written by Satoshi Wagahara. In another dimension, the Dark Lord Satan and his forces of evil are defeated by the Hero Emilia Justina. .. Emi and thinks that she and Sadao are in some kind of relationship because of their. Back in Ente Isla, they were mortal enemies. Emilia's village had been destroyed by the Demon King's forces, and her father was presumed killed. In order to. Dec 25, As Emi the Hero and Maou the Demon King learn to live side by side in a .. if you feel that Emi and Maou's relationship needed to really move it's ass, for Maou, as he and Ashiya went about the nearby market districts of.

There are now-" Maou drew in a shaky breath, blood pooling in the back of his throat from a split inner lip. He swallowed the metallic tasting concoction that made up his human body and pressed on.

It sank right up to the handle into the floor next to Maou's head. The blade had sliced his cheek on its path down, Emi barely managing to change her original course of stabbing him in the eye. Once again, the demon lord was at her mercy and once again she'd spared his life.

This was the being that threw the entire world of Ente Isla in chaos The truth began to unfold right before her. Emi's life, her training, the Church's structure, the Church's priests. It was all cunningly done, to make out Satan as the villain. From the moment the Pope had come to claim her and make her the Hero, Emi had just been a tool. The thought shook her to her very core. The she saw Maou, prone underneath her, dripping blood onto her carpet, tears still running from the corners of his eyes.

His hand's shook and he looked pale compared to the black hair of his head. Emi pulled the knife from the floor and held it to Maou's collar. The Church, what else have they done? What else are they responsible for? Or maybe just really, really patient.

Anyway, this was inspired after I watched the Devil is a Part Timer and I felt compelled to write, which is something I don't often do anymore. Also, it was written about a year or two ago, so yeah, I hope my writing has improved. It's a romance, and it takes up right where the anime left off, so if you feel that Emi and Maou's relationship needed to really move it's ass, here you go, keep reading.

A huge thank you too Kokoyoromi of DeviantArt for allowing me to use her art as the cover image! Her art is amazing and her skill with anime styling and anatomy in general is to die for, I only wish I could draw half as well as her. Please check out some of her other stuff at: Compromise Emi hardly wanted to believe it, but in her heart she knew that Maou was telling the truth. Every time that she had gotten a shallow answer, or vague orders, every time she questioned anything about the Church and its ways suddenly made sense, as if a veil had been lifted.

It seemed so obvious when the veil had been removed, but before, she simply couldn't believe that the Church and its highest ranking members were the culprits. The Hero can't cry," Emi whispered. She heard the voices of her countless tutors. The Hero cannot fail!

She wept like a child and fell forward onto Maou's chest. She balled a fist and beat it pathetically against him. The gaping void that was once filled with hate for Maou had momentarily emptied her after she'd learned of Maou's innocence and was suddenly filled once more. You will lead me to Olba. Then you will both pay for your evils.

He wondered if he could sneak out but then he noticed how terribly groggy he still felt. The amount of celestial force it took to wear him down was severely diminished as he had very little power left to drain before it sapped his vitality. To apologize, to explain. He hadn't realized it when he was the King of Demons, but he had become greedy and power hungry after his army had formed and began to find victory across Ente Isla.

He slowly got to his feet, leaning against walls, furniture and anything else that would keep him upright. It wasn't hard to find the only occupied bedroom in the apartment, even with its spaciousness. He was a few feet away when he heard an agonized cry coming from behind the door. Maou silently staggered along, wary of any danger he may face behind the door. Leaning against the door frame, Maou peaked in through the crack between door and its frame.

Emi wept pathetically on the bed, wearing nothing but a shirt and some underwear. She shook with each wail and sob, her eyes red and swollen. Maou watched, very surprised and confused in his current state. He was very aware of Emi's rather revealing state of undress.

Even so, he kept his stupefied gaze upon Emi's face. Maou could taste it using his demonic senses. There was a tendril of fear The loss of her father, and a sharp pang of sadness for her Angelic mother's seeming disinterest in Emi.

All of her negative emotions were wrapped around a core of irreplaceable loathing and hatred for Satan Even so, there was something else It was not hatred, but it almost seemed as if she regarded Satan Jacob and Sadao Maou as two different people. Maou pushed open the door, causing Emi to turn around, her face instantly hardening.

