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Dreams (Myrnin X Claire Morganville Vampires) von cuppycakelol1. #1 memes , jokes, gifs, photos and randomness about 9 to 5, spongebob relationship. Myrnin to Claire about Shane; "Promise me, Amelie, that you'll crucify me I love that Claire and Shane's relationship is untainted by a third party. . (I hadn't planned on doing any of these weekly memes on this blog, but this. Claire sighed and took the paper from Eve's hand, smoothed it out, and read it aloud. . She hadn't meant to become Igor to Myrnin's Frankenstein, but she By vampire standards, Amelie and Sam's had been a whirlwind relationship; he'd «Je connais parabatai si près qu'ils étaient presque de la même personne.

I feel like I know each them so perfectly and as silly as it sounds, it's like they've become friends. I adore the romance, the banter, the wit, the sarcasm and the way they all look out for one another, and that includes Myrnin. He's one of the best things about these books and when it's all said and done, Myrnin better be standing there in all his madness, cause I can't even fathom a Morganville without him in it.

Oliver can go away though, he had slight moments here and there, but yeah, he can go away now please. But it's more then these beloved characters, it's also the speed of danger and the rush of excitement, and never evah not knowing what's gonna happen next.

At the risk of sounding like a complete cheese-ball, I'm gonna gush about some of my favorite moments. The entire novel is just amazing mind you, but I feel the need to give some proper shout outs. One was to chapter seven. That was some of Caine's best work, or at least to me. We all know what kind of character Shane is, so when he went through the motions in that chapter I felt just as trapped and terrified and longed for the things he saw.

The next shout out is for this quote; "Claire, don't. We're not your enemies--don't do this We love him, too. I was actually pretty shocked at that line. Claire as always, always been the calm rational one, so for us to see her just completely unhinged and frantic was a real testament to how much this character has grown.

Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires, #12) by Rachel Caine

She was a madwomen possessed, nothing was stopping her and I dont think I've ever been prouder of her in that moment. Again, another power hit by Caine.

And the last shout out would be a scene between Claire and Shane when he was explaining to Claire what his 'dreams' were about. What an amazing moment for Shane and Claire fans. Drunk, scared bullies do even stupider things. Do you come with accessories, like a glass half full and lemons to make into lemonade, too?

It seems to make you foolish, as well as very tiresome. I am not confident. I don't have X-ray vision. Which would be an awesome video game, but I'm not really interested in playing for real.

I like my reset buttons. We're predators, no matter what Amelie likes to pretend in her little artificial hothouse of Morganville. We kill to survive. This book has my favorite of the book covers, at least so far. But I can't figure out who the chick is supposed to be. I can't figure out who supposedly has pink hair. Pink is mentioned a couple times in the book, so maybe it's just reminiscing on that instead of being a direct representation of a character.

The official website for the book series says it's supposed to be Claire, but I don't get it. She doesn't have pink hair. She tries a wig on at a store in this book, but it didn't say that the wig was pink. The wig was just "streaked. I gotta let it go This is the last of the smaller books in the series. The first 8 books are all fairly small. The books after this one, starting with the ninth book, begin getting bigger. I'm excited for the larger books.

Myrnin And Claire Quotes

I absolutely love how tacos and barbecue keep coming up throughout the series. It's definitely fitting for Texas or Oklahoma, where I'm fromand it provides for a few humorous scenes in the books.

There's also a funny bunch of interactions in this book when Eve decides she wants ice cream.