Medaka box and zenkichi relationship trust

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medaka box and zenkichi relationship trust

Torai informs Zenkichi that Medaka, Ajimu, Hanten Shiranui, Hansode Torai rebukes him, stating that doing so would be a violation of the students' trust in him . . approves of Medaka's behavior, comparing her and Zenkichi's relationship to . At the Student Council office, Zenkichi and Medaka find the suggestion box When she claims that doing so would be a violation of the students' trust in him, . is old fashioned, and probably thinks it's taboo to go out before marriage. In fact, it takes after the most recent chapter of Medaka Box anyway, . "It's the power of Zenkichi-kun influence," Emukae added, her tone . Despite all appearance, our relationship is one of mutual trust and understanding!.

But since I was personally not good enough to be a member, I was forced to quit. Half of my liver. Those were the samples I gave to make it through the Flask Plan.


All according to Maguro's plan. Don't give me your foolish pity or start hating me. And I'm fine with the results. If making life a little easier entailed me losing all my innards, that's asking a small price. Moreover, Zenkichi was sure that Medaka would do the same thing. I had to quit school because of it and thus I've been given the distinct privilege of being this silent Ghost Babel's manager. But there's no way on this earth I'm going to tell you guys. I don't want you to experience the same things I did.

You see, the three pillars that hold up my mentality aren't friendship, hard work, and success. Suddenly, Maguro did a pose reminiscent to those fabulous poses seen in the recent parts of Jojo.

Whatever the situation, that's the only thing that drives me! I was born to be adored by my little sister. However, I'll teach you everything aside from that! You know trying to stop me won't get you anywhere. Because I'm going to raise you to maximum level! This is my little sister rearing simulation game!

But as you know, I'm a first class sicko. So during your training, I'll sexually harass you! For no apparent reason, I'll feel you up all over! Medaka Kurokami, do you think you can complete my training course!? If you can only train me, I'll be thankful for that. And as thanks, I'll reform you into a right-minded human! It seems that another pervert appeared before us. He even called us informally even though we never met him before," Kikaijima said while blushing, giving Maguro a glare.

I don't really think that power leveling to max in one night is possible. I will make you all stronger in just a single night! A ha ha ha! What the hell is wrong with you!? And Maguro-san, why did you agree to him so easily! I can't even understand her in the first place. After some moments, Zenkichi began the discussion with Maguro by a grin.

Are you alright now Hansode-chan? And then, without preamble, Shiranui jumped and knocked him in the head. Why did you hit me!? Just felt like it. That's good, that's good. Myouga, how about I train you? You shouldn't get scared of me. I promise I'll be gentle, right, Zenkichi? With that, Myouga held out her hand, which Shiranui gladly took. And Zenkichi, you should really give me a fitting reward after this.

This is a nice place you've got here. Expected, but still disappointing, a minus point to his meager people skills. I can't help you with this even if I wanted to. Last time I saw her, she's Don't worry; she's already acclimatized with it. I'm different from you, you know, and so is the rest of this academy. We can't really defend ourselves.

By the way, from what I could guess, the others are coming. I'm sure you did something stupid Especially with your penchant of making girls fall for you. You know, you've really changed. I did all that I did on my volition.

So are you going to help them? Oudo did challenge you. Now Zenkichi felt stupid for answering his questions. To observe my sister, I'll use anything I could get my hands on. And CCTV's are just the tip of the iceberg.

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I could definitely use one of those. I don't want to receive the short end of the stick when those girls find out about it. Zenkichi shook his head at it. And I don't think Medaka would appreciate me being there beside her. Seeing as there was nothing more to talk about, Zenkichi began to walk towards the door. Medaka could still remember it The feeling of worry, guilt, confusion, and helplessness.

Back then, when she noticed Zenkichi's disappearance for he never came back after summer break, it somehow affected her. A strong feeling of fear and longing, and thus, without other choice, she asked her brother, but it was a false hope. She wanted to search for him, even thinking of sacrificing her education just to find him herself. However, with neither the approval of those around her, with no help from her family, and with no knowledge nor clue of his whereabouts, for the first time in her life, she gave up.