Her fists clenched and she trembled, not even realizing she was half nude. What are you doing in here," Emi asked loudly. His voice broke and he spoke her name again, shuffling closer. He leaned on the door, which swung on its hinges and left Maou with no support.

He crumpled to his knees, hunched over and shivering. He gagged and threatened to be sick on the carpet, his world spinning from his quick descent "Maou!? She patted his back, but when he choked and sputtered she delivered a sharp pinch to his side. The pain quickly brought him away from the brink of sickness and he began to calm. The spot where Emi touched him burned, but it filled Maou with complex human feelings and emotions.

On a deep and profoundly confusing level, he found he enjoyed the contact. Emi dragged one of Maou's arms over her shoulders and gripped his waist with the other, helping him stand. They staggered over to Emi's bed and she dropped him slowly onto it. Maou hiccupped but made no attempt to vomit on the bed. Emi sat next to Maou, looking down on him as he lay there, staring up at the dark ceiling. I wanted to tell you I only wanted what was best for them to start with but I can't change what I've done but maybe I can atone.

I wanted to offer you What kind of deal? I propose a trade You let me feed off of your I'll drain the pain I won't trick you, I swear This will make me get better faster I can't miss work. You need the panic of a crowd to regain your power. I don't think you'd be able to take away my pain Only the most powerful have the needed precision and willpower. I can make you feel better. I can take the pain. I doubt I could do much more than He was right, of course. The negativity of one person wouldn't be enough to bring back his full power, but Emi's hatred was an inferno before her feelings of fear and despair.

He would certainly gain something substantial from it. Then she heard his voice The Devil was begging for her to help him. He had to work and he couldn't risk missing it because of Emi's failed plans. She noticed the tears forming on his eyes and the look of desperation on his face. But if you trick me, Suzuno will know. She will take you down. I can never repay you. Maou had Emi prepare for the ritual. She brought out a bunch of little tea candles and lit them, covering every available surface.

Next she helped Maou sit up and propped him up against some pillows. Finally, she lit some incense and got Maou something to drink and some crackers. She sat cross-legged across from him as he slowly nibbled away.

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After he ate and drank his fill he set them off to the side on a little bedside table. He reached out with both hands. Physical contact will allow the spell to work better. Unless you like feeling all that negativity bottled up? He was beyond tired and this would definitely help in his recovery. He bowed his head and closed his eyes.

She felt her emotions burn brightly as the magic took effect. Then she felt them slowly work their way down her shoulders from her heart, hot and fiery. They burned through the veins in her arms and flowed out of her fingertips and into Maou. He opened his eyes and continued his chanting. His eyes began to glow and his black shadowy aura appeared.

It seemed to be getting steadily darker and thicker. Maou's eyes began to burn like coals in a fire. Emi became frightened, her fear being drained away as fast as it was replenished. Even though they bright and glowing, she could see the dark circles under his eyes. She could hear his voice, as human as ever. Try to focus Emi. Give me the stuff you don't want. Give me your anger.

Emi knew that particular emotion all too well. Her loathing of Satan, her hatred of the church. Sick and tired and she needed a break. Suddenly she became furious and Maou's aura flared, growing larger and larger. The curtains in the room blew in a gentle, yet nonexistent breeze. And then she felt her anger ebb away.

She felt it sucked out like poison from a wound. She felt at peace, as if he'd just extracted a tumor from her soul.

And while Emi felt at peace, Maou felt powerful. To strengthen the connection Maou laced his fingers through hers. Emi didn't seem to notice as she shoved the emotions she felt onto him. Her anger was more than he had anticipated. She had a lot bottled up for being so young. He felt the raw, hot anger pour into him like molten lead. He felt the chilling, mind numbing fear. Both of these faded and were replaced by a substantial amount of vitality.

Emi and Maou held hands for a moment longer, both breathing heavily and sweating slightly. A hand print appeared on Maou's face. Emi had let go of Maou with one hand and dragged him closer with the other, using the free hand to land a blow on his face.

