National grid and lipa relationship

LIPA picks PSEG to replace National Grid – Long Island Business News

National Grid will still run operations for most of , until the transition is complete, but Cuomo said that he has streamlined the relationship. PSEG will take sole control of the grid on Jan. The authority considered PSEG, Con Edison and incumbent manager National Grid for the contract over the Service Electric & Gas territory didn't dissuade LIPA from its pick. As the negotiations continue between National Grid and LIPA, today National Grid will stand to have a longterm relationship with LIPA and its.

PSEG Long Island in New York State

Schumer called for the repowering of the Northport power plant to be a part of the final agreement. I have said countless times that repowering is a triple win for Long Island. It will improve air quality in an area with some of the worst air pollution in the nation; it increases energy output in a place that is desperate for more power; and, perhaps most importantly, it can reduce rates for Long Island's longsuffering energy consumers, Schumer said. These are all things that are desperately needed on Long Island and we need to do all we can to ensure that we can make this happen.

Northport is the poster boy for repowering National Grid needs to step up and help the ratepayers of Long Island and everyone who breathes its air. When LIPA and Keyspan reached their original agreement in December of to continue its partnership, they announced their intention to repower at two of the smaller power plants on Long Island; Barrett and Far Rockaway were the only two plants to be considered.

Schumer supports this effort but believes that the sale of KeySpan to National Grid and the concomitant negotiations between Grid and LIPA provide an historic opportunity to take meaningful and overdue action at the plant that most desperately demands attention: The opportunity to repower is now possible because National Grid is leveraging billions of dollars as part of the proposed merger.

national grid and lipa relationship

Repowering Northport will mean leveraging a few hundred million dollars more which is unlikely to occur in the future if it is not negotiated now as part of the initial fiscal package. In essence, if you do not take the necessary actions now, the chance to repower Northport in a significant way may never happen and Long Islanders will continue to suffer as a result. Schumer said today that while he understands the financial and practical hurdles involved with repowering, its a critical step in keeping Long Island free from the detrimental effects of Northport on Long Island and its residents.

A party who contends that a motion for summary judgment is premature must "demonstrate that discovery might lead to relevant evidence or that the facts essential to justify opposition to the motion were exclusively within the knowledge and control of the movant" Buto v Town of Smithtown, AD3d, quoting Singh v Avis Rent A Car Sys.

national grid and lipa relationship

Church, 52 AD3d In opposition to the defendants' motion for summary judgment, the plaintiff demonstrated that the defendants had not revealed that, at the time of the subject accident, the defendant driver was actually employed by National Grid LLC, and not LIPA, until the defendants filed their summary judgment motion. The award of summary judgment dismissing the complaint insofar as asserted against the defendant driver was therefore premature, inasmuch as substantial discovery with respect to the relationship between the National Grid LLC and the defendant driver, as well as the nature of the business the defendant driver was conducting at the time of the subject accident, remains outstanding see CPLR [f]; Brown v County of Nassau, AD2d; see e.

national grid and lipa relationship

Church, 52 AD3d at Thus, the Supreme Court erred in granting that branch of the defendants' motion which was for summary judgment dismissing the complaint insofar as asserted against the defendant driver. Additionally, the Supreme Court should have granted the plaintiff's cross motion for leave to serve an amended complaint adding causes of actions against National Grid LLC.

national grid and lipa relationship

Leave to amend a pleading should be "freely given upon such terms as may be just" CPLR [b]. The proposed amendment "was neither palpably insufficient nor patently devoid of merit,'" and there is no significant prejudice or surprise resulting from the plaintiff's delay in asserting causes of action against National Grid LLC Hothan v Mercy Med.

Blue Diamond Fuel Oil Corp.

national grid and lipa relationship

Nasca v DelMonte, AD3d The relation-back doctrine allows causes of action asserted against a new defendant in an amended complaint to relate back to causes of action previously asserted against a defendant in the same action for statute of limitations purposes if the plaintiff can establish that " 1 both claims arose out of the same conduct, transaction, or occurrence; 2 the new party is united in interest' with the original defendant, and by reason of that relationship can be charged with such notice of the institution of the action that he or she will not be prejudiced in maintaining his defense on the merits; and 3 the new defendant knew or should have known that, but for a mistake by the plaintiff as to the identity of the proper parties, the action would have been brought against him as well" Buran v Coupal, 87 NY2d atquoting Brock v Bua, 83 AD2d 61, 69 [citations omitted]; see e.

Schiavone v Victory Mem. Mileski v MSC Indus.

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