It was another devastating failure. And it crushed her. What was hidden was now bare, rearing its fangs. I didn't find your Zenkichi. What I found was someone different Also-" "I don't care about your metaphors! Why didn't you tell me!? Didn't he say that I was important to him? Then tell me what happened? Why do I feel disgusted back there after Just be patient like the good girl that you are, my lovable little sister.

I don't like this at all. Since he wasn't wearing make-up anymore, he was sure that he looked weird on his current attire. I never thought I would want to don make-up until now.

Coming out from the living room, Zenkichi's petite mother skipped while wearing a pink apron.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship trust

What's with all the ra—Oh my! This is a punishment from some stupid stuff I did! It would have been effective if not for an eyedropper clumsily hidden on one of her small hands.

What a disrespectful son! With no other choice, Zenkichi bowed, and said, "I'm sorry. I won't put up with that again, even if it's from you, mother. Just get changed, your food will be cooked in a few minutes. It was a regular room, just right for Zenkichi's taste: The curtains were closed, covering the room's windows, the room now dark with the monitor as the only source of light.

The atmosphere was similar to those rooms of shut-ins, closed off from the outside world, only him, alone, in the dark but comforting box. Don't worry, this year you're going to win the Senbatsu general elections. Zenkichi turned and tilted his head to look at her. Najimi Ajimu was a very pretty girl of dark-brown eyes, something he had to admit to himself, with long dark-brown hair tied up with two yellow ribbons. She was wearing the girl's uniform of Hakobune Middle School; a sailor uniform composed of a light pink shirt with a dark red trim, and a matching dark red skirt, an appearance she had during middle-school.

She's also wearing two pink wristbands and thigh-high black socks, a definite plus point to her charm. Not that I don't appreciate it. I, at least, appear before you every night.

What are you talking about? But then she opened an eye to peak at him and seriously asked, "Are you going to help that girl tomorrow? Remember, even protagonists die. Moreover, it seemed that Ajimu noticed it as she slowly took his hand and gently nestled it on to her supple cheeks, rubbing herself to it as if his hand was the most precious thing in the world.

She then began to kiss and lick it, each of his fingers sensually swallowed by her small mouth, sucking each like some tasty candy, the wet slurping sound echoing throughout the enclosed room.

That's good, you're excited What are you going to do, going to turn them into something else like what you did with that Shiranui girl?

Still, like I already said in that voice mail of mine, I can wait an eternity for you. It was beautiful, a striking scenery upon the clear morning sky, the view breathtaking as seen from the top of Hakoniwa's clock tower. In front of Medaka was Oudo, who was facing the rising sun. That's why I always watch the sun rise like this. When I watch the sun make its ascent to the sky, it reminds me of just how great I am.

Every morning the peons ready themselves in a mirror right? This is the same thing. The sun is a mirror to me. So you, as my wife, could get a good look at the sun, me. You're unexpectedly romantic, aren't you? Although arrogant, you know how to treat a woman.

I'll overlook that poor outfit of yours since you arrived in time. However, where's the monster? Even she was of the same state, though she had a suspicion that somehow Oudo was right. It was, in a way, easy, for Zenkichi was Zenkichi, but the strong impulse of instinct was making things hard for her. You were granted permission to have a date with only me, but it seems that I have to teach you proper manners myself. I came here as the Student Council President!

Anybody who didn't think he was still going to be in love with Medaka was not paying atention. That is enough for me. Ill just assume they live happily ever after. Now we just need one more season of anime to finish it up. In the anime Medaka had no idea about Zenkichi or his feelings.

Did he tell her in the manga? What chapter was it? I must go read it. Its a happy end. In the manga, Medaka though she was friend-zoned because when she met Zenkichi at age 2, he turned down her marriage proposal.