Emi Yusa/Relationship

Hello again, here's another chapter for whoever the hell actually reads these aside from myself. Now, this chapter was rather fun to write, and the ending was probably my favorite scene so far. Sentencing Maou looked up to find Emi had bright red patches on her cheeks. Even so, she appeared more at ease than before, almost as if she hadn't just tried to kill Maou a few hours ago. And still, they both kept one hand laced through each other's fingers, seemingly afraid to lose the addictive feelings that left them breathless.

For Maou, he had felt power. And for Emi, she had felt peace. He had actually accumulated some magic through all this. He had some to spare, on top of being revitalized. I figure this isn't permanent To come over to your house and hold your hands and-" "Yes," Emi said loudly.

I feel like I can trust you. You owe me for giving you my emotions You said so yourself, you can never repay me But when should we meet? We could have codenames and-" "Ok, so you're ok with this? You won't abuse the power you get from this at all? If need be I can spread what I get between Ashiya and Urushihara as well. Maou thought about it and then snapped his fingers. I'll tell them that there was an angry customer and that I stole his emotions to calm him down! I can keep coming up with stuff like that.

I'm sure they'll eat it up.

No Idea — “Yes… I will be with your papa… until death do us

Otherwise I can just let it out in other ways. I could grow plants, destroy roadside waste, open Gates for anyone who needs to travel to and from Ente Isla and other menial tasks that will use up a lot of power. Like you said, I owe you, big time.

Just say the word and I'm your man. She opened her eyes wide and glanced at him, their eyes meeting for the briefest of moments. His eyes, red and still burning with energy somewhat, her eyes, bright green and brimming with surprise.

She quickly looked away and hid her face as it turned several shades of red. The butterflies picked up the pace, swirling around in her stomach with furious gusto.

I'd say that with what I have now, I could probably last for a few months without running out magic. They arrived at the brightly lit, well-guarded detention facility as the sun rose.

Upon entering the building, they were asked for the reason of their visit by a man sitting behind the desk in what would be considered the lobby. Maou stood straight and tall and using his hypnosis, commanded the guard to take them to whoever was in charge.

They wound their way through the building, passing countless white doors, all of which were thick and had wires embedded in the small glass panes. Every now and again, an inmate would press their faces up against the glass, watching Maou and Emi closely. They arrived at a door that had the word 'warden' written out in Japanese. Have a nice day. This could be one of the most healing things you could do. Perhaps some closure is what you need. If they were caught, she didn't even want to think about what would happen to Maou and herself.

An older gentleman sat behind a large and obviously antique desk. He had several tarnished awards and plaques hanging on the wall. He also had a few mementos, a picture on the desk of his family, a paddle on the wall with a harsh policy on whining written out along the polished wood. Am I supposed to be expecting the two of you? When she mentions it and starts pulling it out to give them, time slows down with her voice getting distorted and colors fail as we switch to Maou's and Ashiya's growing horrified expressions.

The subbers even lampshaded this by showing only part of the sentence when she started and revealing the rest only when she actually said the words and revealed the letter. The end of the sentence is even translucent and faded where its spoken equivalent is distorted by time slowing down. In Volume 4 it's revealed she had sent a video tape to the apartment, however due to a combination of fear and lack of a VHS player it was wrapped up and hidden away, only to be found again some time later.

When he eventually watches the video it appears to simply be Miki-T informing them about the situation, at which point he phones the number she gave him. After the phone call, however, it's revealed the tape was left running, and she proceeds to demonstrate a dance form she's been learning in Egypt: Episode 6, in stark contrast to the high paced action previous episode, is largely filled with a lot of comedic hijinks.

Episode 13 has nothing too serious occur, and is fairly light-hearted compared to the previous episode where Maou was once again in a fight for his life.

Brought Down to Normal: Magic doesn't flow on Earth as in Ente Isla, and so the visitors have to get by as regular humans until they figure out how Earth's magic works.

Whenever Alciel regains his powers, he returns to Castle Overlord to retrieve his mantle. This causes him to miss most of the action. During the fight with Lucifer, Maou and Alciel argue about money. Random earthquakes that aren't so random. They were sonar pings used by Emi's companions in order to locate her on Earth. They later explain in episode 5 that it was specifically targeting those who were thinking about the Dark Lord, hence why Chiho was subjected to them as well.

