Nurse ratched and mcmurphy relationship quiz

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Nurse Ratched (Big Nurse) is up to Nurse Ratched scolds McMurphy for not allowing the orderlies to take him for a. Why should you care about what Nurse Ratched (Big Nurse) says in Ken Kesey's to regain control over him, and then manipulates it to get back at McMurphy. Perfect prep for One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest quizzes and tests you might Why does McMurphy request that Nurse Ratched change the men's schedule? . the first climax of McMurphy's confrontational relationship with Nurse Ratched?.

He saw his final chance to escape while the guards were distracted with getting all of the patients into the tub room. The audience saw his desperation come out as he punched the guard without hesitation. His situation changes and the stakes seem even higher.

nurse ratched and mcmurphy relationship quiz

This new call to action intensified his situation and escalated what he has to lose. He was willing to use any means to reach his goal. In contrast, Chief stands there and does nothing. McMurphy is the one to fumble with the keys to unlock the window, to knockout the guard, and to strangle Nurse Ratched.

Chief had the same goal but clearly had less to lose by his noticeably calmer manner and relatively less vehemence.

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McMurphy, on the other hand, resorted to extreme uses of violence and surrenders to his anger and desperation in a way the audience had never seen before. He had reached the end of his rope. It was clear to the audience from this character break that he was the main character of the scene.

Status Quo of Main Character: The night before McMurphy wanted to just give the other patients one last fun night before he left for good. He even convinced Candy to sleep with Billy, a purely unselfish act. His plan was to escape during the night, but he woke up to find he got to drunk and fell asleep instead. Even as he woke up he was not noticeable upset, just surprised and confused.

Before the tension, McMurphy tried to stay calm and wait for his chance.

Nurse Ratched

When it finally came he quickly, but inconspicuously, walked to the window and started trying keys with Chief. McMurphy returned to trying to find the right key, now more frantically than before. McMurphy managed to get the window open, but before they could jump out another guard came over, and this time with a belt wrapped around his fist.

nurse ratched and mcmurphy relationship quiz

It was clear McMurphy liked Billy, and although he betrayed him by giving his name to Nurse Ratched, McMurphy still undoubtedly cared about him. Stakes in Relation to Main Character: Billy has high stakes after he is found and Nurse Ratched threatens to tell his mother.

He feels he must give up McMurphy to save himself.

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McMurphy is hoping Billy will confess to sleeping with Candy on his own free will. He then proceeds to name McMurphy. Billy is clearly nervous as his stuttering gets worse and he can hardly make words at all, let alone sentences.

Because of this the audience became aware that his stakes in the matter were clearly high.

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When Nurse Ratched asks Mr. Also at this time, Chief has similar stakes to McMurphy. He knew this could be their last chance to escape. Though, he managed to somehow stay calm throughout the scene, especially in relation to McMurphy. Her means to do so involved the complete embarrassment and harassment of Billy, a seemingly undeserved punishment, which shows how high her stakes were in the situation.

Dean Brooks as Dr. John Spivey, the doctor charged with assessing R. Brooks agreed to play what turned out to be a sizable role, though it would be the only acting job he would ever take.

All of the actors who played patients actually lived on the Oregon State Hospital psychiatric ward throughout production. He would often capture footage of the actors, both in and out of character, without explicitly mentioning that the cameras were rolling.

While the intensity of the turmoil varies from rumor to rumor, reports from the set were consistent on one fact: The star refused to speak with Forman for a large chunk of the production process. When the star and Forman needed to communicate with one another, they used cinematographer Bill Butler as a middleman.

Concerned that his own sanity might be slipping away, DeVito sought the advice of Dr. Brookswho assured him that there was no reason to worry as long as DeVito could still identify the character as fictional. Lassick exhibited increasingly unpredictable and emotionally erratic behavior during his time in character, a pattern that culminated in a tearful outburst during his observation of the final scene between Nicholson and Sampson.

Lassick became so overwhelmed during the scene that he had to be removed from set. Envious of the camaraderie her male costars had forged, and hoping to dispel any associations with her tyrannical character, Fletcher surprised the cast one evening by ripping off her dress on the crowded ward.