During the Black Bride arc, Zenkichi proposes revealing to her that she wasn't friend-zoned after all. He later becomes student council president after Medaka's destruction of the moon and subsequent disappearance, though he made a bet with her that she would return. When she does finally return, Kumagawa realizes that he has "won" for the first time in his life and begins to cry tears of joy.

Kouki Akune[ edit ] Voiced by: Akune has been infatuated with Medaka since middle school; he dislikes Zenkichi for his being able to spend so much time with her.

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While she was injured, she did not fight back; Akune continued until Zenkichi gathered a group of Medaka's supporters to avenge her. When Medaka stopped Zenkichi from hurting Akune, Akune immediately developed feelings for her, which she refuses, and gradually becomes less violent and shows little desire to actually hurt others. Because of his natural fighting abilities, Akune is known as the "Prince of Judo".

Akune wins the first nine points, but loses the tenth and the match. After Nabeshima informs Medaka that Akune has excellent handwriting, he joins the Student Council as its secretary. Though primarily expressed in his fighting skills, Akune's ability is being able to copy other people's abilities, though to a lesser extent than Medaka's similar ability, "The End". As Akune gradually realizes, he has a tendency to shape his personality according to how he believes others need him to be.

She is close friends with Yakushima the swim club captain and Tanegashima the swim club vice-captain ; they all share an incredible obsession with money for personal reasons and want to gain enough money to fill a pool and swim in it. When Kikaijima was a child, her father left because the family was in debt, and her mother became sick from working herself into the ground.

All the people that Kikaijima had thought were friends left her because her family had no money. Kikaijima believed that "anyone would be sad if they lost their wallet, but if we died, nobody would care. Afterward, Kikaijima is recruited as the treasurer, and is the only member of the group who is paid for her job. Though Medaka successfully reforms Kikaijima from her old ways, it still does not keep her from being obsessed with money.

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Shortly after she joins the Student Council, she charges Zenkichi for accidentally seeing her changing and then again for insulting her, and one last time for saying she had a great body. She develops strong relationships with the Student Council members, particularly Medaka and Zenkichi, after being encouraged by Yakushima and Tanegashima to make friends outside of the swim club.

Like Akune, she is regarded as a "special" and is one of the school's many scholarship students. Kikaijima has an incredible lung capacity, allowing her to hold her breath for a month if she chooses. She can also focus her voice as a sound cannon and destroy physical objects with ultrasonic shrieks.

Her ability can also be used as a form of echolocationthough Kikaijima must be accompanied by someone who can act as a receiver for the reflected sound waves, such as Medaka or Kibougaoka. As a result of her past desire to acquire money, she is also capable of performing high-level calculations of probability for gambling purposes.

Class 13[ edit ] This is a class consisting entirely of students possessing abnormalities. Most members of Class 13 are notorious for not attending class and are generally indifferent to expectations.

He is known to go overboard in his methods to bring about justice, but his motto is "Justice is nothing if you don't go overboard! Unlike Medaka who loves people and thinks they are good inside, Myouri hates people and believes they are evil by nature. He also seems to be quite perverted for his young age, and possess a fetish for big breasted women. Myouri appears to be an Abnormal among Abnormals. Of the thirteen members of the Flask Plan, he is one among the seven who are able break the complicated code of characters and numbers necessary to use the Flask Building elevator.

His most frequently used weapons are super elastic bouncy balls, created by scientists of the Flask Plan. He is able to fully calculate the trajectory of each one of his balls no matter how many he throws. His secondary weapons are similar in size and shape to the super bouncy balls, but they are balls full of gunpowder.

medaka box and zenkichi relationship trust

For these he lets them out onto the floor of a contained area and then has to light them externally. As he throws these balls they bounce around their target and the surrounding walls, letting the string out as they travel. These balls form a web so to speak that renders its victim immobile. This weapon is also a one use item, as Myouri does not want to take the time to re-ravel the thread.