The string of muggings. Maou deduces that the muggings were to put fear into people that Lucifer could then feed off of to regain some of his powers. Lucifer is the one who finds it, and is able to use her contact information to his advantage. While looking at Chi's school for some magic, Chi spots a package of noodles on the ground. The school is also where Lucifer and Olba came through.

This hints that Suzuno came through there too and how she would try poisoning Maou and company. At one time when Emi was visiting the Devil's castle, Lucifer handed her her purse. He put a tracker in it to know her whereabouts at all times. Holy Vitamin B helps Olba regain enough magic to bring the moon closer for Sariel in episode Pretty much the main weapon of the Corrupt Church. They will backstab anyone so as to put all the blame on them and keep their hands clean.

In episode 12, while facing off against Suzuno, Maou dodges some of her attacks, then starts to take his work uniform off, leaving only his socks, shoes, and a pair of shorts on. She is understandably embarrassed by it and asks why he'd do that, but he tells her that if his work clothes get damaged in a non-work environment, then he has to pay for it.

Happens to Maou at the end of episode 6 after he sees the picture of the landlady in a bikini which Chiho picked up when he dropped it in the science lab the previous night.

Comically Missing the Point: In episode 10, Chiho visits the theme park that Maou is asked to work at for the day to help with the busy schedule.

She's wearing a revealing swimsuit, and asks how it is. He then tells her that it's a lot busier here than in the store they normally work at, and as he goes on about the work, she increasingly becomes irritated at his Oblivious to Love mentality which Emi calls him out on moments latershowing off some Dull Eyes of Unhappiness shortly afterwards.

Dullahan, Maou's trusty steed and most certainly not just a cheap bicycle. Starting to reach insistent terminology levels. The Holy Church of Ente Isla turns out to be one. Their plan was to raise Emilia as a Tyke Bomb and secretly sabotage the war effort so that the fate of the world fell on the shoulders of their chosen "Hero".

maou and emi relationship marketing

Then after Emilia defeats Satan, the Church quietly gets rid of her by faking a Heroic Sacrifice so that they can take the credit and political influence. They even used Inquisitors to act as their own personal secret police and eliminate anyone who stood in their way.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Though High Priest Olba is the chief architect of this, the other higher-ups aren't much better. Even though Ente Isla is very intentionally a bog- Standard Fantasy Settingit still starts to reek of this as we learn more about it. See Corrupt Church above. Maou reveals that the demon world before he took over was this.

How Maou and Kamazuki meet, thanks to the seemingly cursed stairs. It's heavily steeped in Medieval Catholic traditions, but they worship multiple "gods", have an incompetent angelic bureaucracy, and borrow the Jewish Sephirot for their creation myth.

She doesn't fall much onscreen, but she is introduced to us with lines from both Maou and their boss saying that she trips and drops fries on the floor at least once every couple days. Played for Laughs with Emi in Episode 2, being reduced to tears while begging Maou to open up the door for her, then more seriously at the end of said episode after she had to accept Maou's generosity in allowing her to stay at his and Alciel's place for the night after she lost her purse.

Chiho does this a few times. In Episode 11, Suzuno breaks down in tears after Emi decides to side with Chiho — both girls she came to trust — in sparing Maou, at least for the moment. Special mention goes to Maou vs. Sariel, the aftermath of which could be seen from space.

Emi is on the receiving end of this fighting Sariel, who can cancel any holy powers. Dark Is Not Evil: If Maou and Ashiya are anything to go by while on Earth. Emi and Ashiya do this in episode 3 while Maou is out on a date with Chiho. Sadao has a rather terrifying one while in his demon form.

One of his subordinates, Lucifer, practically turns white when he appears before him, wearing this expression. Once Maou defeats Lucifer, he takes him in. Thus Lucifer stays at Maou and Alciel's home, so he doesn't cause further trouble, and helps them searching for sources of magic on Earth. Averted with Sariel, though, who the cast continues to despise even if they no longer view him as an enemy.

Maou protects Emi in this way when they're unexpectedly fired on. Abuse, Female on Male: After Maou catches Emi when the latter falls down the stairs at his apartment, he calls her clumsy, prompting her to viciously punch him, followed shortly by a brutal kneeing to his face. However, in this case, Emi doesn't escape unscathed, as he was holding her at the time, and when he drops her, she lands on her upper back and head in a rather painful manner.

