Miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

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miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

And if Tatsuya went with Mayumi, I would be fine with Miyuki and Masaki. Though the main problem lies in the fact that she's from USNA, and a . with the Yotsuba is almost the same as Tatsuya's relationship with the clan. The Irregular at Magic High School is a Japanese web novel series by Tsutomu Satō. It was It follows Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, siblings who enroll into First High magic high . leader and his mistress, which creates a strained relationship with her family. "Dengeki Daioh April issue released" (in Japanese). The main characters are Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki, I'm here to talk about Mahouka's “Shiva Connection” and what this means for future . 16) One of Sati/ Parvati's issues with her father and the other gods was that.

Now he only needed to learn to control his abilities. Regrowth first and foremost, while at the same time hide how advanced he really was already. The five-year-old Tatsuya stopped what he was doing. How did he had managed this? Why was that still there? He could only restore thinks that happened 24 hours ago. Still there it was information about an incident more than thirty hours ago.

How did that happen? He had experimented with his ability quite often in the last days. Jumping back and forth between different states to find out where his limits were. Not that he had found any, but somehow he had taken a part of the information from the end of his records to the beginning. Though how could he use that. He nodded accepting the necessity of the operation. Here was the reason for all the stories about self-control.

His emotions really were a danger if his abilities had that much destructive potential. He saw how they manipulated him, but it was necessary.

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Though the question was, was it really necessary to remove all his emotions. He bowed and left for his room as instructed. Of course, he could negate the changes anytime, but that wouldn't help him.

He would actually need to suppress his abilities, for the operation to be successful. That also explained why they only did this now.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

He had decided to show a bit more control in hopes of getting more information about different types of magic. He opened his door and sat down at his computer, opening his tasks for the day.

He had still some time before they would start the operation, three weeks at least. What if the operation would take longer than 24 hours? Of course, it would take longer, and even if not, they would put him to sleep immediately after.

He could resist of course, but then they would see that he planned something. That, he couldn't risk. Afterall, they knew about his basic capabilities already before he had shown them. Just the details were unknown to them or they had massive misconceptions. Even if it was clear to him, they seemed to believe that Mind Manipulation Magic worked against him. This way all those small attacks had just given him time to train. He would need to find out how much he could reduce the amount of information and still return to the former state.

After all, he knew that any human activity was mostly inaction. If he managed to remove that and then save the rest, he should be able to save the complete operation, even if it should take more time then 24 hours. He could suppress his ability, but he needed to be awake and it needed too much concentration to be really useful. The question would be if he could analyze information, compress them and at the same time suppress his regeneration.

He would also need to become fast enough that they didn't recognize it. They didn't new his real control, perhaps he could convince them that he needed regular pauses to relax between the operations phases?

Or automate the process? He awoke after the operation, and automatically returned to his state before the operation had begun. As he had thought they had put him to sleep for 48 hours afterward. Luckily he had established the automated copying of his safe states. Inspecting the data, he needed to suppress his facial responses. They not only had him put to sleep, but used that to further manipulate him as well.

They had reopened some of the blocks and inserted a conditioning program in the form of sisterly love. A sister he only knew superficial. While she wasn't as bad as others, there was no familial love between them before the last changes.

They also had manipulated his memories and if he hadn't made a second isolated safety storage area, he probably never would have found out about it. He wouldn't even be able to think about negating it. This way though he should be able to remove most of it. He would probably feel a bit more about her than before, but that would only change his plans slightly.

Afterall, he only had one sister and they were young enough to restore there relationship. Yes, for Miyuki, he would give the Yotsuba one last chance. Having analyzed the data, he cleared what he could and put the rest in order and saved it.

Then he restored himself to the stand just before he was put to sleep. He really didn't need the conditioning aspects, familial love was okay, but not in the form of an near enslavement. That this also repaired the damage to his new virtual magic calculation area was a nice side effect. As it seemed the transformation of his limbic system to a VMCA was mostly free from unnecessary danger, not that it was a safe process in any form. The same could not be said for removing a part, especially as the VMCA hadn't stabilized yet.

Well, that is exactly what he had expected of the Yotsuba. He wasn't even a real human for them.

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Just some slave, and if he would have to live with a second rate magic calculation area, what did it matter if it became a third rate for a bit more security. He couldn't wait to start experimenting. He wanted to see what a reduced level of emotions would do for his thinking and magical abilities. Now he needed to recover though. Tatsuya smiled in the secrecy of his room. While he was also observed there, but only by cameras.

As long as he regularly made sure that they didn't change position he could risk the occasional emotion. That his VMCA at this level had nearly the same power, that it would have after the conditioning, was a strange coincidence. Sadly he had needed to give up researching that.

He already saved enough in his six-hour storage space as it was. He had no space for potentially damaging states. As it was he showed exactly the amount of calculation speed that the Yotsuba expected. He had been surprised how much influence emotions had on a human.

While he could increase his calculation speed further by becoming completely emotionless, it would reduce his ability to think and especially his creativity. He had found out that there was a definite reduction in his intelligence without emotions. Still, since the operation, his situation had improved. He had been wrong, it had not only been hate that had driven the Yotsuba. They had feared him. Now that they thought him safe, or at least safer, they had fewer reasons to treat him bad.