The Front Six[ edit ] Recognized as the primary members of the Class 13, the Front Six consist of students whose abnormalities became refined and highly developed under the Flask Plan, mostly under the direction of Youka Naze. Unlike the Plus Six, they are actively involved in the Flask Plan and are the first opponents that Medaka has genuine difficulty attempting to defeat.

Because his reflexes allow him to automatically dodge anything, he has never gotten hurt until he fought with Medaka. His abnormality emerged when he was a child - a car crash killed his family, but his reflexes allowed him to survive unharmed. Since then, he has secretly harbored a desire to be touched, but believes it is impossible because his reflexes instantly prevent contact from others.

In the end, Medaka came out victorious because Shigusa's muscles could no longer keep up with his reflexes. From the day he turned five, Munakata has harboured incredibly powerful homicidal impulses, driving him on to kill anyone and everyone he looks at.

Despite this, he knows killing is wrong and learns how to use a vast and diverse arsenal of hidden weapons as a way to keep people at a distance so he would not hurt them. His weapons range from his bare hands to explosives. However, he is not exceptionally skilled at using all his weapons and his true ability lies in his skill at concealing implausible quantities of weapons upon his person to use at will.

Contrary to what is expected, he is even more dangerous when he is unarmed because he gains incredible speed without being weighed down by all his hidden weapons and remains skilled in unarmed combat and assassination techniques.

After losing a fight to Zenkichi and finally gaining a friend to relieve his loneliness, his impulses have died down, and he has gained a great deal more control.

His desire to kill is extinguished after he challenges and kills Misogi Kumagawa, who manages to bring himself back to life after regaining his ability "All Fiction. Madoka Yonezawa Japanese ; Cynthia Martinez English Originally a very normal high school girl, Koga desired an abnormal lifestyle and pleaded with Youka Naze to make her life abnormal.

They became "best" friends ever since, and Koga is extremely loyal to Naze and proud of her status as an Abnormal. As a result of Naze's experiments, Koga gained incredible recovery abilities and had everything unnecessary removed by Naze, though her ability to sense pain was left intact. Akune realizes in his fight against Koga that because she was originally an ordinary human, her super-human strength puts excessive tension on her muscles.

Without her pain system, Koga would have no way of knowing when her muscles were at their limit. To defeat her, Akune utilizes a pinning move that drains all of Koga's energy.

She is brutally hurt when Oudo uses his "Unreasonable Taxation" to copy her abilities, though she is saved, and her body is reconstructed by Maguro and Naze. She is the older sister of Medaka and the younger sister of Maguro.

While attractive and possessing a strong resemblance to Medaka, she favors concealing her face behind bandages and embeds a knife in her forehead because she dislikes the attention her face attracts. As Naze, she was once a classmate of Akune. Disgusted with the lack of dissatisfying elements in her life, the burdens of having a loving family and similarly extraordinary abilities, she became extremely stoic and driven to find something to make her miserable in life.

Unable to achieve this goal, she ran away and erased her memories to become "Youka Naze". Naze has little interest in the Flask Plan, using it only to further her scientific experiments on becoming normal. The only thing she truly values is her "best friend" Koga, the only person not to be intimidated by her overwhelming abnormality. Naze's abnormality appears to be analysis, similar to her brother, and an understanding of biology that allows her to remodel her body in short periods of time.

Her preferred weapons are syringes. Despite her disagreeable personality and tendency to complain, she and Koga willingly aid the Student Council after Class 13 is disbanded. Naze volunteers to take the position of Vice-President in order to complete the necessary numbers to counter Kumagawa's challenge and threatens Zenkichi into allowing her to train him for the General Manager's battle.

She comes to recognize Kikaijima, Akune, and Zenkichi as people who genuinely care about her and after defeating Shibuki in the Secretary's battle, Naze is able to reconcile with her younger sister. She displays both Yandere and Tsundere traits, such as threatening Zenkichi while offering him help and being gruff when she offers to become the Vice-President.