Though her hitting him has less to do with gender, and more to do with him being a demon who conquered her homeland. He's only saved when the golden apple he's clutching sprouts arms and blocks it. It Makes Sense in Context. The last episode opens with both Emilia and Chiho having bad dreams involving Satan. In Emilia's dream, Satan regains his full power and declares his intentions to resume his world-conquering ways, while in Chiho's dream, Maou Sadou informs her that he has to return to his own world.

Emi's too spent from torture to properly complain about it, though - even having her ripped-open blouse pointed out barely warrants a reaction. On Earth, demonic powers are powered by fear, despair and sadness while sacred powers are powered by love. It's rather difficult to restore sacred powers as a consequence. Supernatural Ente Islans can gain magical power from human emotions.

When confronted by the traitorous Lucifer and a power hungry Olba Emi, Maou and Alciel work together to bring them down. They constantly bitch about it during and after the event. Subverted in episode 12, when Olba awakens from a coma and attempts to re-recruit Lucifer, who has taken to filling the role of the token goth roommate since getting his butt handed to him.

Lucifer pretends to go along with him in his attempt to give Sariel immense power by summoning a portal to the moon, Sariel's energy source, knowing the sudden sight of the moon being only meters away would cause enough panic to re-energize Satan. After completing this goal, he promptly curb stops Olba's white, wrinkled ass. In episode 8, Suzuno suggests this to Emi, but the latter refuses for a variety of reasons, such as Maou saving people's lives in an earlier attack. The masked assailant who attacks Emi at the convenience store in episode 7.

He rushes at her Made funnier when the identity of the masked man is revealed. The archangel Sariel fell for a closed glass door. Even Evil Has Standards: You do not look in a lady's wallet without permission!

Turns out Maou and his roomies all knew from the beginning Suzuno was actually from Enta Isla. They just didn't bug her about it because it's free food and not a big deal to them. Lucifer even remarks on how the food tastes a little Sacred for his liking. Satan and Alciel's Demon forms were bigger than the Hero Emi. Their human forms are much smaller, though, so when Maou temporarily regains his form, his clothing is instantly stretched to the breaking point over his frame.

In addition to the whole 'conquer the world' thing, Ashiya says he would steal the keys of someone who had done him a favor, while Maou seems to feel it's his job as an overlord to annoy Emi.

They even prank call her at work to test Lucifer's hacking skills her expressions during this scene are hilarious. Maou was one, but now he's just an employee at a fast food restaurant. This doesn't stop him from retaining his old dramatic tendencies, however. The series initially had a placeholder opening as well as ending, despite having the accompanying songs for both.

The first two episodes have no opening. The third episode starts with the cuts taken from the light novel covers, before transitioning to using flashbacks and scenes from the first two episodes, to finally showing the fully-animated version in episode Even the "real" opening animation features slight changes between episode 5 and 7, like going from showing just Maou, Ashiya, Emi, and Chiho during the walking sequence, to including Lucifer and Suzuno, incidentally spoiling the latter's identity as the Church Inquisitor.

All this is because the studio, for whatever reason, couldn't complete the actual opening on time. The ending placeholder, on the other hand, is initially a reverse replay of the first episode, then transitions to a basic animation taken from the light novels, then goes to a slow pan-up of Chiho while wearing a bikini, sun hat, and semi-transparent sundress which had been drawn by the director. The final ending sequence that appears in Episode 06 still retains that particular pan-up, but shows a whole lot more montages — including Chiho sitting seemingly naked covered only by a round cushion, as well as wearing a bunny-girl outfit.

It's still very much Chiho-centric however. The pan-up in Episode 06 now shows multiple but faint clocks appearing on Chiho's body. The ending credits change again for episode 13, showing slice-of-life moments for the main cast after everything's wrapped up.

Chiho figured that supernatural entities would be a bit more impressive. Emi concedes her point. I always thought angels and demons and stuff would be more Explaining Your Power to the Enemy: While fighting against Emi in episode 11, Sariel took the time to explain his unique ability to nullify her sacred powers to Emi.