Not that he thought that was the best strategy from the beginning. Of course, fear was mostly replaced by contempt. Though that he could partially understand. After all, he can only read and recover information with magic naturally, not manipulate. As a result, his training had begun to reach a new quality. It was also the main reason he hadn't acted yet. After all, right now he gained an education that few outside of the large magical families could get.

Of course, there were areas that he wished would be more focused on, but overall it was not bad.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

His use of his general magic calculation area made good progress, he had recently mastered Flash Casting, Gram Demolition, and Gram Dispersal. No, right now he had no reason to act.

He would bide his time and see what they had planned for him. He listened to the announcement of Yotsuba Maya and Shiba Miya. After they were finished he thought about it. Was it worth it to further pretend? Could he gain something from this or would it be better to make his play now?

How would they react if he accepted and then made his play later, after it became official? Miya and Maya stared at him.

More shocked that he actually tries to oppose them than anything else. I neither have any desire nor any reason to become a guardian. As not only was there resistance in Tatsuya, but also an indication that there was still some emotion remaining in him.

Had she not dammed her only son, the only child she ever had carried in her belly and born? Still, she knew what was expected of her, and so once again she prepared to strike down her own child.

Tatsuya didn't know anything about this. He just saw that this woman, that should have been his mother, was shocked that he dared to resist them. She moved so slowly that he could have stopped her. But he didn't want to kill them. That would produce too many problems.

Not as long as he had other options. So he waited and let Miya cast her magic and dispelled it before she could even take a hold in his mind. Mental Manipulation Magic manipulates Pushions, but do you really think, that would be enough. While I didn't find anything on it, it should be clear that Pushions influence Psions. Of course, that also goes the other way around. I can't believe you didn't new that or did you thought that wouldn't apply for Regrowth as well.

In the end, you have to make a choice now. Take your time, it is not urgent. You can either treat me as a full member of the Yotsuba family from now, with all its privileges and responsibilities, or our ways will separate here. In the latter case I expect to be compensated for my years of enslavement. She knew that Tatsuya hadn't lived an easy life, but that he saw himself as a slave. On the other hand, there was also Miyuki. She needed a Guardian and no one would be better suited than Tatsuya.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

Also, it was an honorable position so she asked: Yeah, I removed that. Though I have to give you credits, I couldn't remove it completely. Though don't expect anything more than this offer. I didn't plan to give it to you before that. Regarding the Guardian position, you have more than enough talented and loyal people that will be willingly become a slave.

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Select one of them. Conditioning thought Miya, I wanted to give him something to live for. I will be in my room untilthen. He was interested in what their decision was. He entered the room, only Maya awaited him.

Tatsuya furrowed his brown, something was wrong, though he couldn't say felt something and activated Elemental Sight. There was an illusion magic in the room and behind it stood his sister, casting a spell.

Maya saw how Tatsuya skin froze over, but she could already see how he began to activate Regrowth. Cocytus wouldn't stop him and it wouldn't work a second time after he knew how it worked. She had no other choice. Tatsuya blinked as nearly all of his abilities were sealed away. Didn't those people learn? Almost everything from their appearance, their skills and weapons, their personalities and attitudes as well as the attitudes of those around them, as well as the circumstances surrounding them and the events that played out in their lives compel me to believe that the author took great care and did serious research in order to rewrite the Shiva legends into his own story.

And it was beautifully done. Oh boy…I could go on and on about this. Shiva had to wait until she was reincarnated into Parvati before they could properly be together; in Mahouka, Tatsuya simply had to resurrect Miyuki in time, but his grief still caused him to completely decimate everyone in his rampage. He then proposed to her and became his bride. Like Miyuki, Parvati is also known for her overwhelming, yet delicate beauty and grace.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

The Shiba siblings have a father who does not appreciate the brilliance of his own son to the distress of his daughter. Both pairs are incredibly devoted to their partner. The power of destruction and regeneration? Both Shiva and Tatsuya also share similar personalities—being able to remain calm and reasonable even in the face of insults. They both also seem very self-aware of who they are.

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Both also have nice houses and like getting nice clothes for their female counterparts. Tatsuya is ruthless and can be cold to the point of heartlessness; Miyuki is pragmatic and absolutely merciless when provoked. Something they share with the dark aspects of Shiva and Parvati. She has a tomboyish and optimistic personality, and is considered one of the best swordsmen in the clan.

She considers Mizuki to be her best friend and has a crush on Tatsuya. Leo inherited his grandfather's physical augmentations and fears he may also have inherited the Fortress Series' faults. He is voiced by Takuma Terashima. She has a timid, calm, and feminine personality, and is voiced by Satomi Sato. Years prior to the series Mikihiko failed a summoning ritual which created a psychological block and prevented him from using magic effectively.

miyuki and tatsuya relationship problems

His involvement with Tatsuya restores his confidence, allowing him to regain his magical talents. He is voiced by Atsushi Tamaru.

Honoka uses light magic, and her genetic loyalty is directed towards Tatsuya. She is voiced by Sora Amamiya. She inherited her mother's talent for oscillation magic. She is voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi. Minami is Miyuki's junior and serves as her maid and second bodyguard. Meanwhile, the Disciplinary Committee consists of students who are essentially rule enforcers.

A third committee is the Extracurricular Activities Federation who ensures that school clubs don't come into conflict with each other. The three committees are closely related and work together to preserve the peace on campus.