Justified in that he had absolute confidence in his powers. Since his power couldn't be blocked, nullified, or taken away, simply knowing he can do it does absolutely nothing to help Emi to overcome it. Lucifer is the main one, but there's implied to be others. Fantastic Comedy Fantasy Counterpart Culture: The later light novels start to devolve more into Ente Isla and we see.

The western continent is based on medieval Europe with their more advanced magic and constant fights power struggles with the church. The Eastern continent is based on dynastic China with the word dynasty used and even fireworks and firecrackers used by the citizens.

The only reason he fought humans in the first place is because they were in the way in his goals. It also help that he's in the situation where he has to work with humans if he is to succeed in world domination. Played straight by Emi.

Justified that she lost her father in the war against the demons. Featureless Plane of Disembodied Dialogue: The light novels, in their English translation, do not use dialogue tags. A reader must parse the following paragraph and figure out who the speaker is. Sometimes, however, there is no following paragraph, leaving the reader confused and bewildered who is talking.

One egregious example happens at the beginning of book 3, when Maou and Suzuno are trying to impress each other with their knowledge of the Obon tradition. Halfway through, Chiho enters the conversation, but we don't find that out for another page and a half, making the back and forth utterly incomprehensible to attribute. The three demons of the cast are male with the Fallen Angel being the most feminine-looking of the trio while the half-angel hero is female with her angel half stemming from her mother.

Subverted in the case of Archangel Sariel, though he still looked rather feminine as well. The fast-food joint Maou works at is called MgRonalds. Nobody does chicken like Sentucky Fried Chicken. Apart from Suzuno's arrival at the end, the majority of Episode 6 is an anime original.

Fish out of Water: It helps that there are time skips during their adjustment phase but it's implied they do take well to their new lives albeit with a naivety concerning subtle details of daily modern life. Played very straight with Suzuno, who is not only a fish out of water but a fish out of temporal water as well. This severely complicates her adjustment compared to the others. She argues with a train station gate insistently blocking her way and stereotypically freaks out about a flatscreen tv having "tiny people" in it.

Even after being corrected, she's shown to be hard-locked into some habits such as speaking Japanese in a very old, formal and traditional style and wearing kimonos she still buys more kimonos during a shopping spree when told about western clothes and given magazines about them. This just seems to be her personal preference however. This is partly justified since, in order to prepare herself for Japan she studied historical dramas. At first it seems things are going to end up in a very heated argumentbut then Emi offers to buy him some dinner if he'll tell Rika about Maou.

He immediately accepts and sits down, proclaiming that there's nothing he wouldn't do for Maou and to save on their money. Often but very subtle In episode 7 Emi drops several hints during her first encounter with Suzuno including considering the possibility of her being an assassin from Ente Isla, which she is. Also hinting at Suzuno's identity, in the original Japanese script Emi asks Suzuno "are you after Maou" which she interprets to mean after him to kill him resulting in a pretty big misunderstanding.

In the English dub however, the line was changed and the misunderstanding removed causing a minor inconsistency later. Still in episode 7, Urushihara looks at one of Emi's energy drinks and says if she keeps drinking that stuff she will wind up like Ashiya who is sick with what appears to be heatstroke.

Since the bottle actually contains Celestial Force, this hints at the true cause of Ashiya's illness, as well as the fact that Urushihara already figured out the bottle's contents. At least one has turned traitor. In episode three, if you go frame by frame through the collapsing tunnel scene you see magical barriers going up around the people as Maou protects them.

In episode eleven, during a casual attempt to get out of work, Urushihara stops for a moment to pick up his shoes but instead is shown picking up Suzuno's sandals. If you pause during the brief shot of the pile of shoes by the door you can see a small tracking device in Urushihara's hand. The gestures and body language of the characters is well animated. Some of these occur in less than half a second. During the lunchbox scene, pay attention to Chiho's expressions and how she throws herself across the table to grab, yank and then shake Maou.

Emi is a powerhouse of expressions to the point where you can read the escalating stages of "pissed off" she's going through in a single moment. You cannot party the night away with some hero.

Maou's apartment is pretty small, but of the two later three people living in it, only one is employed, and he has a part-time job at a fast food restaurant. Possibly justified when it's revealed that the landlady knew what they were from the beginning and was sympathetic to their plight.

From Nobody to Nightmare: Essentially this is Maou's plan. The novels reveal this is how he got to be the Lord of Demons back on Ente Isla in the first place; he was actually a low ranking foot soldier for decades that worked his way to the top through hard work and wits.

When Emi tries storming Castle Overlord read: Later, she tries to pick a fight with Maou at work, which he willfully misinterprets as her ordering food.

When she walks out, she's carrying the food he decided she had been ordering. When Emi and Suzuno go to Moonbucks, Suzuno copies Emi's gestures - being out of touch with modern Japan, she sees Emi as being more experienced.

When she copies Emi spilling some cream for her coffee, she makes a triumphant fist for a brief moment at having gotten it 'right'. Suzuno again in Sentucky. After taking their seats, look at her face for the entire length of the scene while Rika and Emi bicker.

She takes a small sip of her drink and then just stares at it the entire time as if it's the nectar of the gods. Lucifer often complains about how poorly he is treated by the other characters, who, of course, ignore his rants, relegating him to background noise. In the first episode when Satan and Alciel arrive on Earth they encounter a pair of police officers who try to make them get in the police car.

Alciel leaps back and attempts to use magic on them, loudly proclaiming that he'll never go with them. After his spell fails, there's a beat and the scene cuts to the pair in the back of the police car. Emi pulls it off during the opening credits sequence. Rika does this to Chiho in episode 9 after being smacked by Cuteness Proximity. Apparently, powerful heroes and demon lords spend their time chatting and snarking at each other when they're not working.

Emi's " Relax Bear " wallet. Grey and Gray Morality: Emi and her closest allies are genuinely heroic while Maou's greatest moral failing is his inability to lead his forces properly, causing them to go out of control against civilian targets. There are very few genuinely bad people in the cast. Even the church can be argued to be just trying to keep order in Ente Isla.

maou and emi relationship marketing

Both Emi and Suzuno in episode 8 after they both realize that they're both from Ente Isla. Their heated debate gets the attention of some passersby.

Most of Emi and Maou's arguments start out as or devolve into this eventually. Suzuno is an assassin trying to kill Maou and is worming her way into his good graces. Thanks to his Obfuscating StupidityMaou realizes this right away and quips that that sort of thing never happens in real lifeyet he lets Suzuno cook for him anyway. He's perfectly willing to sacrifice innocents to achieve his goal, is a Dirty Coward who doesn't pose a serious threat to the heroes, and he's not funny at all.

Emi, Chiho, and Suzuno visit one in episode Despite having probably seen much worse, it scares all three girls. Emi later wonders who would create such a thing, while Suzuno thought she was prepared for stuff like that. All three are holding their face, probably in tears afterwards. Lucifer was originally one of Maou's generals, then shows up with Olba on Earth to kill him. After Lucifer's defeat, Maou accepts him back rather easily. Once Olba returns, he goes to Lucifer to team up against Maou again, and Lucifer appears to agree at first.

However, Lucifer turns on Olba after using him to help Maou gain the upper hand in his own fight, making this a subversion of this trope. Hero Stole My Bike: In episode 8, while walking Chiho home, Maou brings his bike along to go to work afterwards. After she gives him a Love Confessionthey realize Suzuno was watching them. Chiho then grabs his bike and starts taking off with it, and apologizes profusely later for it.

One of the manga adaptations, with Maou now an ambitious high school student. How Much Did You Hear? To Chiho's dismay, Suzuno heard everything after "I'd already fallen for you, Maou-san.

Also, Maou and Emi - there's not much of a size difference if any when he's human, but as a demon Emi is especially taken aback when Maou mentions that he couldn't help but acquire empathy for humans after living as one for a year. Same goes for a sociopathic backstabbing Fallen Angel. During the fight in episode 5, Ashiya knocks Olba into a building. He then asks why Emi teamed up with a demon, and is immediately called out by the others as he's working with Lucifer. In episode 6, Emi pays a visit at Maou's restaurant, saying she wants to talk to him.

He tells her that disturbing him at work is extremely rude, which causes her to immediately call him out on this, as he had called her while she was at work the day before.